4 Things You Forgot About Having Friends Over

The world is almost completely open for business again! Lockdowns have eased in many countries, the use of vaccines is on the rise and the joy of social gatherings is once again part of our daily lives. And that means you might want to invite other people to your apartment for the first time in a year and a half.

For many around the world, the lockdown measures have made dinners, nights filled with dancing and coffee chats a distant memory. After all this time, it’s understandable that you are questioning your hosting abilities and feeling a little anxious about reopening your home to guests. But there is no time like the present for a return.

To help apartment dwellers around the world get back to their accommodation mojo, we’ve put together this guide highlighting four things you might have forgotten about having friends in your rented apartment and how you can prepare for it. host again.

Social gatherings can get messy (and damaging)

clean up after party

Do you remember the best party of your life? What was the worst? We’re going to risk guessing that the post cleanup was right there.

No one likes the cleaning job in the morning after a big party, whether you’re all on the makeshift dance floor or having a few drinks with friends after a night out. If you are not prepared, a few empty glasses in the apartment could be the least of your worries.

Inviting people over to your house for a special occasion (or even just a casual movie night) always puts your home in jeopardy. Paintings can be thrown off the wall. Priceless ornaments could be sent to the ground by accident. I’m sure none of your guests are planning on doing any damage, but accidents can happen, and you better be aware of it. It’s always important to remember that while you can trust yourself to be respectful of your space, you can’t trust everyone to treat it the same.

Remember, the ground rules at home aren’t just part of foreclosure life. Make sure everyone is respectful and keeps a place that is technically not yours, safe and tidy.

How to prepare: Beyond setting some ground rules before the event starts, there are ways to cover yourself for the cost of larger accidental damage, such as opting for affordable tenant insurance coverage. Tenant insurance protects you and your belongings in the event of an accident, letting you relax knowing that even if your guests are a little too excited when they visit, you’ve got you covered.

You must warn your roommates

talking to a roommate at the party

Ah, the roommates. Those brave souls you’ve been locked up with for almost a year. You probably got to know each other well throughout this experience.

Well, don’t take this new friendship for granted; you should always warn your roommates before their house becomes a dance floor or restaurant for the night. It’s not just about noise, it’s the principle of protecting what is as much their home as yours.

You never know how a roommate might react to a crowd of new people walking through the door. Yes, you have the right to entertain friends and family, but prior warning for your roommates to voice their concerns can only be good practice (especially in a COVID-sensitive world). Maybe they’re running a marathon the next day or have their last post-graduation exam. We never know! A combination of politeness and clarity creates a healthy cohabitation.

Most roommates will understand your need to socialize. Otherwise, there are some great ways to have difficult conversations with the people you live with, especially if they are new to the property. Be clear and honest about your needs.

How to prepare: A simple conversation beforehand should suffice for most roommates. A same-day reminder message is a common courtesy, and if you’re really worried about their reaction, offer to clean up and help them move their record collection or priceless photos to another room.

And your neighbors

friends playing games

Your roommates aren’t the only ones who know about your party plans. Apartment life can be tight-knit, and your neighbors may be just a thin wall. If your roommates’ reaction gives you anxiety before the party, you’ll probably feel better to miss out on a quick chat.

Even if your little get-together is just a good dinner rather than a big party, good neighbors go to the effort of warning others about the music and potentially late-night conversations.

How to prepare: If you can’t reach your neighbors by knocking on the door, consider leaving a note under their door or a message in the building’s group chat. Most people will accept more than just essential socialization right now.

You don’t need a huge apartment to be a great host

friends are having fun

We can’t all be blessed with the perfect New York loft, like we live in some ’90s sitcom, but a good party doesn’t need an endless parade of pieces to be fun!

There is a good chance that you will live in a less spacious apartment, especially if you are renting on your own. This can create problems when trying to get everyone together around a table for a lovingly cooked meal. But, furniture and smart thinking can help make your dreams come true.

Consider investing in some:

  • Folding tables and chairs that you can store away
  • Space savers in the kitchen (items that stack on top of each other)
  • Folding or standing wall desks that take up less space (ideal if you work from home)
  • Poufs to add more seats

How to prepare: We’ve listed a few suggestions above, but finding new ways to look at your apartment can open up space opportunities you never thought possible before. If you have the time (and your roommates don’t mind), try rearranging the layout of the sofas, TV, and dining room furniture to see how a new perspective might make your space more open.

Tips for Safe Gatherings for COVID

friends on balcony

Still not sure about the concept of entertaining friends and family? Here are some tips to keep your activities safe from COVID and protect yourself and your guests.

Try to keep all activities outside if you can. If you live in a ground floor apartment, you may have access to a garden which you can use for accommodation. Even in early fall (weather permitting), you can bring the outdoors in to make your guests more comfortable.

Too many guests can make some people uncomfortable at this time. We’re all going back to socializing, so take it slow and make sure everyone is having a good time.

  • Call to invite your guests:

This way you can get an idea of ​​what your guests will be comfortable with and how much time you can spend inside. It’s much more personal and comprehensive than a group chat text.

A barbecue is great this time of year, but it might be best if everyone avoided mingling on the spread and sat in their own separate area for the time being.

Remember that socializing right now is about having a good time without putting anyone in danger or making them uncomfortable. All decisions should always be made with these two thoughts in mind.

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