18 Apartment Balcony Ideas To Help You Create an Oasis


You can do a lot with a small balcony in your apartment. Using plants, decks, lights, benches, and tables, you can combine a unique set of apartment balcony ideas to create an oasis in the city center.

Find inspiration in these 18 different small balcony ideas to create the perfect retreat.

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1. Bamboo privacy screen

Make a bamboo screen for your balcony

JessicaGirvan / Shutterstock

Buy some large pieces of bamboo and tie them with zip ties. Secure this DIY privacy fence for your balcony railing for an additional sense of isolation, approximately $ 30.

How to get this look:

2. Live bamboo screen

Bamboo Privacy Screen

Jan Zwolinski / Shutterstock

Instead of taking bamboo poles and connecting them to create your own display, plant some live bamboo. This plant grows tall and is a great small balcony idea for those who want plants and privacy and want to save space.

How to get this look:

3. Railing shelves

Plants on the balcony of an apartment

Myimagine / Shutterstock

If you want to put some small potted plants on your railing, or make a little barGet some wooden shelves to put on top. They are incredibly simple to install and immediately provide you with a functional display space.

How to get this look:

4. Reed fencing

Reed fencing

Selina Irina / Shutterstock

The reed fence is similar to the bamboo fence. Only these come assembled, and the smaller pieces of wood have less space between them, so The balcony idea gives you more insulation..

How to get this look:

5. Balcony planters

Apartment balcony planter with tomatoes

vaivirga / Shutterstock

Flowerpots are a nice and simple way to adds a lot of color and life to any area. Put a few on your railing and / or a few more on the wall of a large planter.

How to get this look:

6. Flashlights or icicle lights

Balcony with cozy lights

FotoHelin / Shutterstock

The lights add a great sense of atmosphere when used correctly. Buy some icicle lights or small lanterns to hang on your balcony railing or on the ceiling, next to your balcony planters.

How to get this look:

7. Artificial grass

Imitation grass on the balcony of the apartment

Jazmine Thomas / Shutterstock

Some artificial grass interspersed with gravel, wood tile, or just makes your balcony feel like a small patio. It is relatively affordable and you can place it wherever you want.

How to get this look:

8. Wooden terrace tiles

Wooden platforms on the balcony of the apartment

Sharomka / Shutterstock

For about $ 60 a package, wood tiles they are a warm and inexpensive way to make your balcony feel more like a terrace.

How to get this look:

9. Outdoor rugs

Couple on a balcony with patterned carpet

Mira Studio / Shutterstock

A great way to spice up your balcony is add a patterned rug to the mix. This is a great idea for a balcony if you don’t want to waste a lot of time improving your space.

How to get this look:

10. Curtains

Window curtains overlooking the balcony of an apartment

Dariusz Jarzabek / Shutterstock

Curtains are a beautiful and simple addition that creates privacy while drastically altering aesthetics. Use this apartment balcony idea to give you the feeling of being in a resort.

How to get this look:

11. Planter wall

Wall planters on the apartment balcony

lulu and isabelle / Shutterstock

Place a wooden, plastic or metal planter on the wall on a wall of your apartment balcony. If you have two walls, placing one on both gives you plenty of room to start a balcony garden.

How to get this look:

12. Unique full cover privacy screen

Privacy screen on the balcony

klikkipetra / Shutterstock

Put a privacy screen on the railing from the balcony of your apartment. This will give you an added sense of seclusion from the bustling city life below.

How to get this look:

13. Large potted plants

Big plants on a balcony

Gonzalo de Miceu / Shutterstock

Large plants such as kentias, ferns, and palm trees immediately add a nostalgic balcony garden. With minimal installation effort these can be one of the best and most used balcony decoration ideas.

If you are looking for real plants, we suggest you go to your local garden store. However, fake plants require less effort and you can easily find them on Amazon.

How to get this look:

14. Bench with storage cushion

Bench on the balcony of the apartment

Anusit Anukul / Shutterstock

Install a bench with storage underneath to maximize your small space making it more comfortable. This is a great balcony idea if you also do some gardening and need a place to store your tools.

How to get this look:

15. Outdoor cafe table and chairs

Coffee table on the balcony

Veera / Shutterstock

Don’t forget to provide a comfortable place to sit and eat! Get a fashion table and chair set to expand your living space to the outside immediately.

How to get this look:

  1. Wicker cushion table and chairs
  2. Folding table and chairs

16. Outdoor cushions

Cushions on the balcony of the apartment

eakkachai / Shutterstock

For a more bohemian feel or if you like to sit low to the ground, opt for some tastefully decorated cushions. Combined with wooden curtains, plants, and decks, beautiful floor cushions can be the final addition to a beautiful balcony.

How to get this look:

17. Outdoor Bed / Platform Cushion

Outdoor bed made of wooden pallets.

swissdrone / Shutterstock

If you like napping outside, consider adding a wooden deck to your balcony. While you may not be able to fully stretch out if you are tall, you can lie down relatively flat and enjoy the sun.

To set it up, buy a wooden pallet the size of your needs and pick up sturdy cinder blocks to rest and support the pallet.

How to get this look:

18. Hammock or hanging chairs

Hammock on balcony

Aga Murawska / Shutterstock

Who doesn’t love a nap or a good read in a comfortable hammock? If you want to save space, get one of those hanging oval chairs to fix to the ceiling of your balcony.

How to get this look:

The bottom line

If you are looking for small balcony ideas to decorate your outdoor space, combine a few of these on the list to create a unique haven for yourself, your family and friends.

Frequent questions

How do I decorate the balcony of my apartment?

Find what suits your style and start with the basics. Maybe buy some small pots. Then get out of there and get a matching table, chairs, and rug. Bring it together slowly.

How do I organize my balcony?

If you plan to keep some supplies on the balcony, consider purchasing a storage bench. That way, things are close at hand but out of sight and away from the elements.

How is the balcony of an apartment projected?

You can buy a full screen on Amazon that will stick to your railing or create your own using bamboo or curtains.

How do I put privacy on my balcony?

Curtains are a great way to quickly switch between a private or more public view. You can also plant bamboo and nurture it until it is fully grown or buy a privacy screen online.


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