A Complete Guide to the Different Types of Apartments in Chicago

The Windy City offers a wide range of apartment options – from penthouses to convertibles. Shrinking down your dream home can seem overwhelming, but we want to help you find the place that’s right for you.

The Luxury Living Chicago Realty team is here to help. If you are looking to move to an apartment in Chicago, here are the different apartment types to consider:

High heights

Their extreme height and incredible views characterize the high-rise apartments. According to the National Fire Protection Association, a skyscraper is generally defined as an apartment building with seven or more stories.

Although you can find high-rise apartments in different neighborhoods in Chicago, they are usually highly concentrated the further downtown you are. Many apartments in “the Loop” and surrounding areas, such as River North and South Loop, offer many high-rise options.

Since high-rise buildings are often located in a central location, they offer residents the ultimate convenience. Many are within walking distance of everything one could possibly need, including restaurants, shopping, and attractions. This is undoubtedly the case with many downtown Chicago skyscrapers.

People looking for stunning views are often drawn to skyscrapers. Most Chicago high-rise apartments offer stellar sites of Lake Michigan, the Chicago River, and the Windy City Skyline.

While there are many advantages to living at heights, living at heights can have some drawbacks. The main downside is that it takes longer and may be more difficult to get to your unit. Moving into an apartment on a high floor is not the easiest task in the world either.

Penthouse units offer ultimate luxury living. They are generally known as the best unit in an apartment or condominium building.

They offer top notch views and ample space. Usually these apartments have vaulted ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows. People also appreciate penthouses for their added privacy and high status.

While the chances are that no one would care about living in a penthouse, this top-notch type of living comes at a steep price. According to Real estate agent, penthouses are generally 5 to 15% more expensive than other units in the same building.

If the penthouse is located in a building with rooftop amenities, such as a swimming pool or gym, residents may notice more noise from above. This is something house hunters want to understand before signing a lease.

Another challenge with penthouses is the shortage of supplies. As there are only a few penthouses per building, they are rarer. Although with the right agent, you can find the best options in the Chicago area.


Loft-style apartments are common in urban buildings. These buildings were often industrial warehouses or former spaces that have now been converted into modern residential housing.

Lofts are known for their high ceilings and exposed pipes, beams and brick walls. These units are often quite spacious, especially with their open plan layouts.

Many people are interested in lofts for their unique charm and character. Over the years, they have become a very trendy lifestyle option.

The West Loop is home to some of Chicago’s best lofts. This neighborhood’s transformation from a meat-packing district to a hip place to live is how the loft trend was born. Many old warehouses and manufacturing buildings have been converted into luxury lofts.

While lofts are a great living option, they have their own setbacks to consider.

Due to their specific layout, many lack traditional storage space, including cupboards and rows of kitchen cabinets. While this is often the case, some people see it as an opportunity to customize their storage solutions.

This type of apartment unit has become more and more popular. They are especially ideal for those who don’t need two full-size bedrooms but may still need a little extra space.

A one bedroom plus den guarantees more space than a traditional apartment. While a den is not big enough to make a full bedroom, that extra space can be a versatile space to suit your lifestyle. It can be used as a storage room, office, gym, nursery or all of the above.

So why wouldn’t someone just buy a two bedroom if they want an extra room? Well, these apartments offer residents more space at a cheaper cost than a two bedroom unit.

A convertible apartment is an intermediate floor plan between a studio and a one bedroom apartment. When a studio has an additional corner for the bedroom or even an obviously allocated space for a bed, then it can be labeled as a convertible.

This type of space is generally larger than a studio and has a separation between the main living space and the sleeping area. This separation can simply be an alcove for the bed, a partial wall, a separate room with a sliding door, or it can be an additional space like a hallway that creates a buffer between the alcove and the kitchen / living room. .

Convertibles and One-Bedroom Junior are often very similar, and the terms are sometimes used interchangeably. Usually, one-bedroom junior rooms are smaller versions of the one-bedroom floor plan of a property without a bedroom door. The price of a one bedroom junior tends to be close to a convertible, with studios slightly below that range.

This is a great apartment option for someone who doesn’t need a lot of space but still needs more than a studio.

If you are looking to become a homeowner and find more space than an apartment, consider these condos for sale:

1439 S Michigan Avenue # 612– Discover this duplex penthouse located in the historic Trevi Square building. The two bedroom, two bathroom home features 18 foot high ceilings that flood in natural light and offer stunning south / west views.

30 E, rue Huron # 5505– You don’t want to miss this beautifully remodeled one of a kind home perched on the 55th floor of Huron Plaza in River North. The location offers ultimate convenience, and the one bedroom and one bathroom unit features incredible upgraded finishes.

1349 N Leavitt St # 1B– If you’re looking for plenty of space and upscale construction, look no further than this gorgeous condo along a quiet, tree-lined Wicker Park block. The unit stands out both in design and in modern luxury living.

Let one of our experienced team members help you assess your options and compare the different types of apartments Chicago has to offer. We look forward to finding you the home of your dreams in the Windy City!

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