11 Amazing Glamping Locations Near NYC

Sometimes you need to get out of town for a while. You want to breathe some fresh air, away from civilization, but you don’t want to leave the comfort of your own home either. This is where glamping comes in. Glamping is camping, but with as much comfort as possible while technically camping. Many of these tents and campsites have lavish luxuries that will make some homes feel old-fashioned, and there are plenty near New York that allow for a great escape.

Best glamping locations in New York

1.) Glamping in New York

Located near the house, this glamping experience resides in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and is located right on the water. This rare urban glamping experience is perfect for dates, family trips, and even solo adventures for those in need of a change of scenery. Living quarters are converted shipping containers that contain bathrooms, showers, air conditioning, and even WiFi. Tents are available for those looking for a more rustic experience. Boats are also available for those who want an even more glamorous experience above the water. The best part, in our opinion, is falling asleep in front of one of the best views in town.

2.) Collective Governors Island

Another glamping experience in the city, this one is on the very popular Governors Island. Full of excellent views, great amenities, and even five-star restaurants, this glamping experience gives you access to the entire island for a few days at a time. Luxurious tents come with private porches, fancy bath amenities, and even a continental breakfast delivered right to your door. There are even fancier climate-controlled shelters, with king-size beds and deep soaking tubs. When you camp here, you have access to all the activities the island offers, and they can even be included in the purchase package when you book.

3.) Hutton Brickyard

Located in Kingston, New York, this spa retreat offers a serene and rejuvenating glamping experience. Several cabin experiences are available. Queen cabins have a private porch, apothecary-style shower supplies, a bed, and an extra futon. King cabins have everything queen suites have, plus an entire wall of window overlooking the beautiful forest. The Cottage is just an entire house that you can rent for a few days. The Brickyards is also a full spa, with catered meals and a ton of amenities you can’t miss. It’s the perfect vacation spot for large groups or just a few friends.

4.) The Glass House

This isolated experience is located in Marlboro, NY, and is one of the most beautiful glamping experiences one can have. This house has gigantic windows overlooking the woods. This tiny house costs just $160 a night and has loads of amenities like a fireplace, French press, glorious bath products, and stunning views of the surrounding apple orchards and vineyards. Forbes called this place “the most beautiful little house in the world”. This place is very popular for romantic weekends and honeymoons.

5.) Near Woodstock

Located in the Catskills, this site offers large tents with oversized windows. These tents are larger than many rooms in New York and all surround a huge fire pit which is perfect for gathering and fellowshipping with other campers. There are even grills, showers, and many natural wonders for people to experience. This location is perfect for large groups seeking an escape from the city. This weekend getaway is fantastic for groups of friends who can’t get enough of the outdoors.

6.) Scotland Yard Farm

This glamping experience is located in Ithaca, NY, and they have a ton of places people can stay. There are cottages, tents and even a hobbit house. The property resides on a farm with a ton of animals, but mostly miniature horses. Some activities include visiting the Ithaca Farmer’s Market, eating at one of their many restaurants, and even visiting some of the museums near the campuses of Ithaca College and Cornell University. There’s a ton of things to do here, and the countryside is stunning. Anyone who visits here will not soon forget it.

7.) Try

This camping company has several locations across the country, and there are more than a dozen in New York State alone. Most sites have a platform tent, a fire pit and a special area for bathrooms and showers. New York’s nature also gives people an endless list of things to do, from swimming pools to pick-your-own farms. Different sites offer different experiences, but all feature New York’s best deals both in nature and in small towns. Some are further from New York than others, so it’s up to you how far from home you travel.

8.) Eastwind Hotel

This place could have “hotel” in the name, but the glamping experiences here are what keep people coming back. Located in Windham, NY, this place offers several sleeping options. The Lushna is a simple tent with a Queen size bed, but it also has a private bathroom and is even pet-friendly! Lushna suites are sturdier than tents and feature a private porch and extra rooms like a writer’s nook and private bathroom. Pets are also allowed here, and you’ll be happy to know that this place has a full fridge. There are plenty of other options for staying here, so be sure to check them out.

9.) Climbing Vine Cottage

Another fantastic glamping experience in Ithaca, there is a large yurt that can accommodate six people, which is perfect for a group of friends who need some time in nature. With a calm pond on the property and surrounded by beautiful fields and forests, this place is truly straight out of a storybook. The yurt has a full kitchen, TV and WiFi which is perfect for those who want the comforts of home while they are in the middle of nowhere. Guests here have full access to Ithaca.

10.) Harmony Hill Retreat Center

Located in East Meredith, NY, this extraordinary retreat offers guests heated yurts, making it a perfect place for fall and winter retreats. In addition to comfortable temperatures, the yurts also come with king-size beds, full kitchens, bathtubs with shower attachments, Wi-Fi, and fireplaces. This place has 70 acres of beautiful nature that is open to all guests who reside here, and they offer a wide range of services like massages, reiki treatments, and guided nature walks. They also deliver your meals right to your door.

11.) Hemlock Falls Campground

This idyllic spot in Parksville, NY, that’s 40 acres of beauty. With a campsite for every ten acres, guests can rest assured that they will have complete privacy during their stay. Two of the sites are basic packages. The Ridge and The Glen have 120 square foot tents that have private self-contained bathrooms, an outdoor kitchen, and a fire pit. The luxury campsites are called The Falls and The Fieldstones. These tents are 170 square feet, with a private deck, ensuite half bath, full free-standing bathroom, outdoor kitchen, and fire pit. No matter which one you choose, you’ll have full access to the region’s waterfalls, streams, and forests.

Glamping near New York is extremely accessible and offers luxury services that many hotels don’t even have. These sites are unique little getaways from the hustle and bustle of the city that everyone needs from time to time. Even if you go to one of the city’s sites, it’s always nice to treat yourself. You deserve it!

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