7 Instances When Self Storage Can Help In PHX

Also known as Valley of the Sun, Phoenix is ​​an oasis of year-round sunshine, various resorts and golf courses. As a dynamic city with a dynamic economy, no wonder people want to move here. While settling into their new home, newcomers also benefit from the city’s various services, including self-storage. In fact, Phoenix offers plenty of storage options, as the industry has seen the addition of over 8.7 million square feet of self-storage, the 5th highest volume of construction in the past. decade.

Self-storage comes in handy not only when moving to Phoenix, but also to help you better organize your home and keep it uncluttered, as additional furniture, appliances and seasonal items can be stored. In addition, apart from general uses, Phoenix lifestyles may generate additional storage needs. Here’s when and how Phoenix residents can benefit from self-storage, depending on the different types of activities, hobbies, and business operations they are engaged in.

1. Hiking and more

With many possibilities to explore the great outdoors, the Vallée du Soleil is a hotspot for hiking. In reality, Phoenix makes National Geographic list of best cities for hiking in 2011. If you don’t know where to start, the Camelback Mountain Echo Canyon Recreation Area is a local landmark for getting out and about. The Echo Canyon Trail and the Cholla Trail are the two main trails, the former being more difficult. Either way, the Sonoran Desert has some jaw-dropping views for both trails.

Camelback Mountain Phoenix AZ
Camelback Mountain in Phoenix AZ

If you want a taste of the outdoors, go to Southern Mountain Park, the largest city park in the United States and also one of the largest city parks in North America. This place is a great way to get out of town without straying too far from it. You can find 51 miles of hiking, horseback riding and mountain biking trails here – both for beginners and more experienced outdoor enthusiasts.

For an urban destination, Tempe Beach Park and Town Lake in downtown Tempe is the place to be. You can take your bike there, find a great place for a picnic or go paddle boarding in this amazing city park.

When you take a break from your outdoor activities, you can put away your hiking gear or your bike. A 5 × 5 storage unit will probably suffice for this type of hardware. Renting a small storage unit in Phoenix starts at $ 25 / month.

2. Play golf

Phoenix is ​​also known as a prime location for golf, with over 200 golf courses offering a wide variety of golf styles. You can play golf virtually anywhere in Metro Phoenix, from the captivating Sonoran Desert to the classic green grass of resorts to city-style courses.

There are five 18-hole championship courses and three nine-hole courses within the city limits of Phoenix. If you are an avid golfer, you can spend some time playing at Cave Creek Golf Course or Papago Golf Course, which is next to the famous Papago Buttes, a famous trail accessible to all located in Papago Park.

A little further out of town, you can choose Troon North, Boulders Golf Club, and We-Ko-Pa, which feel like remote places because you’re surrounded by desert rock formations.

Golfers can store their golf clubs and other golf related equipment in a storage unit to avoid cluttering their home or garage if they live in a single family home.

3. Companies

Phoenix is ​​a vibrant city that supports several sectors including through real estate, finance and insurance, manufacturing, retail and health care. Here are some ways that self-storage can help day-to-day business operations.

While Phoenix encourages a more streamlined and self-regulated authorization process, construction took off in the city. Construction companies and contractors can benefit from self-storage. Tools and building materials can be easily stored in a storage unit close to the building, saving these businesses the higher cost of renting a workshop where everything can be stored.

Since real estate benefits from the booming construction activity in the city, real estate agents are another category that can find self storage a boon. When selling a home, staging becomes an essential step in the process. Realtors can keep furniture or decor inside a storage unit to use for home staging. A storage unit is a much more suitable place for this purpose than the backseat of their car or even their home.

house staging in Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix may have started with steakhouses like most Western cities, but is now famous for its mexican food. Cuisines from around the world are also represented on the Phoenix restaurant scene. Additionally, Phoenix is ​​where the the first McDonald’s franchise has been sold was resold in 1952. Neil Fox is the entrepreneur who opened it in 1953, and it was the first place to use the golden arches that call it today.

How can restaurants take advantage of self-storage? It’s pretty straightforward. Additional seating, cooking utensils and serving utensils can be stowed away during the renovation. Also, if a joint is reserved for a private event, creating less seating may mean you need space to store extra tables and chairs. This is where a storage unit can come in handy.

Phoenix has a bit of everything when it comes to its retail business. From shopping centers to boutiques or antique shops, retail in Phoenix is booming. Behind the scenes, all of these physical businesses need space to organize their existing and future merchandise. Turning to self-storage is a way to save excess or discounted goods purchased in advance. Seasonal items and even seasonal store decorations can find their way into storage until they are ready to be reused. For many traders, a storage unit becomes an extension of their business premises.

4. Motor racing

Phoenix is ​​also a place where auto racing is taken to another level. the Phoenix International Circuit is a 2.5 mile road course that hosts several NASCAR events each season. Additionally, the Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park hosts events in the Phoenix metro area. Residents who participate in these events also need storage space for their vehicles. Using self storage to store this racing car is more than helping to keep your vehicle safe; it also provides the optimum temperature and humidity to prevent weather-related damage.

Additionally, Phoenix residents who own a second car may also benefit from storage space, as leaving their car in the heat and sun outside can damage the car in the long run. Going on vacation or entertaining guests makes your air-conditioned garage out of reach of your own car, a self-storage unit is just what your vehicle needs.

5. Museums

In Phoenix, there are dozens of museums. You can visit the Phoenix Art Museum, which has the largest collection of visual art, with more than 17,000 works of art from around the world. Other local museums include the Arizona Capitol Museum, Arizona Military Museum, Children’s Museum of Phoenix, and Arizona Science Center, among others.

Arizona State Capitol Historical Museum in downtown Phoenix, AZ
Arizona State Capitol Historical Museum in downtown Phoenix, AZ

Such a large number of venues dedicated to art means that very often the exhibitions cannot house the entire collection of objects in the possession of each institution. This is where turning to self storage can be a practical choice. Museums benefit from this service because works of art generally require an air-conditioned environment to be preserved without suffering damage.

6. Phoenix residents

Apartment dwellers are among the most common users of self-storage across the board, as apartments tend to have less space than single-family homes. Furniture, appliances, bulky clothing, and seasonal decorations are some of the most common items stored to save space in the home. The need for storage among apartment dwellers in Phoenix is ​​becoming evident as the Metro has been particularly prolific in delivering new apartments, with approximately 58,000 new apartments added to Phoenix’s local inventory over the past decade.

Besides apartment dwellers, Phoenix single-family households may also see the value of using self-storage. Many families have turned to multigenerational life which often means a surplus of furniture, appliances and memorabilia under one roof. Self storage is a practical solution for keeping the house uncluttered while keeping personal items safe and sound in a storage unit. A 10 × 10 storage unit is the most common size that people rent out, but if you have large items you should consider a 10 × 15 or even 10 × 20 unit.

7. Student life

Phoenix is ​​home to several institutions of higher education, Arizona State University (ASU) being the largest. ASU has several campuses, including the ASU West Campus in Northwest Phoenix, the ASU Downtown Campus in downtown Phoenix, and the Thunderbird School of Global Management in Glendale. . The University of Arizona College of Medicine and the ten community colleges belonging to the Maricopa County Community College district are also schools that students can attend in Phoenix.

While enrolled in a higher education institution, Phoenix students can use self storage to save space in their dorms and apartments. Bulky and seasonal clothes can be stowed away without cluttering up their living space. A storage unit is also handy between leases or even during summer vacation. This way, personal effects can be left in town while students return to their hometowns. This service saves them from having to transport furniture and appliances home as well as moving expenses.

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