13 Essentials Needed For Any Good Cleaning Kit

There are many advantages to living alone. You can make the space your own, decorate it the way you want, and you can even walk around without pants and no one will care. Along with all the pros, there are a few cons and one of them is having to clean your own space.

When it comes to cleaning, it’s hard to know which cleaning tools you should use. Don’t worry, we take care of it for you. Here are the essential cleaning items you need in a solid cleaning kit that will clean every room in your apartment.

Make your own cleaning kit

There are some things to consider before you start building your cleaning kit. With many different cleaning products and essential oils on the market and several DIY cleaning recipes online, you should take a minute to think about what you want to clean with. If you can’t decide yet, don’t worry. Here are some tips and ideas for essential DIY and store-bought cleaning tools.

Essential cleaning tools you need

Whether you end up using natural cleaners or store-bought cleaners, there are still some essential cleaning tools you should have. Here are some essential tools for any cleaning kit.

1. Cleaning cart or utility belt

cleaning cart

Once you have all of your cleaning kit supplies, you will need a place to store everything. A cleaning cart or utility belt makes it easy to take all of your supplies with you in one go. There are many different options to choose from. With this, you won’t have to go back and forth to get all your different supplies. It’s also great for storing your supplies when not in use as it fits neatly under your sink or even in your pantry.

2. Scrub brush and other brushes

All cleaning kits should have a good scrub brush. They are perfect for cleaning all your hard surfaces. These are best used in rooms like your kitchen or bathroom on countertops, tile, showers or tubs. A scrub brush is a great tool for removing soap scum and grime.

If you really want to get into the finer details of cleaning, you’ll need a detailed cleaning brush like a toothbrush. They’re great for getting into those tiny spaces that larger brushes just can’t reach.

Another type of brush you’ll want to keep handy is a good toilet brush and toilet brush holder. It’s best if you keep your toilet brush separate from your other cleaning supplies. A good place to store it is next to your toilet.

3. Cloths and cleaning sponges

cleaning cloth

In addition to a good brush, you’ll want to have some good rags handy. They are a great reusable alternative to paper towels. A a great option is microfiber cloths because they’re designed to make hard work easy. They are great for cleaning countertops, kitchen appliances, stubborn grease stains on the stove and much more. The best part is that you can just throw them in the wash and use them again and again.

If you don’t want to use microfiber cloths, that’s no problem at all. Sponges are another great reusable scrubbing tool. It’s a cheap option that can also be reused and can help clean many different household surfaces.

4. Vacuum, mop and broom, oh my!

It may seem obvious, but having a good vacuum cleaner and a broom are essential to any cleaning kit. While a good vacuum cleaner – such as a Dyson — is a bit of an investment, it’s definitely worth it in the long run, and you can use it in every room of your home, from your kitchen to your stairs.

If you’re not quite ready for that, that’s no problem at all. A good broom and dustpan can do the job for your tiled or wooden floors.

When you’re done removing all the crumbs and dust from the floor, the next thing you’ll want is a good mop and bucket. Cleaning is a great way to finish a room.

5. Duster

feather duster

Everyone should also have a good feather duster. Obviously, these are the best tools to use for dusting off all the dust and dirt that accumulates around the house. Dusters make it easy to move around your room and quickly wipe away dust. You can search Google or YouTube for reviews of the best feather duster.

Cleaning solutions

Once you have all of your tools ready to go, the next thing you’ll want to invest in is cleaning solutions. If you’re not sure which cleaners you should keep in your cleaning kit, fear not, because we’ve got some ideas for items to keep on hand.

6. All Purpose Cleaner

all purpose cleaners

All Purpose Cleaner is a unique cleaner for your cleaning kit. You can use it in all rooms for the most part and it is an essential and inexpensive must-have in every kit. You can use it on different surfaces, from tiles to plastic to ceramics. It can clean dirt, grime, soap scum, grease and more. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that not all all-purpose cleaners are disinfectants. It’s best to read the bottle to make sure you know what you’re getting.

7. Disinfecting wipes

Another essential, easy-to-use surface cleaner is disinfectant wipes. Because they are disinfectant, these wipes will kill germs and bacteria living on your surfaces. They are great because they use half the cleaning products of other supplies. All you need is the wipe straight from the bottle and you’re good to go.

There are a few tips you need to know when using disinfectant wipes. It’s best to let the area you’re cleaning stay damp for a few minutes to best ensure the destruction of germs and bacteria. You should use them especially in high-traffic areas of your apartment, such as the bathroom, kitchen, and doorknobs.

8. Glass cleaner

window cleaner

As the name suggests, this is a glass-specific cleaning solution and is best not used on other surfaces. And while you can use all-purpose cleaners on glass mirrors or windows, it may leave a mark. The best solution is to use a glass-specific cleaner to ensure a smooth, streak-free surface.

9. Toilet bowl cleaner

Since we all visit the bathroom every day, keeping your toilet clean is something every adult should do. It’s as simple as putting the cleanser in the bowl and scrubbing.

10. Dish Soap

dishwasher soap

Whether it’s dish soap pods for your dishwasher or a bottle of liquid dish soap, it’s also essential for any kit.

DIY cleaning kit and DIY cleaning solutions

If you don’t want to use some of the harsh chemicals that store-bought cleaners can contain, there’s another way to keep your apartment clean. You can always make a DIY cleaning kit.

11. Baking soda and white vinegar

baking soda and vinegar

Baking soda and vinegar are must-haves for any DIY cleaning kit. They are great for people looking for a more natural cleansing option. They have very basic ingredients and are a go-to for all DIY cleaners.

People have used baking soda for years as a cleaner and odor reducer. One of the best places to store your baking soda is in the refrigerator. While it sits in there, it will eliminate all odors keeping your fridge fresh.

White vinegar is another great natural option for removing grease and grime from around the house. Vinegar has a disinfecting quality, but not at the level of a commercially made disinfectant. Keep a bottle handy and you can also add a drop of essential oil to the mix to add a nice smell.

You can combine half baking soda and half vinegar as a good solution for cleaning your drain. Just be careful as it tends to fizz.

12. Hydrogen Peroxide and Rubbing Alcohol

Hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol can also be kept in your DIY arsenal. It is good to remember that there are differences between them, mainly what they are made of. Rubbing alcohol is a form of ethyl alcohol while hydrogen peroxide is a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen.

Although they are made of different compounds, you can use them on similar items. You can use them to clean your refrigerator and they are great for removing stubborn mold. Fill a bottle of each and keep it handy in your own cleaning kit.

13. Castile soap

castile soap

You can use castile soap for a myriad of things depending on its form. Originally from Spain, you can use it for everything from body soap to dish soap. It is also not harsh on the skin, unlike other products. It’s a great tool for anyone looking to create their own cleaning solutions.

To clean

Cleaning is a difficult and strenuous task, but with the right tools it is much easier. These cleaning kit essentials are a must have for any apartment owner looking to keep their home clean and fresh or looking to freshen up the apartment before moving out. Have the right mix of alcohol-based cleansers and natural essential oil-based cleansers, and voila!

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