10 Kitchen Innovations for Improving your New Generation Home

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In our ever-changing world of high innovation and demand for homes that reflect beautiful detail and quality, your kitchen is the number one room where you love to see beautiful technology. His kitchen appliances are lifetime investments for many homeowners, and Sub-Zero Wolf, the leader in food preservation and innovative kitchen products since 1943, has proven that a new generation of innovation is waiting in his kitchen. From impeccable aesthetic details that blend with his cabinetry to providing his guests with culinary expert dining experiences with his cookware. You won’t be able to help but show off with these 10 innovative and contemporary ideas for your kitchen that you can’t wait to have.

1. A new generation: classic kitchens with modern appeal:

There are some things that homeowners don’t like to waste time on and that is their kitchen appliances. Similar to your car, your refrigerator, stove and ovens are a major investment and the third generation family business; Sub-Zero and Wolf realize this. Your classic kitchen still needs the reliability of well-crafted design, reliable craftsmanship, and gorgeous details, but now with perfect ways to fit between your kitchen cabinets with an integrated design that exudes sophistication.


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2. Making your fridge disappear has never looked so good

Whether you’re a fan of design or just enjoy the fine details, there’s nothing like integrated cooling that blends seamlessly with your cabinets. The New Generation of products introduces more than 60 new appliances, many of which disappear into their interiors. Get the style in your home by choosing one of 3 new design styles: Professional, Transitional or Contemporary to incorporate your modern kitchen with great appliances. New handles, minimal lines on refrigerator faces, and disappearing controls are just a few of the amenities you’ll love.

3. Add or subtract colorful details to the kitchen to give it a modern touch

For many years, kitchens were boring and strictly utilitarian. There has been a renewed sense of pride and love for modern kitchens that show color or lack of color in kitchen cabinets, finishes, countertops, and even tile backsplashes. Take a look at your own personal design style to see how you can add or detract from your kitchen. Details like the iconic designer-style red control knobs for your Wolf range, black, or professional stainless steel reflect your culinary design style.

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4. Beautiful lighting is now a design feature, rather than just a function

Similar to kitchens as a whole, lighting has taken on a new sense of form in modern kitchens. Whether your style is traditional with an ornate chandelier adorning your kitchen island or you prefer a minimal set of pendant lights, embrace lighting in your kitchen. Look for the new generation of Wolf ovens and Sub Zero refrigerators to offer better lighting inside for better visibility so you can see your food and create a wonderful experience when preparing your meals.

5. Blur the lines between the kitchen and your family lifestyle

For many homeowners, the way their family lives and uses their kitchen is reflected in the appliances that equip their home. Refrigerator drawers are ideal for busy families with children or entertaining households that need extra cooling for easy access. While busy professionals can opt for sleek appliances that heat up quickly to cook up a quick culinary creation on their induction cooktop. With the new line of Wolf kitchen products you don’t have to choose between cooking and your personal lifestyle and design. Blur the lines and match the way you live with the innovative kitchen amenities of your choice.

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6. Innovative controls and details so you can enjoy cooking again

If you have appliances that aren’t enjoyable to use every day, why settle? Sub-Zero and Wolf have taken the innovation you love in your tech gadgets and brought it to the kitchen! Features such as: dual convection, curved back walls on their ovens, a third halogen light inside the oven, LCD screens, preset categories and more are what homeowners love. Bring innovative ideas to your kitchen and decide which features you like best. Programmable modes, “finger swipe” technology on control panels has never been so pleasurable to operate.

7. The new built-in coffee system creates a barista in your home

If you are a lover of hot drinks like coffees, espressos, cappuccinos, hot teas or more, why not use innovative ideas like the new Wolf coffee system in your home? Innovation always means following trends and if your kitchen is like most, whipping up a personal hot drink for friends and family couldn’t be easier. The fully integrated system cleans itself, froths milk and cleans easily for all the convenience of your favorite barista at home.

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8. Bring out your culinary side in your kitchen options

While you may not be a professionally trained chef, there’s nothing like professional-grade appliances to keep you looking and feeling great. Cooking is an emotional experience that you love to spend alone, with friends and family, and adding professional modules to your Wolf range and oven can make your kitchen rock star. Consider adding a steamer, deep fryer, induction cooktop, sous vide for bain-marie cooking, and a teppanyaki griddle that can transform your dining experiences!

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9. Make your kitchen a new destination

We all love being transported to a new world and creating a custom kitchen in a design style you love. Innovation in the kitchen has come a long way over the years and from quirky custom range hoods to appliances that exude the same design appeal as your cabinets and finishes, your kitchen becomes a destination you love to escape to. . The new generation of Sub-Zero & Wolf products meets your design needs for innovation and versatility with interchangeable size options, custom installation configurations and more.

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10. A New Generation for your kitchen with innovation

With over 60 new Sub-Zero & Wolf products, the Next Generation shows how our world is constantly revolutionizing the way you experience your home. Many of the new refrigerated wine coolers are Energy Star compliant and seek to create a conscious effort to save energy while providing a great kitchen experience.

Freshhome readers, it’s all up to you, how will you design your kitchen with these innovative ideas?

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