21 Kitchen Backsplash Ideas You’ll Want to Steal


Looking to put the finishing touches on a major remodel? Nothing adds a unique touch to your space like a kitchen backsplash. Once you’ve added new paint to your cabinets, continue to personalize your kitchen area with these modern kitchen backsplash ideas.

Backsplashes are not only a modern way to update the style of your home, but they are also a practical and easy to clean way to protect your walls from anything that might splatter during cooking. Here are some inspiring options for your own kitchen backsplash concepts!

21 kitchen backsplash ideas to modernize your kitchen space:

1. Stainless steel for an ultra-modern look

Metallic stainless steel style tile backsplash
Sisoje / Getty Images

Stainless steel has the look of a professional kitchen, and at the same time, it looks elegant and sophisticated. Many use stainless steel backsplash to frame an oven with a fan, but you can also use stainless steel plates, such as hexagonal shapes, to frame any kitchen backsplash area you want to cover.

2. Exposed brick to add that cozy feeling

Modern industrial kitchen with brick backsplash
Raisa Suprun / Shutterstock

If your kitchen actually has a brick wall to use or if you use a dashboard design It looks like brick, there is something so warm and homey about brick in a kitchen. There’s a reason all modern gastropubs and upscale pizzerias love the look of brick framing an oven!

3. Subway tile for an elegant classic look

Upscale kitchen with subway white tile backsplash and hardwood floors
Artazum / Shutterstock

Have you seen the clean and minimal look of subway tile in all the major design magazines. It comes in many colors, but classic tiles are perfect if you’re looking for a white kitchen backsplash that’s easy to clean. Pair it with black grout and you’ve achieved one of the best kitchen looks of 2020.

4. Copper to inspire an art deco atmosphere

Kitchen with copper tile backsplash and black cabinets
Dariusz Jarzabek / Shutterstock

Burnished copper can make anyone think of a 1920s Gatsby-era speakeasy, but copper can also be an eye-catching and warm way to add sparkle to your kitchen. To consider small copper squares on your kitchen backsplash to accent other copper fixtures or appliances.

5. Tin tiles for vintage charm

Stamped tin roof or tile
MARGRIT HIRSCH / Shutterstock

Another way to achieve the clandestine environment is by using the painted tin tiles as your kitchen backsplash. This is sure to make your neutral kitchen feel unique, charming, and instantly yours.

6. Marble adds sophistication

Traditional kitchen with white marble backsplash
Xi Bai / Shutterstock

There’s no question: nothing brings up the luxury and sumptuous flair of a kitchen like the addition of marble. Consider a marble kitchen backsplash to elevate and modernize your look.

7. Marble style peel and stick looks great for less

Marble backsplash in kitchen
Xi Bai / Shutterstock

While buying real marble for your kitchen backsplash will definitely help make your kitchen look top-notch, don’t discount how easy and affordable a peel and stick marble look splash guard. When you choose a style that looks real but with the added benefit of being very easy to clean and replace in the future if necessary, you’ll be glad you did!

8. Bright red or blue stone for a funky touch

Kitchen with light blue tile backsplash
Bakery / Shutterstock

Many modern kitchens now aim for a monochromatic look in white, gray, or black, with simple silver hardware. These kitchens look great but also offer a chance to spice them up with a bold kitchen backsplash, like this one. red and gray stone look. Small color accents allow you to combine modern styles with a personal touch that makes your kitchen truly memorable.

9. Artistic tile for an eye-catching kitchen backsplash

Close up of Mexican tile backsplash, with green, yellow, white, red, blue and white pattern
jopstock / Getty Images

Not one for the simple one-color look? You don’t have to be! The sky is the limit with various styles and colors of tiles, all made to be easy to install and waterproof to protect your walls. Make your kitchen backsplash tile ideas exactly as unique as you are, and you’ll be smiling every time you turn on the lights in the morning.

10. Glass that shines everywhere

Black and white kitchen with glass backsplash
Dariusz Jarzabek / Shutterstock

Whether you opt for a simple glass backsplash or something frosted or painted, glass is a great way to light up the room. If your kitchen always seems a bit dark, glass can help, especially if lighting is added under the cabinets.

11. Floor-to-ceiling tile backsplash

Upscale kitchen with floor-to-ceiling backsplash and gold pendant lights
Fotoluminate LLC / Shutterstock

One of the best kitchen backsplash ideas is to bring the panel up to the ceiling in areas where you don’t have cabinets. Running the panel from the floor to the ceiling gives the impression of height and space, especially when you choose reflective tiles. The illusion of space makes it a great option for those remodeling small kitchens.

12. Crescent mosaics add quirkiness

Blue tiles in fish scale pattern for coastal kitchen backsplash
hada_enchanted / Shutterstock

If you like the beach theme or you love being a little eclectic, these pearl mosaic fish scales they are unique and beautiful. Add glamor and funk to your favorite space.

13. Herringbone for a sleek feel

Modern blue tiled backsplash behind sink in kitchen
Kristi Blokhin / Shutterstock

Herringbone is a fancy way of saying, “I’m stylish, confident and totally design-savvy,” especially when used in a bright, modern kitchen. Options for thorns of fish They are varied, but a fairly traditional style cannot fail.

14. Bring the outside with a wood (or laminate) kitchen backsplash

White kitchen cabinets with wood backsplash that adds contrast
Photographee.eu / Shutterstock

Wood is timeless and adds a modern organic vibe to your kitchen. But it is expensive and wears more easily. Instead, use laminated materials to create decorative patterns, or combine them with traditional tile backsplashes to accentuate your kitchen design.

15. Mirrored and metallic finishes go well with neutral kitchen colors.

Colleen Michaels / Shutterstock

Mirrored and metallic finishes add glamor and personality to any neutral kitchen. Reflective surfaces illuminate your space as natural light bounces off metals and countertops. Add a bit of whimsy by creating your own custom pattern. When you want a modern kitchen backsplash, metallics provide a fun yet stylish and eye-catching look.

16. Stone made to give a rustic touch

Close up of stone veneer kitchen backsplash with wooden worktops and stainless steel tap
Derek Brumby / Shutterstock

Manufactured stone Veneer adds an organic touch to a modern kitchen, fostering a solid, well-built feel. Using stone as a backsplash for kitchen inspiration is a premium look that adds value to your kitchen.

17. Add a splash of contrasting color with paint or tile.

Close up of kitchen counters with green and white tile backspash
ImageFlow / Shutterstock

Contrasting color is one of the simplest and most cost-effective kitchen backsplash ideas. Instead of going for the neutral backsplash colors that most people are used to, experiment with new colors to introduce a personal style. You can combine two or more colors and then sprinkle a third color everywhere for interest.

18. Peel and stick wallpaper for tenants who want to add personality (temporary)

Close up of kitchen with wooden worktop and modern wallpaper backsplash
Photographee.eu / Shutterstock

You need to spruce up your space without making a permanent change. Use peel and stick wallpaper As your kitchen backsplash to add sparkle to any style. As well as offering you endless design and pattern options to suit your tastes, washable wallpaper is easy to maintain. Modern wallpaper is also affordable and can be easily removed, so you can easily change the look of your kitchen space.

19. Black tiles for a modern and austere atmosphere

Black modern backsplash
Raisa Suprun / Shutterstock

Black tiles may seem too intense for kitchen tile ideas, but you will be surprised how well it can look with just a backsplash or as an accent for a black countertop. Is thin black strip design with gray it is striking and sophisticated.

20. Cork splash guard for a warm cellar candle

Cork pattern for decoration
Trompinex / Shutterstock

Cork is a material that is becoming more popular because it is sustainable and beautiful, and adding it as a dashboard idea it’s unconventional and will make your kitchen feel like a wine cellar. Make this call if you already have some wood or brown accents in the room.

21. Geometric Patterns for Mid-Century Modern Look

Modern geometric kitchen backsplash in scandinavian kitchen
IZ1737 / Shutterstock

Achieve effortless freshness with a geometric pattern. Match a color tile backsplash with clean white cabinets and black countertops for the perfect mid-century modern kitchen.

The bottom line

Make sure the backsplash design you choose complements your interior décor and the overall style and ambience of your home. If you have an older kitchen, a wooden backsplash would be a perfect match. If your home is modern, choose elegant quartz or Caesar stone. And marble is always a classic in almost any kitchen.

Kirstyn Kellogg contributed to this post.

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