10 Hostess Gift Ideas Under $25


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Doesn’t it feel like summer has just arrived? And yet, somehow, the holiday season is already accelerating. Don’t ask us how we got here, but it’s time to get ready for one of the funnest and busiest times of the year. With so much going on over the next few weeks, stress is inevitable. In addition to all the other gifts you have to buy at this time of year, it’s easy to forget to bring something when you’re invited to a party. But a small token of appreciation can go a long way. We’ve got you covered with 10 hostess gift ideas for under $ 25. Consider it our holiday gift to you.

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Von geometric vases

Flowers make a good hostess gift, until she realizes she just added another task to her hostess to-do list. Now, in addition to wearing coats and serving drinks, they also have to take those bad boys out for some fresh water. Be part of the solution, not part of the problem: give your host a beautiful gift that will last longer than fresh flowers by presenting them in a Von Geometric Vase ($ 13 each). Metallic and modern, these vases are a perfect addition to any home décor. And, because their mouths are small, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on a large bouquet.

Guzzle buddy wine glass

When rushing from one event to another during the holidays, it is common practice to pick up a bottle of wine along the way to present to the host of the event. And, let’s be honest, with the stress of hosting on vacation, they’ll probably need a little liquid therapy. So why not contribute a fun addition to the inevitable abundance of bottles your host will receive? the Guzzle Buddy Wine Glass ($ 20) is a conversation starter, and a gift your host might end up leaning on during this busy time of year.

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Sausage cutting board

If your host is crazy enough to throw a holiday party, he’ll probably be entertaining you regularly. It can be exhausting constantly having to think of new and interesting snacks to bring to a party. That’s why a charcuterie board or cheese plate is a favorite – just rotate the items that caught your eye during your last trip to the grocery store. Give your host a beautiful place to display said food by presenting them with a sheesham wood (also known as Indian rosewood) deli cutting board ($ 25). It has an eye-catching shape and the hole in the top makes it easy to hang up when not in use.

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Tea set

Have we stressed enough about the stress of the Christmas season? When looking for hostess gift ideas, you will see many alcohol-based suggestions. And while they’re probably welcome, they’re not the healthiest way to deal with the social heat of the holidays. Match a couple of teaspoons ($ 6) and this tea bag holder ($ 9) with some of your favorite tea as a gift that invites your host to practice healthy self-care after the party. These items come in a wide range of colors so you can get something that really suits your host.

Maraschino cherries Luxardo

Treat your host with something delicious and help him simultaneously improve his cocktail game. You may think that a jar of cherries is a strange gift, but the difference between these Maraschino cherries Luxardo ($ 20) and the maraschinos you’re used to at your Shirley Temple are astronomical. Think Rolls Royce versus a second hand unicycle, really. For the host who loves to make artisan cocktails and is always experimenting with new recipes, this is an ideal gift.

Unicorn bottle stopper

Sprinkle a little magic on your host or hostess this holiday season. This iridescent Unicorn Bottle Stopper ($ 10) is equally youthful, stylish, and affordable. And, as we mentioned, your host is sure to have plenty of bottles of wine to use this holiday season. When the holidays are over and the wine is gone, it could be a fun addition to a bar cart décor or a conversation piece over a glass decanter.

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Jingle Bell bottle opener

When looking for hostess gift ideas, it’s natural to look for ones that spread a little seasonal cheer. The problem? Many of them are ho-ho-hokey. But not so beautiful Jingle Bell bottle opener ($ 13). With an eye-catching brass shine, this opener is equal parts seasonal decoration and useful bar accessory. Come on, you’ve been to the party where people couldn’t find an opener and ended up using the countertop. Protect your hosts’ home and help them celebrate the season with this small but impressive gift.

Garlic rocker

When you’re cooking and the recipe calls for garlic, a freshly minced clove is a must. It is also a big hassle. Sure, a garlic press can take some of the work out of the process, but then inevitably you’re stuck trying to clean the leftover chunks from your press before they stick in place. Simplify your host’s future food preparation by introducing them to this Garlic Rocker ($ 15). With just a few strokes of the palm, you have a beautifully minced clove without the daunting cleaning. Plus, it protects your host from smelly hands. The rocking chair captures the chopped pieces in its shallow bowl so you can easily pour them into any plate.

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Marble Wine Coasters

Are you feeling a theme? Wine is a key player in some of the best hostess gift ideas. Help your hosts protect their tables by adding elegant and stately marble wine coasters ($ 20) in the mix. It’s a nice addition to any centerpiece and gives people a place to put those pesky bottles of red that inevitably drip and leave rings as the evening progresses. Nobody wants to see their pretty Christmas sheets stained. Help them help their guests keep the table tidy by bringing them this gift.

Activated Carbon Gift Set

During the holiday season, finding time to relax is key. Invite your host to a mini spa setup with this Activated Charcoal Detox Gift Set ($ 25) from Little Seed. This set comes with an activated charcoal farm milk soap bar that is handcrafted from goat’s milk from Little Seed’s family farm in Tennessee. It’s paired with a detox scrub, and who couldn’t use a little detox this time of year? Hell, you might just need to grab one for yourself while you’re at it.

What is your favorite hostess gift to give? Have you ever received one that really blew your mind? Share your thoughts in the comments so we can all get some additional hostess gift ideas to make this holiday season a little simpler.


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