10 Best Organic Mattresses for 2021


As the choice to “go organic” steadily increases, Americans are actively seeking out toxin and pesticide-free foods. However, organic living goes beyond nourishing our bodies. Many consumers are finding they have been unknowingly resting their heads each night on a mattress filled with harmful chemicals. In a positive movement, many eco-conscious shoppers are opting to switch their traditional mattress with an organic mattress. If you’re moving or in the market for a new bed, now is the perfect time to replace that outdated mattress with an eco-friendly version.

Keep in mind that not all organic mattresses are created equal. Allergy sufferers may do best with an organic latex mattress, while others may be drawn to a hybrid with the purity of organic cotton mattress coverings and the strength of innerspring support. Choose with confidence from one of MYMOVE’s top 10 organic mattresses for a deep, restorative night’s sleep.

Top 10 Organic Mattresses

  1. Best organic mattress overall: Avocado Green
  2. Best organic mattress for your budget: Puffy Original
  3. Best organic entry-level hybrid mattress: Brentwood Home Cypress
  4. Best organic luxury hybrid mattress: Essentia Wholebody
  5. Best vegan mattress: Avocado Vegan
  6. Best organic adjustable mattress: Saatva Classic
  7. Best organic mattress for hot sleepers: Layla Memory Foam
  8. Best organic mattress for back pain: Bear Original
  9. Best organic latex mattress: Zenhaven
  10. Best custom organic mattress: Obasan

The MYMOVE team conducted extensive research to identify the best organic mattresses based on the following criteria: organic and sustainable materials, certifications, brand, price, and mattress features. In addition, we combed through verified customer organic mattress reviews for each brand to analyze consumer satisfaction levels.

1. Best overall: Avocado Green

Why it made our list

The Avocado Green mattress is the best in class among our organic mattress research. Combining high-quality organic latex with a five-zoned innerspring unit, the Avocado Green provides the ultimate comfort and support you expect from a mattress. Sleep soundly knowing your mattress is good for you and the environment. The Avocado Green is made with eco-friendly components, including GOLS organic certified latex rubber foam along with 100% GOTS organic certified cotton and wool. Backed by an impressive 25-year warranty, free shipping, and returns, and a one-year sleep trial, the Avocado Vegan, does not disappoint.

Avocado mattress details

  • Price: $899 (Twin) to $1,799 (California King)
  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Double, Queen, King, California King
  • Mattress height: 11 inches (optional 2-inch pillow top)
  • Models offered: Avocado Green, Avocado Vegan, and the Luxury Organic Crib mattress.
  • Certifications: Greenguard Gold Certified, Formaldehyde-Free Certified, Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Made Safe Certified

Avocado organic mattress reviews

Customers credited the Avocado organic mattress as an overall improvement to their sleep pattern and health. With over 17,000verified, unfiltered, never editedreviews, Avocado is a true leader in eco-conscious organic mattresses. The Avocado Green holds first place in U.S. News & World Report’s Best Mattresses of 2020.

2. Best organic memory foam mattress for your budget: Puffy Original

Why it made our list

Puffy’s gel-infused CertiPUR-US certified memory foam cradles your body in all the right places alleviating joint pain and uncomfortable pressure points. Puffy foams are made without formaldehyde, mercury, lead, other heavy metals, and ozone depleters. Try the Puffy Original mattress risk-free in your home for 101 nights — get a full refund if you decide the Puffy isn’t for you.

Puffy mattress details

  • Price: $495 (Twin) to $1,050 (California King)
  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Double, Queen, King, California King
  • Mattress height: 10 inches
  • Models offered: Puffy Original, Puffy Lux, and Puffy Royal
  • Certifications: Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and CertiPUR-US

Puffy organic mattress reviews

A consistent message found among the over 6,000 verified customer reviews was that Puffy delivered a high-quality product at an economical price point. Puffy customers found the gel-infused memory foam kept them from tossing and turning throughout the night.

3. Best organic entry-level hybrid: Brentwood Home Cypress

Why it made our list

With the Cypress mattress, you don’t have to compromise quality over cost. This entry-level hybrid is crafted with a charcoal-infused memory foam (excellent for temperature control) along with an innerspring unit with coil support. The Cypress BioFoam memory foam is free of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs) and chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). Enjoy free shipping, a one-year sleep guarantee, free returns, and a generous 25-year warranty.

Brentwood Home mattress details

  • Price: $399 (Twin Classic) to $999 (California King Luxe)
  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Double, Queen, King, California King
  • Mattress height: 11 inches to 13 inches
  • Models offered: Brentwood Home offers four models, the Cypress, Crystal Cove, Oceano Luxury Hybrid, and Cedar Natural Luxe.
  • Certifications: Greenguard Gold, CertiPUR-US, Oeko-Tex Standard 100 – Wool, Oeko-Tex Standard 100 – Innerspring Unit

Brentwood Home organic mattress reviews

With over 3,600 reviews from real customers, Brentwood Home’s customers found the Cypress to be the perfect balance of comfort and support. As a whole, customers found Brentwood Home provided an overall excellent experience from purchase to delivery.

4. Best organic luxury hybrid mattress: Essentia Wholebody

Why it made our list

Essentia developed and continues to manufacture the world’s only natural memory foam mattresses. Hevea milk (rubber tree sap) is used as the base in creating this all-natural memory foam that is free from chemical flame retardants, off-gases, and dangerous toxins found in traditional mattresses. Purchase your Essentia organic mattress in-store or online and enjoy free shipping, a 120-night sleep trial, and a 20-year warranty.

Essentia Wholebody mattress details

  • Price: $4,999 (Twin) to $8,699 (California King)
  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Double, Queen, King, California King
  • Mattress height: 8 inches
  • Models offered: Essentia offers nine mattress models across three categories, the Lifestyle, Performance, and Wholebody.
  • Certifications: Essentia’s factory in Canada is GOLS, GOTS, and ISO certified.

Essentia organic mattress reviews

Essentia is a favored mattress brand of athletes, including Cory Clement of the Philadelphia Eagles and Olympic medalist Hayley Wickenheise, due to outstanding contouring support and pressure relief. Customers ranked the Essentia as providing a deeper sleep due to a lack of aches and pains.

5. Best organic vegan mattress: Avocado Vegan

Why it made our list

Avocado’s vegan certified and PETA approved mattress is crafted with natural and organic materials, including GOLS organic certified latex and 100% GOTS organic certified cotton. No wool is used anywhere in this non-toxic, vegan mattress handmade in the USA. The Avocado Vegan includes an impressive 25-year warranty, one-year sleep trial, free shipping, and free returns.

Avocado Vegan mattress details

  • Price: $899 (Twin) to $1,799 (California King)
  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Double, Queen, King, California King
  • Mattress height: 11 inches (optional 2-inch pillow top)
  • Models offered: Avocado offers three models, the Avocado Vegan, Avocado Green, and Luxury Organic Crib mattress. Avocado’s standard mattress offers a “gentle firm” feel, while their pillow-top mattresses provide a “luxury plush” feel
  • Certifications: Greenguard Gold Certified, GOLS organic certified latex, GOTS organic certified cotton, Oeko-Tex Standard 100, eco-INSTITUT certified latex, Formaldehyde-Free certified, Vegan certified, and PETA approved

Avocado Vegan organic mattress reviews

Customer satisfaction ranked high in purchasing the Avocado Vegan as it was good for the environment and ethical to animals. Shoppers can read through Avocado’s 17,000+ “verified, unfiltered, never edited” reviews.

6. Best organic adjustable mattress: Saatva

Why it made our list

The Saatva adjustable mattress is a hybrid of innerspring and memory foam designed to flex with an adjustable base. The Saatva Classics mattress contains no formaldehyde, toxic chemicals, or ozone depleters. Made with eco-friendly foams, recycled tempered steel, and organic cotton mattress coverings, Saatva is conscious of what goes into crafting their mattresses. Customers can try out this adjustable mattress feel with Saatva’s 120-night risk-free trial. Order online and get free white-glove delivery, setup, and mattress removal.

Saatva mattress details

  • Price: $799 (Twin) to $1,899 (California King)
  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Double, Queen, King, California King
  • Mattress height: 11.5 inches and 14.5 inches
  • Models offered: Saatva offers one model, the Classic mattress
  • Certifications: CertiPUR-US

Saatva organic mattress reviews

Rated as “excellent” on Trustpilot, customers who purchased a Saatva mattress praise both the mattress quality and customer service experience. Saatva was awarded Business Intel’s 2018 Sustainable Product of the Year and is one of America’s best-reviewed online mattress brands with an average rating of 9.7/10 on over 40,000 reviews.

7. Best organic mattress for hot sleepers: Layla Memory Foam

Why it made our list

Layla’s naturally microbial copper-infused memory foam mattress provides body heat transfer with rapid cooling. Trademarked as “flippable firmness,” the Layla is essentially two mattresses in one with one side soft and the other side firm. An impressive lifetime warranty, free shipping to the lower 48 U.S. states (shipping to AK and HI is $125 per mattress) and free returns make the Layla a solid contender in organic mattresses. All foams used in the Layla mattress are CertiPUR-US certified.

Layla mattress details

  • Price: $449 (Twin) to $949 (California King)
  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Double, Queen, King, California King
  • Mattress height: 10 inches
  • Models offered: Layla offers two organic mattress models, the Layla Memory Foam and Layla Hybrid.
  • Certifications: CertiPUR-US

Layla organic mattress reviews

Forbes ranked the Layla one of 2019’s Best Memory Foam Mattresses, and Layla’s customers noted the Layla as providing a temperature-neutral night’s sleep.

8. Best organic mattress for back pain: Bear Original

Why it made our list

This all-foam mattress uses only CertiPUR-US certified foam and is free of toxic fire retardants, heavy metals, formaldehyde, and CFCs. Order via Bear’s online web store and receive two free pillows with your mattress purchase. Delivery is free with a 100-night risk-free mattress trial and a 10-year warranty.

Bear mattress details

  • Price: $400 (Twin) to $720 (California King)
  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Double, Queen, King, California King
  • Mattress height: 10 inches
  • Models offered: Bear offers three models: the Bear Original, Bear Pro, and Bear Hybrid.
  • Certifications: CertiPUR-US

Bear organic mattress reviews

With 13,532 reviews, verified Bear sleepers ranked the mattress a 4.78 out of 5 stars. Customers found the Bear Original organic mattress provides just the right amount of support on the hips and lower back.

9. Best organic latex mattress: Zenhaven

Why it made our list

The Zenhaven is made with pure tree-tapped natural latex. In comparison to petroleum-based foams, natural latex does not emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Zenhaven contains a Talalay latex base, a five-zone comfort layer, and organic cotton cover. Shop Zenhaven online and enjoy the 120-day sleep trial and no-hassle return policy. Your organic latex mattress arrives by free white glove delivery and includes free mattress removal.

Zenhaven mattress details

  • Price: $1,299 (Twin) to $2,599 (California King)
  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Double, Queen, King, California King
  • Mattress height: 10 inches
  • Models offered: There is one Zenhaven model. The model can be ordered with a lineal adjustable base or stationary frame.
  • Certifications: Oeko-Tex Standard 100

Zenhaven organic mattress reviews

Zenhaven boasts over 23,000 five-star reviews across the web. Customers found the organic latex mattress to sleep cool and provide good support for back pain sufferers.

10. Best custom organic mattress: Obasan

Why it made our list

This beautifully handcrafted mattress is customized to your body, sleeping position, and preferences. Made with 100% organic materials, including Peruvian organic cotton, organic Argentinian wool, Sri Lankan organic rubber, and Renewable Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) Canadian wood, the Obasan delivers the ultimate organic mattress. Purchase the Obasan online or visit a local retailer. If your mattress isn’t meeting your level of comfort, customization of layers can be made within the first 180 days. The Obasan arrives via free shipping and comes with a 20-year limited warranty.

Obasan mattress details

  • Price: Due to the variety of customization, the Obasan ranges from $2,899 to $5,999 for the Obasan Adult mattress.
  • Sizes: Double, Queen, King, and California King
  • Mattress height: 8 inches to 12 inches
  • Models offered: Obasan handcrafts mattresses in three categories: adult (starting at $2,899), child (starting at $1,099), and baby (starting at $299)
  • Certifications: GOTS Organic Cotton, GOLS Organic Rubber, GOTS Organic Wool

Obasan organic mattress reviews

Obasan is rated Excellent on Trustpilot, with high rankings in comfort, customer service, and customization options.

Understanding eco-friendly certifications

Deciphering eco-friendly certifications is an essential part of an organic mattress search. The overall use of “organic” can be confusing. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Organic Program enforces that items labeled organic have been grown and processed organically, are USDA verified and made of or with only approved sources. It’s important to note that a mattress made with organic cotton can potentially contain non-organic materials or harmful chemicals. We’ve compiled a list of eco-friendly certifications and what they mean on your mattress label.

  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) requires at least 95% certified organic fibers and less than 5% non-organic natural or synthetic fibers. The goal in the creation of GOTS was to set a recognized organic textile standard worldwide.
  • Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) requires at least 95% certified organic raw material. GOLS sets the requirements for latex products produced from organic raw materials.
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100 labeling alerts consumers that every component of the textile has been tested for harmful chemicals. The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 label verifies the textile is “harmless in human ecological terms.”
  • CertiPUR-US certified foam does not contain any ozone depleters, flame retardants, heavy metals, or formaldehyde. The CertiPUR-US label ensures Low Volatile Organic Compound emissions (VOCs) at less than 0.5 parts per million.
  • Greenguard (formerly Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certification) ensures products used indoors meet strict chemical emissions limits. Greenguard established certification standards to identify products with low chemical discharges.
  • Greenguard Gold (formerly known as Greenguard Children & Schools Certification) is the next level of Greenguard with stricter certification criteria. Greenguard Gold accounts for safety factors for sensitive individuals, including the elderly and children. Products bearing the Greenguard Gold label have been tested for over 10,000 VOCs.
  • Formaldehyde Free verifies the product does not contain any added formaldehyde, formaldehyde polymers, or emissions. This is mandated within the Greenguard Gold certification.
  • Organic Content Standard 100 (OSC 100) verifies all non-food products containing at least 95% organic materials. OSC 100 verifies the amount and presence of organic material in the final product.

The bottom line

Purchasing an organic mattress is truly an investment in your health and home. Take time to research the organic mattress brands, ask questions, and educate yourself on what mattress best suits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best chemical-free mattress?

MYMOVE selected the Avocado as the Best Overall Organic Mattress. The Avocado is crafted with GOLS organic certified latex, GOTS organic certified wool, and GOTS organic certified cotton.

Are organic mattresses better?

Organic mattresses benefit both our bodies and the environment. With the multitude of environmental health issues people face daily, an organic mattress can make a difference.

How do I know if a mattress is organic? 

Identify organic mattresses by their certifications and labels. When in doubt, visit the manufacturer website or contact the brand’s customer support.

Are organic mattresses more expensive than traditional mattresses?

There are economical organic mattress options, including Puffy, MYMOVE’s Best Organic Mattress for Your Budget selection.


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