15 Apartment Security Tips To Make You Feel Safer at Home

Whether or not you are moving into a new apartment, it is always important to feel safe in your home or when you are away from home. Everyone wants their personal belongings to be safe when they walk through the door in the morning.

While we all wish we could have professional aftercare, it’s not always easy to find. This begs the question: how can you provide better apartment security? Do not worry! We’ve got you covered with these apartment security tips.

Feel safe in your apartment complex

Before investing in security features, you should first check your new apartment complex to see what it already has. Ask the owners what kind of security the apartments come with. Also ask if there is professional surveillance of the parking lot and gates if they have any. Once you’ve done that, you can start investing in your own security system.

There are so many different ways to secure your apartment that it can sometimes seem overwhelming. Here are some options that will up your apartment security game.

1. Check your windows

If you live in a large apartment complex, you might be wondering why you need to check your windows. Although it’s less likely for someone to enter through the windows, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Check your windows to make sure they have strong but easy-to-use locks that you can’t open from the outside. You can also consider window sensors that detect any tampering with your window.

2. Cover your windows

Along the same lines for apartment security tips, after you’ve checked the windows are secure or even installed window sensors, it’s time to move on to the curtains. Many tenants often forget to hang the curtains when moving into new apartments. However, they are very useful when it comes to the security of your apartment.

Without curtains, people can see straight into your apartment, especially if you live on the ground floor, and everything in it. By covering your windows, you eliminate this and, in turn, make your home less attractive to break into.

apartment lighting

3. Add more lighting

Everything looks less scary in the light. That’s why good lighting is a great way to make your apartment safer, as well as making you feel safer. Examine the common areas of your apartment, such as hallways and parking areas, to see if they are well lit. If possible, try to park where it is brightest. When you leave your apartment, remember to leave a lamp on to deter people from entering your home.

If you feel that certain areas of your building are not sufficiently lit, such as large areas, such as parking lots, and you do not feel safe, you should ask your landlord to add more.

4. Install door security systems

Chances are if you live in an apartment you only have one front door and maybe a sliding door. And just like your windows, you need to make sure all your doors are secure and locked. Although they may have locks, there are ways to add extra and simple security measures.

For your sliding doors and your front door, you can add a safety stick which prevents the door from being opened, even if it is unlocked. Much like a window, if you live on the ground floor and have a sliding door, it could be extremely beneficial for your home security. You simply place it under the apartment door handle or behind the sliding door and now you have extra security at home. This is a great, apartment-friendly way to feel more secure in your home.

Another option, if your apartment allows it, is to add door and window sensors to your home. Similar to window sensors, door sensors detect movement around your doors. If someone opens the door or window, you will be notified immediately.

5. Consider a safe

A great apartment security tip is to have an apartment safe to add an extra layer of security. Even if someone breaks into your house or you have a nosy roommate, that doesn’t mean you can’t have another line of defense in a safe. Safes are a great option for storing your most important possessions, such as jewelry, valuable documents, and cash. You can even get a fireproof safe to make sure everything is safe in case of an emergency.

6. Get creative with hiding places

If you don’t want to invest in a safe yet, no worries! There are other ways to keep your belongings safe in your apartment. If your apartment has storage rooms, use them to keep large items you don’t want in your apartment.

Instead of throwing away empty everyday items, like cereal boxes or shampoo bottles, clean them up and reuse them as hiding places for your valuables. If you have a lot of books, you can make one useful by cutting the middle and using it as a hiding place to store cash, papers and other valuables. That way, if something were to happen, you hope you don’t end up with any lost items.

7. Create the illusion that you are at home

If you are often away and care about the security of your apartment, create the illusion that you are at home. Leave a few lights on or the television on to trick people into thinking you’re currently home and deter potential burglars. It’s easy to do now with things like home automation and smart home products that you can control from your phone.

door locks

8. Add locks

All apartments have locks, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add some yourself. There are a few options you can use when it comes to adding additional locks. You can add chain locks or another deadbolt to your door to make your apartment even more secure.

If your landlord allows it, you can even replace your traditional locks with locks that require key codes. This way you never have to worry about someone picking your locks. Just make sure these changes don’t interfere with your ability to get your security deposit back.

9. Get to know your neighbors

Getting to know your neighbors is challenging and a little scary if you suffer from social anxiety. However, becoming friends with your neighbors is beneficial in the long run and is great advice for apartment security. Not only do you gain a new friend, but you gain an ally inside your apartment complex. When you know other tenants, you can also count on them to watch your apartment or to have someone to talk to if you feel unsafe in your place. Before you move in, you can even talk to a former tenant and see what they think of building security measures to get an idea before you move in.

10. Have your keys handy

It is important that everyone in an apartment practice safety at all times. A security practice is to always have your keys ready to go. Pick up your apartment keys before you leave your car or in the elevator so that when you get to your door, they’re ready to go and you can easily get inside.

11. Create an exit plan

A key part of apartment security is knowing your escape routes. All complexes have an emergency exit, whether it is an emergency exit or stairs leading down to ground level. Really familiarize yourself with them in case there is an emergency.


12. Consider getting a dog.

Whether you live alone or not, it’s never a bad idea to consider adding a four-legged friend. Dogs are not only great companions, they also make excellent home security systems and makeshift motion detectors. People are also often afraid of dogs, making them a great deterrent for burglars. Best of all, they’re a great home security system, but also your best friend. Talk about serious professional monitoring!

13. Have a tenant’s insurance policy

When you move into your apartment, you should definitely consider investing in tenant insurance. Renters insurance protects you and your belongings while you live in your apartment. Having tenant insurance as an alternative can give you a great sense of peace of mind.

14. Get a security system and security cameras

One of the classic apartment security tips for apartment renters is to install a security system or security cameras in your apartment. Before installing any type of home security system, you should first speak with your property manager to make sure you are authorized to do so. By checking, you can make sure you can get your security deposit back when you move.

One option is to install a security camera inside or outside your apartment. Security cameras are a good option if you want to monitor what’s going on in your apartment while you’re away. They also record a lot of the time, so if any suspicious activity were to happen, you’d have it on tape.

Another security option you could use is to install an apartment alarm system. Like a security camera, there are many wireless alarm systems today to choose from. You can get ones with professional monitoring or ones with elite motion sensors alone. There are even security systems that don’t require any heavy or extra equipment and don’t involve drilling into your walls or chipping paint.

Take your time to research the best home security systems before buying one. It’s always a good idea to ask for help if you don’t know how to install a security system yourself. As long as you don’t forget your key codes, you’re good to go!

15. Check your smoke and gas sensors

Most resorts have carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, but it’s always a good idea to check that they’re working properly. Not only will these make your apartment safer, but they could also save your life.

Talk to your property manager about having one installed for you before you move in and if for some reason they don’t, you can always easily install one yourself.

If you live in a high-rise building, you might consider getting an escape ladder to keep you safe in the event of a fire.

Safety first

No matter where you live, whether it’s a single family home or your own apartment, security is extremely important to everyone. If you follow some of these apartment safety tips, you’ll make your apartments safer for everyone.

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