Are Farmhouse Sinks Still Trendy?


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Country house sinks have been in fashion for several years. The old-world charm of country house sinks, also known as deck sinks, is due to the character and functionality they provide. Farmhouse sinks also work well in a variety of kitchen styles, from rustic to modern, and are the perfect complement to hardwood floors in the kitchen. But are they still in fashion? We asked various experts, including designers, real estate agents, and manufacturers, to participate.

Results of the test

Elle H-Millard, Certified Kitchen Designer and Industry Relations Manager at the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), offers some findings on the subject. 92% of respondents in the 2018 Design Trends Study chose bottom mount as the most modern kitchen sink style. “However, farmhouse and single bowl styles tied for second, with 81% of respondents selecting these styles,” he explains, proving that it is still a trendy kitchen design accessory.

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The popularity and appeal of country house sinks are obvious to Jonathan Faccone, real estate developer and investor in Halo Homebuyers LLC In addition to the variety of materials to choose from, he says they are becoming reasonably affordable. “And due to its increasing affordability, it is much easier for developers like me to add this style of sink to our projects to create the pop design that will help sell the home faster.” In fact, Faccone says the farmhouse sink will continue to be a favorite. He says this is especially true among millennials, who are often first-time home buyers.

Materials and finishes


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Farmhouse sinks come in a variety of materials. According to Monica weddle, an ERA Dream Living Realty realtor / broker in Raleigh, NC, this increases in popularity. That’s because they work well with other decorating styles. “Like subway tiles and school lights, country house sinks are classics that just got back into mainstream use,” Weddle says. “Some farm trends, like mason jar lighting and boat lapping, have seen their popularity wane, but I think sinks will stick around for quite some time.”

Heather Jach, from Switzerland Franke Kitchen Systems, which makes luxury sinks and faucets, agrees. “Our market research,” he says, “shows that the sink selection process begins with aesthetics: Consumers want to anchor their kitchen with a sink that aligns with their design vision,” says Jach who have seen a rebound in colored sinks. “Black and white are the most popular choices, and farm sinks in all materials are gaining popularity, with a particularly strong increase in fireclay.”

Variety of styles

Dan Worst, Product Manager for Stainless Steel Sinks at Elkay, also believes that agricultural sinks remain a demanding trend in the industry. “Elkay recently launched a revolutionary Crosstown interchangeable apron stainless steel farmhouse sink, which is a true industry first,” he says. In just a few minutes, homeowners can now change the color and material of the sink. “This sink allows consumers to change the appearance of the kitchen without the investment of time, expense or stress involved in a complete renovation.” If you are a home decorating enthusiast, being able to change the apron whenever you want definitely contributes to the popularity of the farmhouse sink.

Another popular style is From Kohler Enamelled cast iron farmhouse sink. “The farmhouse sink has been a staple in kitchen design for decades, and we wanted to create a version of this classic sink with a modern twist for both traditional and contemporary homes,” says Kohler’s Betsy Froelich to Freshome. At 45 inches wide, Froelich says the sink is generously proportioned to accommodate large pots and pans. “There are three different installation options: wall mount with traditional or contemporary legs, or top mount with custom cabinets, and there are seven different sink fixtures.”

Form and function

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Although style is important to consumers, it is not the only factor they consider. “Once they have identified their preferred style, consumers turn to the function to identify the product that best suits their needs, and the kitchen sink is no longer just for washing dishes,” says Jach. And that is why the kitchen designer Susan serra believes farm toilets are evolving. She sees that they add more functionality to stay relevant. “Today’s farmhouse sinks were first popular about 10-15 years ago and are also changing shape in an effort to stay relevant – their style is sharper and more geometric,” says Serra. “Built-in squeegees and chopping blocks add great functionality.” Another designer, Sara Cannon Heroes of the houseYou don’t see the farmhouse sink trend going away anytime soon, maybe ever. “Some ideas are too good to retire, and I think the farmhouse sink owes its longevity to the function itself,” he says. “Because the country house sinks are on the counter, cleaning is easy and hassle-free.” However, she says they can be expensive to install if you already have cabinets. “They are usually heavy and deep, and they always stick out of the cabinets, requiring a cut.” As a result, Cannon says he cannot use them as much as he would like in rehab, as the goal is generally to preserve existing kitchen cabinets. “But, if we do a total rehabilitation or if I am lucky enough to start with a completely empty kitchen and the budget allows it, I almost always try to work at a farm sink.”

A word of caution

However, not everyone is crazy about country house sinks. “Farmhouse sinks are popular, especially if they are part of a holistic design scheme, but it would not be to the seller’s advantage to install a farmhouse sink, or any trendy sink for that matter, in a classic Victorian or craftsman home, looking like a random afterthought ”, according to John Manning, Broker Manager RE / MAX on the market in Seattle. “We advise our customers that a tasteful, integrated design is a smarter approach to installing a freestanding ‘modern’ feature.” What do you think of country house sinks?


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