5 of the Best Tips for Decorating a Home Office


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So you have a home office. Congratulations! Many people long for a dedicated space in their homes where they can focus and tackle their to-dos. With that said, the idea of ​​a home office and the reality of having one can be very different. Having an office in your home means welcoming work into the sanctuary of your living space. How do you keep your office zen? If you want to create a place you really enjoy working in that blends in comfortably with the rest of your house or apartment (and life), you need to think about your different options for decorating a home office. You may not think that creating an aesthetic that you enjoy in your office should be a top priority in your work life. But decorating a home office the way you love is really very powerful. When you enjoy the space, you want to keep it tidy and it can also help you enjoy your work. The task of going to the office, even if it is where you live, is much easier when you can go to a space that is comfortable for you. With that in mind, it’s worth putting some work into home office décor. To help you get started, we’ve put together some of the top tips below.

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Stay organized

It is no secret. Home offices can get dirty quickly. To keep stacks at bay, it’s tempting to stock up on organizational bins, drawers, etc. There are over a million great options on the market to help you keep your home office in tip-top shape. The only problem is, it’s very easy to bring a bunch of them home without actually implementing them. Before you start stocking up on file and drawer organizers, give some thought to how Really organize. What works well for you in the rest of your home? If you are already in the habit of scanning your receipts and storing things digitally, why buy a filing cabinet for your home office? If you have a favorite pen that you always use, why buy a pen? Don’t get sucked into the hype of office organization. You have the flexibility to create your own workspace. Do it in a way that works for you in the long run. Remember, decorating a home office in a way that doesn’t feel too sterile is much easier when you’ve avoided piling up stacks of containers, binders, and organizers.

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Elevate your thinking

Even the smallest home office can be equipped with excellent decoration and organization solutions. The trick is to think. Maximize your vertical square footage by hanging the art you love, adding floating shelves, or installing wall cabinets. The height of your wall is an advantage when decorating a home office. Don’t be afraid to play with your hanging. Open cabinets can be just as practical and fun. Fill them with useful containers along with colorful books or meaningful tchotchkes. Never forget that your home office is just that: of yours. You can use the entire height of the wall as a canvas for whatever inspires you and drives your productivity.

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Cut the cable clutter

In our digital age, one of the worst things about offices is all the technological clutter that builds up. You probably need your computer and printer, but that doesn’t mean you have to stare at your tangle of cables all day. Take a few steps to keep your home office cable clutter free. Punch a hole in the back of an attractive box. Your router and other necessary technology can live there with back-fed cables. Mount a power strip under or on the back of your desk. Use cable ties and command hooks to manipulate the cables that plug into that strip and run them along the back of the furniture where they are out of sight. You’ll be amazed at how simply removing the monstrosity from cables will make your office feel clean and bright.

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Let there be light

Offices are known for their stark lighting, specifically fluorescent lighting. Why do offices often opt for cold, sterile lighting that makes you feel like you’re under a microscope? Because they know a basic working principle: sufficient lighting makes work easier. We already strain our eyes staring at screens most of the day. Don’t make it worse by limiting the lighting in your home office. Use natural light as much as possible, but be sure to supplement where it is insufficient. A well-lit office is happy and productive.

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Make yourself at home

Your office is an extension of your house or apartment. It should look and feel like one. Decorate with the same themes that you have used in your home and incorporate elements that you love. Nothing is off limits. If you are a plant lover, cover your home office in green. If Hygge is your vibe, add a plush rug and comfortable blanket to your office chair. Don’t limit yourself just because this is a workspace. You’ll be most productive in a room that brings you joy, so why not take a little care to create an office that feels like home?

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Start decorating a home office

Do you want to know the best way to decorate your office? Starting. It really is that simple. You will intuitively know the essentials: a desk, a chair, a lamp. From there, enjoy the process of finding pieces that you love and that inspire your best work. Decorating a home office can take time. But you have your whole life to work with, so it’s worth the effort! In what ways have you integrated your office into your home? Do you have any other tips you’d like to share?


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