25 Things Everyone From Farmington Hills Michigan Knows to Be True

Farmington Hills, MI is a medium-sized town with a population of approximately 80,000 residents. 66% of this population is white, 20% African-American and 11% Asian. It is a rather family-oriented region, with 81% of people over 15 married and 61% of them have children.

These statistics could make it tempting to move to the town of Farmington and make it your new home. However, there are several factors that need to be taken into account before taking the plunge. Habitability scores are a tool to use, but what about the basic truths all residents of Farmington know?

Let’s take a look at some of them before we decide on anything final.

1. Diversity adds interest

In the Farmington Hills MI area, chances are you have a lot of diversity in your neighborhood. Take a look around and you might find someone of Chinese descent. They can also be African-American or of Armenian, Jewish, and even Iraqi descent. It is one of the few places in the world with a diverse collection of people. One thing is certain; socializing will hardly be monotonous or boring here.

2. You may have to go to other cities to party.

While there is some activity in downtown Farmington Hills, it is hardly the party center of the state. If you are just looking for a fun way to pass the time, the town of Farmington will probably do the trick. When you’re ready for something more exciting, it’s time to go.

3. You get the amenities and other basics without any hassle

In Farmington Hills, you will have the advantage of having excellent amenities, low crime rates, quality accommodations, and more. While employment opportunities are poor, there is no denying that the Town of Farmington is high on the livability scale. The weather could be a problem. But you usually have access to restaurants, decent grocery stores, and lovely cafes.

4. You forget to be afraid

Are you looking above all for a feeling of security? The rate of violent crime in Farmington is 114 per 100,000. This makes it much lower than the national average for the United States. Along with the low crime rates, we can also expect increased home appreciation rates and an inherent sense of community.

5. Investing in real estate is a victory

Getting real estate on your own is usually a risk, but it’s probably worth it if the land is located in Farmington Hills, MI. Even if this is your only asset, it is a very valuable asset. If you are renting, however, monthly rent will likely be one of your biggest expenses. Overall, accommodation in Farmington is much higher than average.

6. Community matters a lot

Farmington Hills Town Hall is open to the public, which is just one example of this town’s close-knit community. The stores help with local businesses and everyone feels connected to their region and the history that goes with it.

7. There is always something new to explore

Even those who grew up in Farmington Hills feel like there is a lot more to discover. You have nice shops, a library, and the Saturday farmer’s market to start. Look a little further and you will find several other activities to pursue.

8. Everything is close to you

It seems that no matter where you live, it’s only a short walk to your school, shops, or a decent restaurant. Proximity to almost all amenities is both fun and convenient, whatever your idea of ​​fun.

9. Neighbors could take over your chores

If you’re not careful, your nice neighbors could end up plowing your driveway. Even if you don’t get this benefit, everyone is generally looking for the other person.

10. Anyone can eat

It doesn’t matter even if you are a vegetarian. Dietary restrictions are no excuse not to eat in Farmington Hills! There are different dining options, including vegan restaurants.

11. Parks are everywhere

Want to take a peaceful walk, let your dog get some exercise, or plan an exciting picnic? There is always a beautiful park nearby for all your excursions. Heritage Park is one of the main sites of interest.

12. Everyone loves the place

Whether it’s an Oakland County Community College or the excellent schools in the area, many people are more than happy to stay where they are. While students might be thinking about moving to college or university in the near future, they still remember the love in Farmington and usually don’t forget about their close relationships.

13. Everyone will welcome you

Ask any Farmington Hills resident what to expect when you arrive there and they’ll likely tell you to expect a warm welcome. Almost everyone there is warm and welcoming even if they have never seen you before. It may seem strange to someone who is not used to the culture of the city. But it is certainly not unpleasant.

14. Getting around is child’s play

Getting around is usually painful, but most of the neighboring towns are only 15 minutes from Farmington. The Detroit metro area is right at your fingertips!

15. Celebrations are a must

The peace and quiet are regularly shaken by the end of year celebrations.

16. You can trust teachers

The children of the Town of Farmington are fortunate to be placed where they should be. While there are ups and downs, you can be pretty sure that teachers are listening to you and helping your child achieve their dreams.

17. Privacy and choice are facts of life

Even though everyone cares about each other, privacy is still a thing at Farmington. The city is also for those who want the integrity of choice for their future life.

18. The roads are still under construction

We’ve seen the benefits of the town of Farmington, but it’s not all rainbows and roses. While this is definitely one of the best places you can raise your kids, there are some downsides. One of them is the seemingly endless construction on the roads which can be both dangerous and inconvenient. However, there is a lot of oversight, so the danger factor is largely canceled out.

19. People stay here for a long time

You will see people who came here as children, who settled down, who had children and grandchildren and still have no plans to move! Farmington is their forever home and they see no reason to leave.

20. It’s always family time

It seems that everyone who comes here is getting married and starting a family. You’ll see lots of kids and teens with family picnics and activities galore.

20. Academic opportunities are everywhere

Farmington has the International Baccalaureate program as well as a beautiful STEAM program. The academic potential of the students is unlikely to go unnoticed here.

21. Gatherings are frequent

The small community seems to be looking for opportunities to come together and is generally successful. There are swing dances, Miss Farmington competitions and several other events where residents mingle and have fun.

22. There is a lot to learn

There are several centers in Farmington Hills that one can go to to feed their spirits. University institutes are certainly among the best. However, the Cultural Center of the Finnish Center Association and the Holocaust Memorial Center are always worth a visit, no matter how long you live in the area.

23. Relaxation is serious business

We have already talked about parks while wooded areas are also a hit with people who want to be closer to nature. For those who want a more controlled environment, the REST spa is a must visit. The experience will allow you to relax and recharge your batteries completely.

24. You pay what you get

Farmington Hills is a classic suburban location, which means you have to pay the price of living there as well. Housing is expensive and the daily cost of living is a whole different consideration. But it is certainly not something that is accessible to the lower income brackets.

25. Everyone is young or young at heart

With several families and many newcomers each year, the community remains young.

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When you come to Farmington Hills Michigan, you are assured of safety, low crime rate, and several other positive factors. Each region has drawbacks. So don’t expect total paradise either. Overall, however, it seems this city is among the best places to live. Maybe this might even be where you and your family are settling for good!

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