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Thinking of apartments in Farmington Hills MI? Here’s all you need to know:

An overview of Farmington Hills MI

Farmington is a town in the center of Farmington Hills and is itself a separate town, however, because the two towns are so close to each other, they are often considered one large region.

Farmington was installed in 1824 by Arthur Power, a Quaker from Farmington, New York. In 1827, Farmington Township was created by the Michigan Territory Legislative Council. Farmington was then officially formed as a village in 1867.

Farmington became a home town in 1926.

Until the 1950s, Farmington was viewed as a small village serving the local farming community. During the post-war construction boom, people started moving to Farmington Hills from Detroit, turning Farmington into a suburban area of ​​the city of Detroit. In the late 1960s, the city expanded further, extending the city’s western boundary to Halsted Road.

The local population is around 81,154

Average rental prices in Farmington Hills MI

Average rental price of apartments in Farmington Hills: $ 1,191

Average rental price of a studio $ 1,500

Average rental price for a 1-bedroom apartment: $ 1,130

Average rental price for a 2-bedroom apartment $ 1,345

Average rental price for a 3-bedroom apartment: $ 1,889

Average rental price for a 4-bedroom apartment $ 2,500

Popular neighborhoods to rent apartments in Farmington Hills MI

The historic downtown district

The downtown district is historic as it was the site of the three Native American trails, the Orchard Lake Trail, the Grand River Trail, and the Shiawassee Trail. There are three main roads in the downtown area named after the three trails, Grand River Avenue, Orchard Lake Road and Shiawassee Street.

The neighborhood is home to entertainment venues such as the historic Farmington Civic Theater, traditional food markets such as the Farmington Farmers Market at Walter E. Sundquist Pavilion at George F. Riley Park, Grand River Avenue, and the Fresh Thyme Market grocery store at Downtown Farmington. Center, Farmington Road Farmington Hills MI

For those who enjoy shopping, the Village Mall is a fashion and beauty mall on the corner of Grand River Avenue and Farmington Rd Farmington Hills MI, in the city center, which operates from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday to Saturday and at 11 a.m. -6pm on Sunday.

In terms of historical sites and museums to visit, be sure to visit the Governor Warner Museum. Governor 19e This century Victorian stately home has beautiful gardens for visitors to enjoy, especially delicious during the summer months!

There are other must-see local museums and historic sites in Farmington Hills to visit such as the Spicer House, Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum, and the Holocaust Memorial Center.

There is plenty to see and do in the historic downtown Farmington Hills district, which is why we recommend the downtown areas as a great location, out of your options, to choose apartments in. rent at Farmington Hills MI. The area has a wealth of local amenities, a diverse range of shops and restaurants, and the town center is also steeped in the region’s local history.

Downtown Farmington has a bright future and is a hub of commercial activity that will continue to grow along Grand River Avenue.

The north area of ​​downtown Farmington Hills MI

Other good areas, when researching, to find apartments for rent in Farmington Hills MI are the upscale neighborhoods, away from the busier center. Some advantages of living here are its more peaceful surroundings, and it has a large amount of green space, being located right next to the vast rural fields surrounding Farmington Hills MI.

The main advantages of renting an apartment in Farmington Hills MI


Making sure that a property that you are considering renting in the Farmington Hills MI area stays within your financial budget is definitely a vital consideration.

Renting an apartment in Farmington Hills MI can be an affordable opportunity. At Botsford Place Terrace Apartments, you will find that apartment rentals are more affordable than elsewhere in Farmington Hills MI, and you will have many other fantastic amenities available in this apartment complex at your disposal.

For those who feel they can’t afford a mortgage right now, or a home loan if they’re considering mobile homes for sale, renting an apartment is an ideal alternative.

The fantastic number of parks and green spaces

Farmington Hills as a town is home to an impressive array of public parks and outdoor spaces.

The largest natural park is the 211-acre Heritage Park, perfect for walking and hiking with its 4.5 miles of designated trails.

The vibrant outdoor space of Heritage Park is home to a soccer field, nature center, pond, art studio and more!

The location and accessibility of Farmington Hills MI

Looking at the data map, nearby cities like Detroit, famous for its music and automobile history, are easily accessible from Farmington Hills MI with a 30-minute drive along the M-10 north-south state highway . Therefore, Farmington Hills MI is a great place to live for those who wish to move for business reasons. The motorway passes close to the Botsford Place Terrace apartments.

Excellent schools

Farmington Hills MI is also a very family-friendly town, with many great options when it comes to local schools. Farmington Public Schools have excellent elementary schools, great middle schools, like Dunckel Middle School, and top-notch high schools, like North Farmington High School. So no matter how old your children are, their education is in good hands.

What apartment complexes are there in Farmington Hills MI to rent an apartment? Which of the options should I choose to live in?

There is a plethora of apartments and rentals in Farmington Hills. Here are some of our top picks for rentals in Farmington Hills MI.

1) The Botsford Place Terrace Apartments, 27883 Independence St Suite 103-G, Farmington Hills MI 48336 (h3)

Botsford Place Terrace Apartments is our top choice for apartment rentals in Farmington Hills.

Botsford Place Terrace Apartments were first built in 1968 and today manage to blend local history with modern necessities, such as high-speed internet access and air conditioning. Botsford Place Terrace Apartments offers one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments.

The rental prices, including water and gas, for these Farmington Hills apartments are as follows:

Classic 1 bedroom apartment in Farmington Hills: $ 825 monthly rent (750 square feet)

Upgraded 1-bedroom apartment in Farmington Hills: $ 875 monthly rent (750 square feet)

Classic 2 bedroom apartment in Farmington Hills: $ 950 monthly rent (950 square feet)

Upgraded 2 bedroom apartment in Farmington Hills: rent $ 1,000 per month (950 square feet)

Luxury 3 bedroom apartment in Farmington Hills: $ 1,140 monthly rent (1,150 square feet)

These spacious apartments offer tenants plenty of space, including walk-in closets and a wonderful kitchen and dining area. Each apartment has an air conditioning unit and washer-dryers are available in each building. The resort also accepts pets!

Botsford Place Terrace Apartments is a very safe place to rent an apartment. A regular security check is performed by human staff on site to ensure that residents and the property they rent out are safe and secure. There is also a privacy pass buzzer system for entering each building, so residents have complete control of who is allowed to enter the complex.

Being a family community, the human staff at Botsford Place Terrace Apartments are super attentive and friendly. Human staff is trained to respond to all adaptation requests from its residents.

If you want to learn more about renting an apartment at Botsford Place Terrace Apartments, start by checking out the 3D Tours 2 web experience available online to get a more detailed view of what these magnificent apartments look like from the inside. ! Then head over to the Botsford Place Terrace Apartments web property to make an appointment to view an apartment in person ASAP!

In the application process, when applying to rent an apartment at Botsford Terrace Apartments, you will need to complete a rental request form and provide a security deposit (equal to one month’s rent, or one and a half months’ rent). rent if you have a bad credit rating).

2) Muirwood Apartments, 35055 Muirwood Dr Farmington Hills MI, 48335

One of the other great options for renting apartments in Farmington Hills is at Muirwood Apartments. Renting an apartment here will give you a view of the pond or forest, as well as the beautiful scenery that surrounds the property. Muirwood Apartments have a washer-dryer and air conditioning in every unit and are pet-friendly.

These spacious apartments have fitted wardrobes, granite or quartz countertops and additional storage space is also available. You can rent lockable 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments here. There is also a large outdoor area to enjoy, a spa, a swimming pool, a fitness center, a playground, a tennis court and a volleyball court.

When you look at the map data, Muirwood Apartments real estate is located close to various parks and hiking trails, as well as a great choice of restaurants and entertainment venues.

Visit the Muirwood Apartments web property to take a 3D tour and for more information on the listings.

3) Spring Valley Apartments, 37850 Spring Ln Farmington Hills MI, 48331

Spring Valley Apartments are located in the heart of Farmington Hills. According to the map data, this location is perfect for commuters as the apartments offer easy access to I-696, I-96, I-275 and M-5.

There is an impressive range of restaurants and places to shop nearby, as well as entertainment venues and bars.

You can rent 1 and 2 bedroom single family apartments here, with washer-dryer units, air conditioning, large walk-in closets and a private patio. The community has an outdoor swimming pool for diving, tennis courts, a fitness center and a clubhouse with fireplace and wifi study lounge. If you are a walking enthusiast, you will also find wonderful hiking trails in the surrounding property. The property also accepts pets!

Visit the Spring Valley Apartments web property for 3D tours and more listing information.

All in all, when you search for Farmington Hills MI apartments, rest assured that you will be living in a neighborhood considered to be one of the safest in the United States. Not to mention that there is a wide range of places to shop, many fine restaurants to go out to eat, fascinating museums to visit, and lush parks to explore.

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