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Remodeling your kitchen can be an expensive and time-consuming task. While many people have ideas for their new kitchen, turning these ideas into an inspired and organized plan can be difficult. The good news is that you can use technology to make the process easier. Kitchen design software or a kitchen design application allows you to create the perfect kitchen design and visualize the design so that you can determine if it will suit your needs.

Kitchen design software and applications

Some of the factors that you need to consider when choosing kitchen design software are features, usability, and performance. Here are some kitchen design tools to consider.

3D home design

Home Design 3D is a general home design app that works great for kitchens. The application is available for Android users whose devices are running on Android 4.1 and above. You can use the app not only to create 2D and 3D drawings of your kitchen, but also to edit, move walls, and decorate to your specifications. One of the benefits of the app is that it is easy to use, allowing you to visualize the perfect kitchen (or multiple scenarios) with just a few taps. While the free version allows you to create a kitchen layout online, you cannot save your plans unless you upgrade to the Classic version which costs $ 6.99.

  • Platforms: Android and iOS
  • Characteristics: Great usability, ability to customize designs.
  • Price: The free or classic version costs $ 6.99
  • Get it: Google play or Apple App Store

Interior design Houzz

Houzz Interior Design is one of the best apps for anyone planning a home improvement project. The app works like a shopping and ideas app, with more than 15 million photos. Houzz Interior Design is available for iOS and Android and allows you to take and upload photos of your kitchen and then add features like cabinets, lamps, stools, and sinks to the image. In addition to having an easy-to-use search interface, the application allows you to ask questions, obtain additional information, and purchase kitchen appliances. Also, the application is free.


Homify is a community-driven application that allows architects to interact with general users, making it easy to find professionals near you. This application is compatible with devices running on Android 4.4 and higher. Find ideas and design inspiration for your kitchen by filtering images by the best quality, recently added and most popular. There is also a feature that allows you to save photos for future reference. Through this app, you can get details about the architect of a given space and get in touch with them. The app is free and works well, providing a great user experience with no ads or in-app purchases.

  • Platforms: Android and iOS

IKEA place

IKEA is an interesting application that uses augmented reality and the rear camera of your phone to see your room and place furniture in the space. This functionality gives you an idea of ​​what your upgraded kitchen or room will look like once you add the furniture. The IKEA app is only compatible with devices running on Android 7.0 and higher. It is free to download and has no ads or in-app purchases. Use it to design a kitchen online and see how IKEA products could work in your space.

5D planner

The Planner 5D app is great for creating floor plans, adding elements to photorealistic renderings of your dream space, and seeing if your ideas fit together perfectly. Available for iOS and Android platforms, the application includes 2D and 3D modes so you can experiment with more than 4,000 items in its catalog and visualize your kitchen in HD. These include floor plans, furniture, household items, appliances, and décor. This versatility gives you plenty of room to customize the design by editing floors, colors, and materials. You can also convert your 2D floor plan to a 3D scene. Although you can download the app itself for free, the item catalog costs $ 2.99 per month or $ 29.99 per year.

  • Platforms: Android and iOS
  • Characteristics: Numerous catalog items, allows you to add and remove items to rooms to create custom layouts, HD visualizations of spaces
  • Price: The application is free, the catalog costs $ 2.99 per month or $ 29.99 per year
  • Get it: Google play or Apple App Store


Although this app is widely used by experts and people familiar with floor plan rendering, the ease with which you can create a floor plan makes it ideal for anyone building or renovating. Available for both iOS and Android platforms, all you will have to do is take a photo of your existing kitchen at different angles and the app will help you create a suitable room floor plan and fill it with virtual objects in a few minutes. In short, you will create virtual rooms with beautiful designs and see how things fit in the space. Once you finish designing your floor plan, you will need to pay a nominal fee of $ 2.99 for each floor plan before downloading the design to your device.

  • Platforms: iOS and Android and iOS
  • Characteristics: Added design elements, great usability
  • Price: $ 2.99 nominal fee to download design
  • Get it: Google play or Apple App Store

Drilling software

Punch software has enhanced the benefits of various design tools, offering a wide variety of features to suit all tastes and abilities. The software works on web browsers, Mac and Windows platforms and is designed for both building an entire house and designing individual rooms. This design software allows you to customize your design so that you can create your dream home using intuitive tools and then visualize the project. While the software is not free, you will get more utilities than you will from free online kitchen design software. These include Home Design Studio Essentials with quality home plans to inspire your home and landscape design. There’s also Pro-level punch which offers advanced tools that allow you to create professional-level designs, as well as Home & Landscape Design Architectural Series which is ideal for professional designers and architects. The price of this kitchen design software starts at $ 99.99.

  • Platforms: Web browsers, Mac and Windows
  • Characteristics: The software allows you to customize your design, large library of kitchen related items
  • Price: From $ 99.99
  • Get it: Click here to get it


SketchUp is a powerful design tool that allows you to create your kitchen designs from scratch. The software only works in a web browser, but it is robust and versatile. It is relatively easy to learn and peer support is available if you need more ideas when designing your dream space. By simply visiting the software’s 3D warehouse, you will find numerous other users’ kitchen designs that you can manipulate by adding or removing elements to create a custom space. Although SketchUp offers its basic kitchen design software for free, the paid PRO version that costs $ 65 offers much more.

  • Platforms: Web navigator
  • Characteristics: Great usability, support from other users
  • Price: The free or PRO version costs $ 65
  • Get it: Click here to get it

SmartDraw kitchen planner

SmartDraw is a kitchen design program and home design tool that allows you to create spaces to suit your needs. The software works on different platforms, including the web browser, Mac, and Windows. It can produce more than 70 different types of diagrams, from flow charts and graphs to floor plans and schematics. It has a clean and accurate interface and is not cluttered with ads to buy kitchen products. While there is a free trial version, the SmartDraw kitchen planner retails for $ 297.

  • Platforms: Web browser, Mac, Windows
  • Characteristics: Easy to use interface, great usability, ability to create a custom design
  • Price: It costs $ 297
  • Get it: Click here to get it


This feature-rich software works on web browsers only, allowing you to place furniture and add cabinets to your kitchen as you try different ideas. You can also select the Autopick function and Prodboard will do the work for you. The kitchen design software has a closet planner and photorealistic graphics to provide an enhanced user experience. Automatic costing helps determine the best value for money as you modify your project.

  • Platforms: web browsers
  • Characteristics: Added design elements, design ideas, software help
  • Price: From $ 212
  • Get it: Click here to get the software

The bottom line

Before choosing a kitchen design tool or application, make sure it meets your current and future needs. Designing your kitchen will make the space more functional and increase the value of your home. With the different moving parts involved and the expensive nature of the project, you’ll want to factor in efficiency. While you can use free kitchen design software, consider the payments if they have additional features that you may need to create your ideal kitchen.

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