10 Cities Near Boston To Live in 2021

The charming city of Boston is a beacon of history and culture. From the Freedom Trail to the thriving Financial District, this city’s many charms attract hopeful tenants from around the world. But a look at average Boston rental prices may lead you to research less expensive relocation options.

Whether you are cost conscious or prefer to live away from the big city vibes, rest assured that there are plenty of cities near Boston where you can still enjoy the best of this world famous region.

Here are 10 wonderful cities near Boston with access to the metropolis and their unique charms.

Newton, MA.

  • Distance from downtown Boston: 9.9 miles
  • Average rent for a bedroom: $ 2,641 (down 9.6% from last year)
  • Average rent for two bedrooms: $ 3,453 (down 11.8% from last year)

Newton is a typical New England town with 13 unique neighborhoods, nicely referred to as Newton’s “13 Villages”. The communities offer something for everyone – from Chestnut Hill with its farmland and chestnut trees to the thriving West Newton business district.

West Newton claims a convenient stop on the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority commuter train, allowing Newton residents to bypass some truly horrific Boston traffic and get to Back Bay in under 20 minutes.

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Concord, MA, one of the towns near Boston

  • Distance from downtown Boston: 20 miles
  • Average rent for a bedroom: $ 1,856 (up 5.8% from last year)
  • Average rent for two bedrooms: $ 2,725 (down 0.3% from last year)

The town of Concord is a fascinating blend of American history and modern natural wonders. The Concord Museum captures the uniqueness of the city since its incorporation in 1635, including Concord’s pivotal role in the American War of Independence. The historic homes of Concord display a charming architectural style unique to New England.

Walden Pond State Preserve provides locals and tourists alike with a great place to hike the trails and swim on the lake’s beaches.

Outdoor adventures in Concord pair well with an inspiring visit to Thoreau House, the site of the Transcendentalist Poet’s home and the legendary Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.

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Natick, MA.

  • Distance from downtown Boston: 21 miles
  • Average rent for a bedroom: $ 2,118 (down 5.8% from last year)
  • Average rent for two bedrooms: $ 2,606 (down 5.7% from last year)

Natick is known for its downtown Natick, a charming town center with historic brick buildings and a cozy atmosphere. Residents enjoy many benefits including access to a community center, Sassamon Trace golf course, and Memorial Beach.

Across town is an entirely different scene with the gigantic Natick Mall. This mall attracts both business and excitement as the largest mall in Massachusetts.

Residents have the best of both worlds, with beautiful farmland in the eastern parts of Natick and a lively commercial area to the northwest.

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Salem, MA, one of the towns near Boston

  • Distance from downtown Boston: 22.2 miles
  • Average rent for a bedroom: $ 2,444 (up 0.5% from last year)
  • Average rent for two bedrooms: $ 3,049 (up 9.5% from last year)

Best known for being the birthplace of the Salem Witch Trials, Salem is rich in history.

The city center and the port include an extensive network of streets offering countless shops, restaurants and museums. For a change of theme, visitors can explore art and culture from around the world on display at the Peabody Essex Museum and the historic Seven Gable House.

As the height of Salem’s excitement culminates in month-long celebrations in October, locals enjoy year-round nightlife and a lively party scene.

A change of pace is easy to find with the many seaside beaches and the expansive Salem Woods Nature Park.

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Framingham, MA.

  • Distance from downtown Boston: 22.7 miles
  • One-bedroom medium rent: $ 1,876 (down 7.7% from last year)
  • Average rent for two bedrooms: $ 2,357 (down 15.2% from last year)

Framingham is a shopping center that serves as a midpoint between Boston in the east and the Worcester mini-metropolis further west. In addition to its strategic location, residents of Framingham enjoy city attractions such as the Garden in the Woods and Jack’s Abbey Brewery.

Framingham has several residential areas and is a popular town for city commuters as the MBTA commuter train Framingham / Worcester offers a comfortable commute to both Boston and Worcester.

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Boxborough, MA, one of the towns near Boston

Photo source: Boxborough, MA / Facebook
  • Distance from downtown Boston: 29 miles
  • Average rent for a bedroom: $ 1,806 (down 17.8% from last year)
  • Average rent for two bedrooms: $ 1,868 (down 21.6% from last year)

The welcoming town of Boxborough is ideal for those who wish to partake in the joys of country living while keeping the amenities of the big city at bay.

Locals enjoy charming estates, lush vegetation and a cohesive community here. For school and other purposes, this town is often combined with nearby Acton as the Acton-Boxborough area.

Nature lovers appreciate Boxborough’s many farms selling locally grown produce. A breath of the wild is always close at hand for residents who have access to city parks such as Flerra Meadows and nearby Wachusett Mountain with its hiking trails and ski slopes.

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Foxboro ma

  • Distance from downtown Boston: 30.1 miles
  • Average rent for a bedroom: $ 2,144 (up 0.9% from last year)
  • Average rent for two bedrooms: $ 3,067 (down 5.3% from last year)

Officially written as “Foxborough”, locals call this town “Foxboro” and the “Homeland of the New England Patriots.” The stunning Gillette Stadium is the home of Massachusetts’ most beloved soccer team. know how to give a large place to Foxboro because the traffic is as legendary as the team that plays.

Fortunately, the people of Foxboro don’t have to leave town to have a good time. The expansive Patriot Place shopping center that surrounds the stadium offers thrills such as an escape room and themed cafe.

Nature enthusiasts are not left out here – the nature trail and cranberry bog, along with the many bucolic farms and scenic countryside nearby, offer plenty to explore.

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Bridgewater, MA, one of the towns near Boston

  • Distance from downtown Boston: 32.3 miles
  • Average rent for a bedroom: $ 1,878 (up 1.1% from last year)
  • Average rent for two bedrooms: $ 2,211 (up 1.5% from last year)

A college town with a youthful vibe and a bustling downtown, Bridgewater is home to Bridgewater State University and has the vibrant and hip scene of an international campus.

Bridgewater and the neighboring towns of East Bridgewater and West Bridgewater are excellent midway points between Boston and Cape Cod.

Residents can take the MBTA commuter train from Bridgewater station to reach the big city in under an hour or take a scenic drive over the Bourne Bridge to bask on Cape Town’s beaches.

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Gloucester, MA.

  • Distance from downtown Boston: 36.2 miles
  • Average rent for a room: N / A
  • Average rent for two bedrooms: $ 1,760 (change of 0.0% from last year)

Located on Cape Ann, Gloucester is a dream come true for those who want to live by the sea. This peninsular paradise has beaches on two sides and is right next to the famous town of Rockport. Locals enjoy fresh seafood and an arts scene – many creative souls appreciate the breathtaking scenery these towns have to offer.

Keep in mind that summer is high season for coastal towns like Gloucester, and many seaside parts of Cape Ann welcome tourists and elderly snowbirds. While Gloucester isn’t as touristy as Rockport, year-round residents should expect the liveliness of the summer and a much quieter reprieve in the winter.

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Plymouth, MA, one of the towns near Boston

  • Distance from downtown Boston: 39.8 miles
  • Average rent for a bedroom: $ 2,151 (up 2.8% from last year)
  • Average rent for two bedrooms: $ 2,700 (up 4.5% from last year)

Often referred to as “America’s birthplace,” Plymouth, founded by Pilgrims in 1620, offers a rich history and spectacular ocean views. The Mayflower II is on display in the City Center Memorial Park, not far from the monument protecting Plymouth Rock.

Fans of ancient American history will enjoy exploring the world-famous Plimouth Plantation, where Plymouth residents will receive a significant discount.

Locals and tourists alike love to stroll through Plymouth town center with its waterfront shops and picturesque harbor. Outside the main shopping areas, picturesque cranberry bogs and numerous natural parks dot the landscape.

Business picks up around the Thanksgiving period, but unlike many other coastal areas of Massachusetts which welcome seasonal residents, Plymouth enjoys a stable population year round.

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Make one of these towns near Boston your hometown

Between a thriving city life and the charms of the ocean, it’s no wonder that Boston and the surrounding area has some of the country’s most sought-after real estate. Whether you want to bask in the area’s rich history or live an idyllic seaside lifestyle, you can find your perfect spot in one of these great cities near Boston.

Properties are in high demand and space is exclusive, so start looking for your new home today.



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