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Maintaining a comfortable home in all seasons and weather conditions is the goal of every homeowner. This often means installing efficient HVAC systems, such as furnaces and air conditioners. But old or porous windows can make even the highest quality HVAC system ineffective and cost you money. So before opening your wallet to replace your heating or air conditioning, consider updating your windows. Pella replacement windows get in. The company, which is based in Pella, Iowa, has been selling window products since 1925. Pella has become an industry leader, installing millions of replacement windows. They have several series of windows that use wood, fiberglass, and vinyl to meet a variety of home needs. Here’s a breakdown of the different replacement windows Pella has to offer:

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Pella Replacement Window Series

  • The Architect Series® (wood)

The architect series It is a line of windows built according to the specifications of the standard architecture. These windows can vary, but generally meet industry standards, allowing for easy replacement in homes built to these standards. These windows can meet the spectrum of home designs, from classic homes to modern homes, as long as the home is built using industry standards.

  • Pella Lifestyle Series (wood)

Pella Lifestyle Series is a wood window product and is one of the highest rated offerings due to energy efficiency, value, beauty, and noise damping characteristics (based on published data STC / OITC Y U factor ratings). Pella Lifestyle series wood windows reduce heat escape by up to 79%, rating them as Energy star classified product. The materials are also designed to dampen outside noise, reducing noise by up to 51%, keeping your home quiet and comfortable. The Lifestyle series is designed to be modular to accommodate a home’s changing need for new features such as blinds, shades and drapes.

  • Pella Impervia (fiberglass)

the Pella Impervia Series of fiberglass windows are incredibly strong, durable and energy efficient. Impervia is made up of five layers of Duracast material that can withstand extreme weather conditions and temperatures. Fiberglass can be molded to resemble the grain of wood and can be painted to match any décor.

The Pella 350 series offers triple pane windows that provide 54% to 83% more energy efficiency than single pane windows. 350 series uses InsulShield Advanced Low-E Glass with argon, which is designed to reduce radiant heat and ultraviolet light entering the home through sunlight. This helps control fluctuations in heating and cooling within the home. Vinyl frames offer more insulation than a standard vinyl window, increasing performance. These vinyl frames also hide welds and beveled edges for a more aesthetic appearance. Vinyl frames come in a variety of colors to match or accentuate a home’s interior. These windows are also rugged and designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, and include HurricaneShield impact resistant glass.

the Pella 250 series is your choice of vinyl for double or triple pane windows. The sheet and corner welds are designed to be less visible than typical vinyl windows, increasing their smooth aesthetics. The 250 series comes standard with Low-E InsulShield glass, which increases energy efficiency and filters ultraviolet rays. Vinyl allows a wide spectrum of colors to match or enhance the decor of a home. These windows are made with a multi-pane design to reduce noise. These windows are constructed with Autolock that latches when closed for convenience.

  • Pella Impervia (fiberglass)

Pella’s Impervia The line is made of Duracast fiberglass composed of five layers of Pella, which helps resist warping and provides insulation to withstand extreme weather conditions. Impervia window frames are powder coated and can be painted to match your home décor. The Impervia series is compliant with Energy Star standards.

Pella Encompass Series It is an Energy Star rated product designed for efficiency and durability. This line is made of pre-colored vinyl so the colors won’t fade or peel. These windows are also hardened to resist bumps, scratches and dents. This line includes multi-chamber frames that allow for highly efficient insulation, strength and performance.

Cost of Pella replacement windows

The cost of replacing your windows with Pella products may vary depending on the type of product and the scope of the project. The best way to understand Pella window replacement costs is request budget.

Longevity of Pella Replacement Windows

Pella vinyl windows last 15-30 years, depending on series and materials. Wood frames may require periodic painting.

Pella replacement windows warranty

Pella windows have a limited lifetime non-transferable warranty, which you can read about in your website.

Pella Replacement Windows Reviews

Consumer Affairs gives Pella an overall satisfaction rating of 3.5 stars (out of five). This rating is based on 465 reviews submitted last year. Positive reviews praised Pella’s quick and detailed installation and customer service. Some reviewers who had problems with their Pella products said the company did a great job of identifying problems and expediting replacements. But some negative reviews cited deterioration of the product and unexpected costs as reasons for concern.

More on installing replacement windows

When deciding which replacement windows are best for your home, it’s important to first understand the important considerations surrounding replacement windows. When building a new home, the windows can be customized to suit the specific needs of the home. But when a window needs to be replaced, installation can be more complicated. Replacement windows must be able to fit into the existing window opening. There are two methods of attaching a replacement window to the window opening: pocket installation and full frame installation:

Pocket installation

Pocket installation is when the replacement window easily fits into the existing frame. This method only requires the window sash to be replaced, which requires little labor and time.

Full frame installation

Full-frame replacement is more complicated. The entire frame requires the entire frame to be removed, including trim and insulation. This method allows for greater flexibility. Once the trim is removed, there are more options to replace the window. However, this method is more expensive due to increased labor and material costs, but either method can add value to consistent efficiency and improve aesthetics.


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