15 Tiny Bathroom Ideas To Inspire Your Next Remodel

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Are you tired of your small, dark and boring bathroom? Are you ready to finally give it a review? Well, there’s no better time to give your small bathroom a new look. There are so many ways to elevate your bathroom, even if it’s small. It’s all about being creative with what you have.

Below we have a ton of small bathroom design ideas that will take your space from cramped to chic in no time. Best of all, these ideas won’t require a total small bathroom remodel, but can simply be done with a little paint and some new decor pieces.


15 ideas for your next small bathroom remodel

Idea 1: Use vertical space.

One of our top small bathroom design tips is to use vertical space wisely. When you have a small space to work, you have to use it all. That means climb! Use as much vertical space as you can, as shelves on the walls to give the bathroom more storage. Also, by using minimal shelves, they won’t dominate the space, so floating shelves are a great idea here.

What you will need:

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Idea 2: Make the space multifunctional.

Just because your space is small doesn’t mean it can’t serve a functional purpose. Try cram an all-in-one washer/dryer into your tiny bathroom with a countertop on top, if it can fit. You might be surprised how easy it is to rearrange to make it work. Now you have laundry room and bathroom all in one.

What you will need:

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Idea 3: Splurge on the floors.

You’re working with very little space, which means you can splurge on the floor. Opt for a real high quality tile in your color palette to make the floors the star of the room. Or you can even get fancy bathroom rugs if that’s your speed. This is a small bathroom decor idea that is great for making your space feel luxurious.

What you will need:

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Idea 4: Use a large mirror.

Mirrors automatically open up a space, so use the biggest mirror that will work in your bathroom. While an over-the-sink medicine cabinet provides storage, they’re usually quite small, so save that space for a large mirror and use other areas for storage.

What you will need:


Idea 5: Go with a corner sink.

putting the sink into a corner it can save you some space. Keep the sink and cabinet (if you’re using one) small so it doesn’t take up too much space. This also gives you the opportunity to use two mirrors above the sink, one on each corner wall.

What you will need:

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Idea 6: Install shelves in the shower.

You really need to get creative with storage in a small space, so that could mean installing some shelves in the shower. This also gives you the opportunity to add another decor element – ​​yes, inside the shower! You can make a real reindeer and install shelves to match the shower tile or go with a quick suction cup shelf installation.

What you will need:

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Idea 7: Make the most of uncomfortable spaces.

Small spaces sometimes mean awkward leftover spaces. If your bathroom has a weird space that you don’t know what to do with, see if you can use it for storage. Even if it is tall and narrow, you can add some shelves and store towels on it.

What you will need:

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Idea 8: Paint a bold color.

When it comes to small bathroom ideas, paint is an easy option to change up the space. Bright colors can open up a space, as can white. But that doesn’t mean you can’t paint a deeper, darker color, but we recommend that you don’t paint the entire bathroom that color. Try to make a dark color accent with white or full brightness.

What you will need:

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Idea 9: Hang towel racks in small spaces.

Tuck your hand towels into small spaces. They don’t take up a lot of space, so they’re perfect for a small space between the toilet and a shelf above it.

What you will need:

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Idea 10: Install a skylight.

This may be the hardest advice we have, but if you can install a skylight, will definitely brighten up a small space. Natural light is best for small spaces, plus you’ll bring a bit of the outdoors inside.

What you will need:

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Idea 11: Find spectacular light fixtures.

In a small space, draw attention to something that is No on the size of the room will help keep the focus where you want it. In a tiny bathroom, add some drama with a funky light fixture, but make sure it’s not too big. You want it to be a focal point but not comically big.

What you will need:

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Idea 12: Keep everything in baskets.

Clutter will instantly make your space feel smaller, so invest in some baskets or bins that look fancy but contain a lot of stuff. Store them where you have room so you don’t have any excess sitting around.

What you will need:

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Idea 13: Get a vertical towel rail.

This is an especially good tip if you don’t have a linen closet. If you also don’t have storage space in your bathroom for your towels, get a vertical towel rack that will allow you to store them taking up very little space.

What you will need:

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Idea 14: Use glass shower doors.

Closing a shower curtain cuts off space, so instead, opt for transparent shower doors. These won’t cut into anything of the little space you have and will instead keep the room open. These are especially good if your bathroom window is on the other side of the shower. Using a glass door will keep light shining into the room.

What you will need:

Simple but modern bathroom.
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Idea 15: Add a plant.

We mean it. Add live greenery it makes a space feel cozier, which can make it feel larger and more beautiful. If you’re worried about taking up too much floor space, hang a plant near the window or in a corner that won’t take up any valuable storage space.

What you will need:

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4 tips to make your small bathroom look bigger

Tip 1: Get creative with mirrors.

Mirrors open up a space because the reflection makes the space appear twice as large. You could even do multiple mirrors to make the space feel virtually endless. Just don’t go overboard with mirrors or your bathroom will start to feel like a fun house.

Tip 2: Use floating shelves.

Floating shelves on the walls will give you more space for storage without dominating the walls. These shelves merge with the background, and if they are very small, you will hardly see them, but they will serve as a resting place for your things.

Tip 3: Use a lot of white.

White always makes a space appear lighter and brighter, so by featuring white walls or floors, you can open up the space. Bright colors can also open up a room.

Tip 4: Hide clutter.

Too many things in sight can make a small space feel cluttered. Instead, keep everything put away so your space looks neat and minimal.

Simple but modern bathroom.
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The bottom line

When you are looking for small bathroom decorating ideas, you have to remember to get creative with the space, but there are many ways to do it. Use vertical space and store things you don’t need, so you don’t clutter what little space you have! Small bathroom designs can be fun and easy!

Frequent questions


How can I make the most of my small bathroom?


With any small space, it’s important to use as much as possible. Make your decor vertical and get creative with storage. Also find multifunctional pieces that serve more than one purpose.


How do I add storage to a small bathroom?


Consider hanging shelves in open spaces on the walls or finding a shelf above the toilet that adds more storage space.


What colors make a small bathroom seem bigger?


White will make your space look larger, as will other bold colors. However, if you use highlights, be aware of how rich the colors are, because if they’re a bit on the dark side, they’ll make the space feel closed off.


How can I make my small bathroom look luxurious?


Use high-quality or sleek-looking fixtures on cabinets and sinks to level out the space. Metallics also add a level of glamour, as does minimalist décor.

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