10 Cities Near Salt Lake City Where You Should Live

Salt Lake City is a popular place where many people find new homes, but with new activities and rapidly growing businesses, downtown areas have become overcrowded.

If you want to travel to Utah but the heart of the city isn’t for you, consider living in these 10 cities near Salt Lake City. All located within 20 miles of downtown, you will find many of the best places to live in Utah.

Generous, UT.

  • Distance from downtown SLC: 19 kilometers
  • Average rent for a one-bedroom apartment: $ 1,090

Drive 15 minutes north of downtown Salt Lake City and you will reach the town of Bountiful. Classified as the fourth safer city ​​of Utah, it’s no wonder that so many people are moving there.

Bountiful is a great family-friendly suburb, offering affordable rentals and housing options close to top-rated schools. The schools are part of the Davis County school system, which is home to two of Utah’s top 10 high schools – Viewmont and Bountiful High.

The city also offers many activities for its community. There are lots of different trails and parks to enjoy – try Mueller Park Trailhead or Bonneville Shoreline Trail.

Bountiful has also expanded its restaurant scene in recent years. There are many delicious restaurants such as Smokin Bones BBQ.

Cottonwood Heights, UT.

  • Distance from SLC city center: 24 km
  • Average rent for a one-bedroom apartment: $ 1,139

Cottonwood Heights is a great place to live, and it’s just 15 miles from downtown SLC. It is located between the Salt Lake Valley and the Wasatch Mountains.

This city is close not only to the city center, but also to world famous ski resorts. Cottonwood Heights is located between Big Cottonwood and Little Cottonwood Canyon. These canyons are home to seaside resorts such as Brighton, Alta and Snowbird. If you are not a skier or snowboarder, the canyons are also beautiful in summer.

Plus, Cottonwood Heights is close to the University of Utah, which also makes it a great place for college students.

Draper, UT.

  • Distance from SLC city center: 30 km
  • Average rent for a one-bedroom apartment: $ 1,412

A little further from the city center is the town of Draper. This town is one of the most religious communities in Utah and most of the locals are part of the LDS Church.

Draper is home to many young families and has a more suburban feel. It is a popular place for its schools and family atmosphere.

Draper is also booming because it’s close to Utah’s tech hub – or “Silicon Slopes.” Several large tech companies have their office buildings nearby, so if you’re migrating to Utah for work, this is a good place to consider.

Due to the recent growth in business, there are several restaurants, businesses and shopping areas. Draper offers different outdoor activities as well as fun activities for families such as the Living Planet Aquarium.

Holladay, UT.

  • Distance from SLC city center: 18.5 miles
  • Average rent for a one-bedroom apartment: $ 1,657

Located at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains, Holladay is a trendy and up-and-coming town about 10 miles southeast of downtown SLC.

Although the area has mainly hosted families, there has been a major development in recent years. New apartments, condos, restaurants and stores have all been recently built in Holladay and it continues to grow.

This town has a great mix of old school charm and new elements. It is also a nice pedestrian zone with restaurants nearby. Some of the local favorites include Copper Kitchen, Cupputos, and 3 Cups. There are also many parks and outdoor spaces to frequent.

It is a great place to raise a family because it is quiet and offers several education options. Although Holladay is a prime area, it is more expensive.

Midvale, UT.

  • Distance from SLC city center: 12 miles
  • Average rent for a one-bedroom apartment: $ 989

Midvale is one of the more affordable towns to live near Salt Lake City. Just 19 km from the city center, this is a great place for families or young singles.

Relatively close to Fort Union, a popular shopping and dining center, Midvale is also close to several freeway entrances, making it a great location for anyone on the move. Being close to freeways allows people to get to Park City, downtown Salt Lake, or the canyons for ski season.

Millcreek, UT.

  • Distance from downtown SLC: 11.9 kilometers
  • Average rent for a one-bedroom apartment: $ 1,012

Millcreek is known as one of the best places to live near Salt Lake City. It’s a beautiful city full of restaurants, beautiful homes, affordable apartments, and more. Sitting at the foot of the magnificent Mount Olympus, this city has it all.

Millcreek is near the base of Millcreek Canyon, a popular hiking area. It also accepts dogs, which is a big plus for dog owners. Discover delicious restaurants such as Stellas and Sicilia Mia.

Murray, UT.

  • Distance from SLC city center: 8.1 miles
  • Average rent for a one-bedroom apartment: $ 1,615

Murray is a united community close to downtown Salt Lake City.

In Murray you will find restaurants, grocery stores, small shops and friendly people. If you’re looking for a family-friendly town that’s walkable, full of great schools, and affordable, Murray ticks all the boxes.

You’ll also be close to freeways, so you can hop aboard and drive to ski resorts or Park City, or head downtown.

Sandy, UT.

  • Distance from SLC city center: 28 km
  • Average rent for a one-bedroom apartment: $ 1,198

Located 17 miles from downtown Salt Lake, Sandy is a family-friendly neighborhood with affordable apartments and fun neighborhood amenities.

For football fans, the Rio Tinto football stadium is nearby and is home to the Real Salt Lake MLS team. Every summer you can watch a football match and cheer on the local team.

Sandy is also less than 15 minutes from some ski resorts, which is a big plus for people who want to take advantage of Utah’s beautiful snow.

Taylorsville, UT.

  • Distance from SLC city center: 16 km
  • Average rent for a one-bedroom apartment: $ 952

Taylorsville is a unique town a short distance from downtown. It is a community full of families and tight-knit communities.

Every year there is the annual Taylorsville Dayzz, a carnival-themed celebration of the city. It usually hosts new and local performers as well as rides and food. The neighborhood has grown in recent years as it is one of the cheapest neighborhoods in SLC.

There are several schools for children from primary to secondary in this area. If you’re looking for a neighborhood where you’ll be close to your neighbors and enjoy neighborhood festivals and events, this is a great city near Salt Lake to consider.

West Jordan, UT.

  • Distance from SLC city center: 13.5 miles
  • Average rent for a one-bedroom apartment: $ 1,084

West Jordan is one of the fastest growing cities in Salt Lake City. Due to the recent influx of residents, many restaurants and shops have followed suit.

The city also recently updated its public transportation system to make it much more accessible. The area offers many unique activities such as the famous Kennecott Copper Mine.

Best places to live in Utah

No matter where you choose to live near Salt Lake City, you’ll find a great neighborhood filled with friendly people, affordable housing, and several community amenities.

Make sure you take the time and do your research before settling in a city. Each city offers something different and unique. Whether you’re looking for a more open-air vibe or a suburban area, towns near Salt Lake have you covered.



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