19 Minimalist Christmas Decorations to DIY This Weekend

With Thanksgiving behind us, it’s hard to ignore that Christmas is right around the corner. Whether you’re eager to put up the tree, or feeling a little dread to get out the unorganized decoration boxes, we’ve rounded up a few modern, minimalist Christmas decorations that you can DIY this weekend in sweatpants, and sipping hot cocoa.

We took inspiration for minimalist Christmas decorations from traditional Scandinavian holiday style and keep things strikingly simple, yet fully festive. Busy yourself with these simple and beautiful crafts, and we think you’ll be in the holiday spirit in no time.

They’re also neutral enough to look wonderful all winter in case you don’t take down your decorations until, you know, January or so.

Here’s to getting in the spirit of the holidays, your way.

19 Minimalist Christmas Decorations to DIY This Weekend


Florist making a Christmas wreath

mediaphotos/Getty Images

DIY Giant Christmas Wreath

Have a large space to fill? This giant Christmas wreath is made with a hula hoop and adorned in all of your forest finds. If you have a double-high living room, this is definitely the DIY your walls need for the holidays.

Find instructions for this DIY here.

Hanging branch Christmas decor

Natalia Bodrova/Getty Images

DIY Twig Triangle Wreath

This modern wreath takes inspiration from two of the this year’s biggest design trends – copper and triangles. It may not fit the classic definition of a wreath, but it will definitely make a gorgeous statement in your home. So don’t be a square.

Find instructions for this DIY here.

Holiday wreath with gift boxes

anilakkus/Getty Images

DIY Gift Card Mini Wreath

Gift cards make great presents, but are inevitable hard to present to with wow-factor. These mini wreaths are a sweet way to package the plastic. Plus, it gives you more room to stuff the stocking with other odds and ends.

Find instructions for this DIY here.

Mother and her two little sons lightning candles on a Advent wreath

Westend61/Getty Images

DIY Swedish Candle Wreath

For some true Scandinavian inspiration, try this Swedish candle wreath. The delicate design looks perfect hanging in a window or above a modern fireplace.

Find instructions for this DIY here.


Geometric Christmas ornament


DIY Minimalist Geometric Tree Ornaments

These geometric ornaments are simple enough to make an entire tree’s worth on an afternoon, but we also think they’d make a great addition when tied to the front of all of your gifts this season.

Find instructions for this DIY here.

Wooden ornament


DIY Wooden Tree Ornaments

These wooden ball ornaments work both modern and tradition trees, combining the timelessness of wood with a trendy tassel.

Find instructions for this DIY here.

Moon and sun ornaments

Vladimir Gerdo / Contributor/Getty Images

DIY Moon Phase Tree Ornaments

Put a celestial spin on your ornament decorations with these moon phase clay ornaments. They’re easy to create, and look dreamy paired against the dark green of a pine tree.

Find instructions for this DIY here.

Table Accents

Wine bottle candle holders


DIY Festive Bottle Candle Holder

Not sure what to do with extra trimmings? This candle holder is likely the easiest way to add holiday cheer to your home. Just take a trip to the thrift or craft store for clear, narrow-necked bottles. Or save a few that may or may not get emptied during the holidays — this look works all winter long.

Find instructions for this DIY here.

Wooden Christmas tree decor

5 second Studio/Shutterstock

DIY Mini Wood Christmas Trees

A few pieces of wood, a few of your favorite ornaments, and you have a minimalist Christmas decoration piece that will have all of your holiday guests asking, “where did you get that?”.

Find instructions for this DIY here.

Candles on a set dinner table

Vadym Pastukh/Shutterstock

DIY Mid-Century Modern Candle Holders

Candles are a must during the holiday season, but if your candle holders just aren’t cutting it, this simple DIY will save the day with an unexpected material. We won’t tell if you leave these up all year long.

Find instructions for this DIY here.

Advent Calendars

Hanging geometric Advent calendar

Maria Symchych/Shutterstock

DIY Geo Hanging Advent Calendar

Love making origami? These Advent “ornaments” are perfect for an afternoon of paper folding. Bonus points if you use the technique later this month to wrap small gifts.

Find instructions for this DIY here.

Advent calendar


DIY Modern Gift Tag Advent Calendar

An easy IKEA hack for your friend who lives for holiday shopping.

Find instructions for this DIY here.

Child opening the first day of an Advent calendar

Tatyana Soares/Shutterstock

DIY “Acts of Kindness” Advent Calendar

Tired of cheap chocolates and unnecessary knick-knacks, this DIYer created an advent calendar that would assure she did a good deed every day. Where do we get one with 365?

Find instructions for this DIY here.


Gold triangle garland


DIY Gold Triangle Garland

A little art deco never killed nobody. These shiny pieces resemble Christmas trees while remaining chic and modern enough to blend in seamlessly at your NYE gathering.

Find instructions for this DIY here.

Garland over a couch

Oleksandr Kavun/Shutterstock

DIY Seeded Eucalyptus Garland

This seeded Eucalyptus garland is a more dainty and warm-weathered version of the pine garland we see around Christmastime. Make it really shine by adding a strand of Christmas lights.

Find instructions for this DIY here.

Christmas tree garland


DIY Paper Tree Garland

These mini trees are perfect for apartment dwellers who can’t put up a true pine.

Find instructions for this DIY here.

Wall Hangings

Christmas banner

Anna Om/Shutterstock

DIY Festive Mini Banners

We think that the banner trend is here to stay for a while, so make a few of these holiday-themed wall hangings to give as gifts.

Find instructions for this DIY here.

Tape Christmas tree


DIY Washi Tape Christmas Tree

A few strips of washi tape give a geometric nod to the traditional Christmas tree. It doesn’t have the same wow factor, but it’s definitely easier to clean up.

Find instructions for this DIY here.

Evergreen star


DIY Evergreen Stars

It wouldn’t be the holidays without Martha Stewart swooping in with another why-didn’t-I-think-of-that craft. Just dig to the bottom of your craft bin for the glue gun and popsicle sticks, and enjoy your home smelling like rosemary all of December.

Find instructions for this DIY here.

Keep the tradition, upgrade the style on your festive decor this year.

Happy Holidays!

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