Best Murphy Beds for NYC Apartments

It can be difficult to find extra space when you live in an apartment in New York. You don’t want to feel like you’re living in a shoebox, but it seems like all your stuff leaves you with very little room to move around. This problem is difficult to solve, but there is a solution that many New Yorkers are familiar with and have used for decades: the Murphy bed. Murphy beds, or murphy beds, can tuck into your wall, giving you a ton of extra space when you’re awake. It’s possible that these beds can also solve some of your storage problems, but how do you know if they’re right for you?

Perfect Flats for Murphy Beds

Murphy beds often have the reputation of being found only in studios in order to make the house more spacious. The truth is, a Murphy bed can work in any type of home because it can save you space no matter how many rooms you have. These multi-bedroom homes can benefit from these sleeping arrangements, making space for exercise or a home office while residents are awake during the day or even providing additional sleeping space for residents. guests when they come to visit.

There are many New Yorkers who have apartments where someone is forced to sleep in the living room. With a Murphy bed, you can turn this bedroom into a living room at any time. Murphy beds are also generally less expensive than regular bed frames, and many more even come with attached storage units, making them very practical. Worried they’ll be a pain to install? No problem, because many wall beds these days are freestanding, which means you don’t have to install them directly into a wall. Even those that can be attached to your walls are easy to remove, making them a great option when you move house.

Overall, wall beds are affordable, easy to maintain, and extremely practical. Considering all of this, it’s a wonder you don’t see them more often. However, as times change and storage needs become greater, these beds will make a comeback, so it’s good to invest in one sooner rather than later. You’ll love the extra space one of these bad boys gives you. You will probably never buy a standard bed frame again. So now that we’ve piqued your interest, let’s take a look at some of the best wall beds on the market.

Best Murphy Beds for NYC Apartments

Wayfair Hults Murphy Bed

This wall bed comes in three stylish colors, making it able to match any decor. The wood panels and subtle design make it a stylish addition to your home without standing out too much. This unit requires assembly and mounting to a wall, but it is a sturdy unit due to these features. It can hold up to 70 lbs of mattress and doesn’t require a box spring, which is one less item you have to worry about storing. The best part? The frame has a blank space in the middle, allowing you to see your wall behind. This makes it an ideal place to hang a picture.

BredaBeds Horizontal Urban Murphy Bed

This wall bed folds horizontally rather than vertically, which means this piece works great as a mid-height shelf for books, plants, and family photos. Wood is available in a variety of colors, making it easy to choose the right one for your home. When the bed is folded, it looks like a set of elegant cabinets, so people won’t even know it’s a bed to begin with. Sizes range from twins to queens, and the unit is capable of holding mattresses up to 100 lbs. Assembly is required, but it is also extremely easy. The website even has a video to help you out.

The Nelson of Murphy Wall-Beds

This Murphy bed is perfect for those who like subtle design and extra storage space. When the bed is raised, it looks like a wardrobe with side drawers and shelves. When the bed is lowered, however, the side shelf becomes a bedside table and the side drawers are still available for more space. This stylish piece is ideal for small homes or children’s rooms thanks to the large amount of storage space. Sizes range from twin to queen size beds and the sturdy steel frame allows it to support even heavy mattresses.

Red Barrel Studio Kimsey Solid Wood Storage Murphy Bed

This wall bed comes with everything you could possibly need including a mattress, storage units and even outlets with USB ports. This piece is meant to look like a wardrobe or chest of drawers, and even has real drawers at its base. It also doesn’t need to be attached to the wall, making this freestanding wonder very easy to move around. Available in several different colors, this piece of furniture is extremely elegant and is made from incredibly durable materials. Plus, it’s on the shorter side, which means the top is a great place for plants, photos, and other decorations.

Xtraroom Avalon Bed

This Murphy bed is so versatile that it can turn your bedroom into a home office. When this bed is raised, it becomes a desk, making it one of the most versatile on the market. This unit is available with a full or queen mattress, and the desk always stays upright, so you never have to move your laptop or books up top. Easy to assemble and move, this piece of furniture is also extremely sturdy and looks extremely stylish. This piece is a great addition to any home and can blend in well with any decor in your home.

Murphy beds from The Lori Bed

This bedding set is simple, versatile and extremely elegant. Beds can come as either vertical or horizontal Murphy beds and range between twin and queen frames. When the bed is raised, the unit transforms into the perfect shelf to showcase your decorating skills. When the bed is lowered, there is always a shelf on the headboard which is perfect for plants and other pieces. The design is simple and subtle, and makes a great addition to any child’s room, allowing them to sleep well and express themselves by having a set of shelves they can decorate however they like.

BredaBeds Metropolitan Murphy Bed

Another Murphy bed with storage features, it is one of the only units that has an option for a king size bed frame. The side hutch is one of the coolest features and is fully customizable, with options to have all drawers, all shelves or a combination of both. In fact, many features of this bed are customizable, from the location of the hutch, to the color of the unit, to the fact that you can order a light kit to come with this bed for style and additional ambience. This is a bed that you can have made to your specific tastes.

DIY Panel Bed Frame Kit from Murphy Bed Depot

It is one of cheapest beds on the list, which is amazing considering the amount of features this thing has. It has two sets of shelves and drawers, making it a storage monster. The bed can be stored vertically or horizontally and can be ordered for twin to king size mattresses. The best part of this incredible offer is that shipping is completely free! You can even order the tools needed to build the bed if you need them. A ton of storage, easy construction, and a great price are hard to beat.

Wall bed with storage drawer from Walmart

This bed can to fit a queen size mattress, and features a drawer that’s perfect for storage whether the bed is up or down. When the bed is raised, it looks like a sleek white wardrobe, very inviting and perfect for any room in your home. When the bed is lowered, it becomes a comfortable bed, perfect for children and guests. It even has a small nightstand on the side for a little more convenience.

modern folding wall bed from aliexpress

If you want to splurge over the king of wall beds, then this is the unit for you. Customizable with a ton of storage options, this piece is great for any home. It even has a desk and an extra shelf so you can turn your bedroom into a home office during the day. This unit can range from twin to queen size and is available in multiple colors so it can fit into any home. This piece is easily one of the best Murphy beds out there, so don’t feel bad about spending a little extra on it.

Apartments in New York can be small, even if you have multiple bedrooms. It’s good to find an affordable way to increase your space and storage options, making Murphy beds a good investment. These beds are sturdy, affordable, and stylish if you find the right ones, so start your search by looking at the options above.

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