13 Bedroom Design Ideas to Help You Find Your Bedroom Style

We spent almost half of our lives thrown around the bedroom. This may explain the fascination for bedroom decorating ideas and the need for a personalized space. If you’re decorating an old bedroom or just moved into a new one, here are 17 bedroom ideas to help you create the space of your dreams.

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1. Retro farmhouse

Use a mix of prints and patterns to bring more of the outdoors into your bedroom. The pretty English meadow prints on the wallpaper create a cozy yet elegant space. Layer landscape colors for a real country feel. Finish off with a vintage-style radio and ribbed screens to add a classic retro touch.

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How can you get this look: Arcuate headboard with linen cushions.

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2. Coastal cool

Get a nautical feel in your bedroom by mixing bold stripes on the cushions and fine stripes on the blinds. Add plaid and a natural jute rug for that serene feel at sea. You can also attach an iconic coastal tapestry, such as a sailor’s wheel, for a coast-to-coast finish.

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How can you get this look: Navy striped cushions, striped linen pillowsand a classic print blanket.

Mock up frame in bedroom interior background, beige room with natural wooden furniture, 3d render

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3. New neutrals

The best bedroom ideas will help you relax and refresh after a long day at work. Use neutrals like white, cream, amber, oatmeal, and beige for a modernized country look. The “new neutrals” mix traditional elements like natural linen bedding with textured elements like plaid and fringed blankets. Add a rustic bed and a luxurious marble table.

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How can you get this look: Washed linen duvet cover, a textured cotton quiltand a black marble side table.

An interior general view of a bedroom with antique cream Louis style wicker double bed with satin coverlet inside a home.

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4. French fantasy

If you love Parisian luxury, use a traditional French rattan bed as a base and complement it with a range of pops of color. You can mix trendy jewelry shades like teal and mustard with timeless hues and colorful prints for an old world look. Add a sculpted ceramic wave lamp for Joie de vivre.

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How can you achieve this look: A unique rattan headboard, a Victorian chest of drawers, or a French inspiration medallion rug.

Modern bedroom and glass wall.

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5. Clean and contemporary

Use a punctual and elegant pop of color to create a clean and contemporary bedroom. A dark steel bed contrasts nicely with bold pillows. Add a faux fur rug to complete this look.

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How can you achieve this look: A target tufted headboard, contemporary reading lampsand a faux fur rug.

Stylish luxury bohemian home interior decoration photos

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6. Flower room in bloom

If you love flowers, add vibrant colors with abstract floral prints. Floral prints also evoke a relaxing atmosphere, which is perfect for the bedroom.

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How to achieve this look: A unique accent chair with a neutral or fun shot floral covers with a cozy neutral bedspread.

Interior of a Scandinavian style attic bedroom.

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7. Scandinavian style

Scandinavian (or Scandinavian) style creates fabulous, minimalist, and functional bedroom design ideas. Use minimalist prints and natural materials like rustic ceramic, linen, and light wood furniture in your bedroom to incorporate a Nordic style.

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How to achieve this look: A wooden platform bed with a minimalist inspiration floor lamp.

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8. Luxury glamor chic

Do you want to feel like you are on vacation every night? Give yourself the five-star treatment with this easy approach. Decorate your room with luxurious materials like velvet, matte black nightstands, and an ideal bed frame for an elegant yet contemporary look.

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How to achieve this style: A navy velvet bed and a glamorous decorative mirror.

rustic bedroom

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9. Rustic charm

If you love living in a cabin, add a wall with wood paneled elements to your room. Complimentary bedroom decorating ideas include wood furniture and neutral paintings.

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How to achieve this look: A cozy plaid blanket and a wooden sleigh bed.

Bedroom interior

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10. Wall-to-wall pattern

You can use neutral color combination patterns to give your room a more subtle and refined look. Combine it with wallpaper with floral motifs or natural textures. Add a soothing sage floor for a classy look.

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How to achieve this look: Paste neutral wallpaper with a courtesy patterned rug.

Simple poster hanging above bed with many cushions and green blanket in bedroom interior with gilt furniture

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11. Hanging bedside lamps

Make a statement in your master bedroom by hanging pendant lamps on either side of your bed. Pendant lamps also free up table space.

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How to achieve this look: matching industrial pendant lights.

Eclectic bedroom interior with tropical plants.  White brick wall and wooden floor.

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12. Eclectic boho

Express your unique style with mismatched items. Add an antique bed, handmade Moroccan rug, vintage screen, or beaded chandelier.

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How to achieve this look: A vintage screen, a patterned carpetand a bead chandelier.

Nicely arranged teen bedroom

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13. Dark and cozy

Do you like a dark space when you sleep? Make the “cozy cave” work for you with black monochrome design elements and warm light.

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How to achieve this look: A black wooden headboard, charcoal linen sheetsY coffee pendant lights.

The bottom line

You will most likely spend more time in the bedroom than in any other space in your home. You deserve an oasis that helps you sleep and relax easily. Use these 13 ideas for a quiet and cozy retreat.

Frequent questions

How can I decorate my bedroom?

First, choose subtle colors that express the emotions you want to feel in your bedroom. Try the rich tones of the jewels for a cozy setting or the cool pastels for a low-key setting. Choose furniture that fits well and doesn’t overwhelm the room. And indulge in luxurious bedding. Lastly, cover the windows and add several warm lighting options.

How do you style a large bedroom?

Create discreet and serene areas. Use quiet neutrals to warm a large space and informal layers of bedding. In a large room, you can afford to increase the size of accessories and furniture.

How do you create a theme for a bedroom?

First, choose a topic that you are passionate about. Make sure it fits your budget and that themed accessories are available for local delivery or pickup. Just as important, measure the space and choose furniture that fits the space (but doesn’t overwhelm).

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