Black Windows Are The Next Big Trend

As you browse through interior decorating catalogs and magazines, you will notice that black windows are a trend that designers are embracing. Over a a decade ago, windows with black frames could be seen on the exterior of many houses. Now those black window frames are a beautiful addition to interiors too. While black windows date back to century-old factory buildings, a black window creates a contemporary and industrial appeal in your home.

Benefits of choosing black frame windows

Black window frames are emerging as a trend that decorators and builders are turning to across the country. Not only are they an exciting change from a traditional white window frame, but they also dress up your home inside and out. Let’s look at some other benefits of selecting black windows:

  • Creating bold contrast: Inside your home, black windows help develop a striking contrast to white or light wood cabinets and light-colored countertops.
  • Improved exterior appeal: Whether you are listing your home or completing a much needed renovation, add black windows will help enhance your home’s curb appeal when matching the front door with window frames and grilles
  • Dramatic Effects: Black frame windows add that dramatic touch that some rooms need, especially when your interior design features a black and white theme or other light colors that will stand out against the darkness of black.

Disadvantages of black frame windows

If you are designing an open space room where white is the prominent color, a black window frame may seem out of place. When working with an open plan, white is your best option. Here are some other drawbacks of using black frame windows:

  • Additional costs: While wood and aluminum are the most profitable options, selecting black steel window frames is more expensive but if you are creating an industrial look steel is the best option and well worth the money
  • Heat absorption: If you live in a warmer climate, remember that black window frames absorb more heat what a heat transfer means to your home
  • Lack of cohesion: When selecting black windows, you will want to consider how they will look both from the outside and inside and if there is a lack of cohesion between the interior and exterior designs, select another option.

Factors to consider when installing black windows

Black windows are a beautiful option for modern and industrial designs for both the interior and exterior of your home. But they also work well with a variety of other home styles too. You can professionally install black frame windows in a variety of homes, from craft to ranch style.

Remember, your choice of material will add to the cost of the window and its installation. For example, black steel windows are the more expensive choice compared to more affordable wood or aluminum options. If you choose a black frame window with white vinyl on the inside, consider painting those finishes to match the exterior.

Tips for decorating around black window frames

The first thing you’ll notice when decorating around black window frames is that black will always be part of your design scheme. For example, selecting white wooden blinds is a mistake. The main reason is that they cover up the black windows and in doing so the room starts to look too busy. Instead, opt for shades or Roman shades. Here are additional tips for decorating around black window frames:

  • Include planters outside: If the windows with black frames are small, dress them with decorative elements. planters
  • Keep windows open: When black the windows are open, they look better and also become the focal point of the room
  • Rblack epeat inside: If you don’t repeat black elements in your decor, the black windows will start to look out of place

The best companies that sell black frame windows

  • Anderson: When you select the 400 Series Casement Window, it features a wood interior and a vinyl exterior construction. Energy efficiency is built into every window and Anderson will work with you to find the best performance. The durable vinyl exterior finish helps protect this black frame window from damage. The Anderson 400 series costs between $ 120 and $ 340, with installation costs ranging from $ 150 and $ 300.
  • Marvin: When looking for a contemporary window with a narrow jamb and recessed exterior, the Ultimate Casement Narrow Sash is a great choice. The price of each black window ranges from $ 350 and $ 750, with installation costs ranging from $ 100 and $ 400. It features a light wood interior and a black aluminum exterior that will not chip, discolor or peel. The energy efficiency of these windows includes two panes of glass with Low-E coatings, as well as insulating argon gas.
  • Lump: The Pella Impervia window features incredible durability, high-quality materials, and beautiful finishes. Each Pella black frame window costs between $ 600 and $ 1,000, with prices ranging up to $ 2,000, including installation. The Duracast fiberglass composite of this window ensures no warping occurs in the summer. That compound also protects this window so that it does not become brittle when winter arrives. Its inner and outer frame is durable powder coated over an aluminum finish. The Pella Impervia also offers energy efficiency that meets or exceeds Energy star guidelines.

The bottom line on black windows

Your choice of windows has an impact on the interior and exterior appearance of your home and the selection of black windows gives your home a modern and contemporary look. Depending on the manufacturer you choose, black window frames can give your home an expensive look at an affordable price. For example, Andersen windows are the cheapest without sacrificing quality or appearance.

Black framed vinyl windows require little, if any, maintenance and if you have brick on the outside, the black window will provide a beautiful visual addition. However, avoid using black windows in period homes, as it might look out of place with the original design.

Create a magazine-worthy look in your home by incorporating black windows into your next home update, addition, or renovation.

Frequent questions

  • Can I paint my windows black?
    If you can paint your windows black. You will need a coat of primer and then at least one coat of black paint.
  • Will black windows go out of style?
    Because black windows are not a new trend, it is unlikely that out of fashion. They look great in modern designs, as well as a variety of other home styles.
  • Do black vinyl windows fade?
    The finish of your black window determines whether or not it will fade. Vinyl finishes have different AAMA ratings including 2603, 2604 and 2605. Finishes with an AAMA rating of 2603 show slight discoloration after one year. Specifications for AAMA Ratings 2604 and 2605 indicate that finishes must last at least five and ten years, respectively.
  • Do black windows cost more?
    It all depends on the window frame material. For example, choosing steel is an expensive option, but wood or vinyl are more profitable.
  • Are black windows a good option?
    If your interiors are in white or light colors, black window frames provide a exciting contrast.

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