Best Self Storage Facilities in Kansas City, Mo.

Kansas City, or “barbecue capital” – as it has come to be known in the local parlance – is a city steeped in history, whose legacy extends to its contribution to cuisine – with its Kansas City barbecue – and jazz. Iconic characters like Charlie Bird Parker and Big Joe Turner are putting the historic jazz district on the map. With such a rich history behind it, the city has a lot to offer new and existing residents. If you’ve recently made Kansas City your home, be sure to consider self storage to help start your new life after you move here.

If you don’t know how to find storage near you, here are some of the best facilities in town:

Hardesty Storage 5401 Independence Avenue, Kansas City MO

Located in the Lykins community of the East Side, the Hardesty storage facility is on Independence Avenue across from O’Reilly Auto Parts. The facility is approximately 5 miles from downtown and the Children’s Mercy Adele Hall campus. The property occupies 3.5 acres. In addition, the facility includes 450,000 square feet of storage units.

When renting a unit at this property, guests are provided with a number of features including gated access and camera surveillance to keep your belongings safe. The facility consists of a 12-storey building that provides indoor units. An on-site manager is also there to help you with your concerns. Truck rental and retail are also available for customers who are moving or who may benefit from these benefits in any other way.

Small, medium, and large units – ranging from 25 to 300 square feet – are available at this Kansas City self-storage facility. A small unit will set you back between $ 22 and $ 82 / month, while medium units start at $ 102 / month. Consider browsing the listings this facility offers if it is a location close to your home.

StorageMart 8900 NW Prairie View Road, Kansas City, MO 64153

This StorageMart storage facility is located near the junction of I-29 and Route 152, and serves the northwest area of ​​this Kansas City city. The property is approximately 7 miles from the Kansas City International Airport. This property covers approximately 10 acres and comprises over 132,000 square feet.

The facility is accessed through a door, and there is car access to the units, making it easy to access with your car. The property has 17 one-story buildings that are equipped with desirable features. Its indoor units offer temperature control if you want to store items that require a humidity and temperature controlled environment. Video surveillance is another feature intended to ensure the safety of your property. Retail is available if needed, and you can also access the facility 24 hours a day. For any storage-related issues, you can speak to the on-site manager.

With a variety of unit sizes available, customers can look for small, medium, and large self-storage units ranging from 25 to 800 square feet. Prices for a small unit start at $ 73 / month and $ 180 / month for a medium unit. If a large unit is more suitable for your storage needs, the price starts at $ 263 / month.

3. Shield Storage 1226 Chestnut Avenue, Kansas City, MO, 64127 – 115,342 square feet.

Currently serving Independence Plaza, the Shield storage facility is adjacent to the junction of Prospect Ave and E 13th St and is close to I-70. Additionally, the facility is approximately three miles from downtown Kansas City. It offers 115,342 square feet of rental space and the property spans 3.4 acres.

When you visit this facility, you are greeted by car access to a closed area. Customers also have a regular parking space during their passage. The property benefits from CCTV to provide additional protection to guest property when stored here. In addition, the facility has temperature-controlled indoor units if you want to store items sensitive to temperature and humidity. In addition, the on-site manager can help you when using the establishment’s services.

To find the unit that suits your needs, browse through the various options this facility offers, as small, medium and large units are available. A 10 × 10 unit is the most popular size that people usually choose, but a 5 × 5 is also an option if you want to store a few smaller items.

StorageMart 7536 Wornall Road, Kansas City, MO, 64114

This StorageMart facility serves the Ward Parkway area and is located at the corner of W 75th Street and Wornall Road. It is approximately seven miles from downtown Kansas. The facility spans 1.5 acres and includes approximately 104,400 square feet of rentable warehouse space.

This facility offers many features, including a door and car access. For the safety of your property, a security monitoring system is in place. The three-story building includes indoor units equipped with air conditioning for your sensitive personal items. Wine storage is also available at this location.

Customers who choose this facility can choose from small, medium and large units that vary between 18 and 400 square feet. Rates for a small unit start at $ 47 / month, while an average unit could cost you $ 126 or more per month. Find the unit size that best suits your needs by browsing their lists.

StorageMart 13750 Holmes Road, Kansas City, MO, 64145

The last establishment on our list is another StorageMart, which serves the Martin City neighborhood. This particular location is close to where Holmes Road meets Blue River and is only two miles from the community of Blue Ridge River. The property occupies 8.3 acres and covers approximately 100,605 square feet of rentable storage space.

Guests can access the property through a gate and access by car is also part of the grounds. Parking and security surveillance are also some of the features offered by this location. The property has 14 one-story buildings which provide air-conditioned units for guests looking for this feature when renting a storage unit. In addition, you can address your storage issues to the on-site manager.

Once you have decided which goods should be stored, choosing between a small, medium or large unit type that this facility offers becomes much easier. Sizes vary from 18 to 600 square feet. Prices for a small unit start at $ 55 / month, while an average unit will set you back a low of $ 72 / month.

Now that you’re more familiar with some of the best self storage facilities in Kansas City, let us know if you have any questions in the comment sections below.

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