Can’t Go on Vacation? Recreate a Hotel Vibe in Your Home


Going on vacation is a great way to relax and refresh. And whether you’re staying at a luxury hotel, lakeside inn, spa resort, or elegant bed and breakfast, you’ll also enjoy a lush living room and luxurious bathroom experience. However, you can create that hotel atmosphere in your own home and enjoy luxurious life every day. Here’s how to achieve those looks.

Make your bed irresistible

Make your bed cozy.  Image: Beyond Time / Shutterstock

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One thing that everyone enjoys about luxury hotels: luxurious beds. However, Wendy Hammerman, founder and lead designer of Interiors WLH, a full-service interior design studio, says you can recreate that vibe by investing in new bedding. “There’s something about fresh, clean, freshly laundered sheets that says ‘I’m on vacation!'” Hammerman says. He also recommends a comfortable down comforter and a down mattress topper. “Add lots of fluffy pillows, fluffier the better, and last but not least, add a blanket to the end of the bed for a homey feel and maybe a pop of color.”

Karen Otto from Home Star Staging You agree that luxury bedding can create a luxurious hotel atmosphere for a vacation at home or when family and friends come to visit. “Look for sheet thread counts over 500 and since we have an Airbnb, we always buy white for easy cleaning, and they always look fresh and attractive.” Otto says. “From comfy pillows to fluffy white absorbent towels in the bathroom, who wouldn’t want to feel like they’ve come home for a luxurious night’s sleep in a bed that looks like it was made in a 5-star hotel?”

Use attractive scents

The right scent creates the right mood. Rido / Shutterstock

As you create an environment that appeals to your senses, don’t forget your sense of smell. “The first thing you’ll notice when you arrive at a high-end luxury hotel and spa is the aroma,” says Hammerman. When you enter the resort, you say you are surrounded by a fabulous fragrance that evokes feelings of calm and comfort. “Whether it’s beachy, floral, or clean and fresh, scent is a great way to transform your space and instantly take it somewhere else without leaving home.”

Hammerman recommends using a candle or spray bottle that you can get at any home store. “Nest is a popular brand with several scents to choose from, including my personal favorite, Grapefruit – clean, fresh and fruity.” He also recommends Ocean Mist and Sea Salt, which smell like a beach. And if you want something more exotic, Hammerman suggests Moroccan amber. “If candles are not your thing, Aroma 360 offers a complement with a variety of interchangeable options, depending on your mood.”

Recreate a spa bath

If you want to transform your bathroom to make it feel like a luxury hotel, Celine Marcotte, Business Development Manager at GRAFF, recommends refreshing the shower. “Products that stimulate the senses instantly provide a luxury hotel feel. Water, light and sound, orchestrated in harmonic balance, allow for a deeper sense of well-being, a sensation and experience that can be achieved with GRAFF’s Aqua-Sense collection, which uses chromotherapy and LED lights. ” finishes and textures can also enhance a space’s appeal. “For example, 24-karat gold, rose gold, and matte black come to mind as super luxurious options.” You can also get ideas from the 2019 Trends in Tech bathroom.

Marcotte also recommends accessories that can update your bathroom and that can be easily changed. “Grab bars are a way to go, providing elevated style and an excellent aging-in-place solution.”

The right shower head makes a big difference.ImageFlow / Shutterstock

According to Leah Tuttleman, designer of Flock, sounds and sights can help you achieve the maximum level of relaxation. “Let stress melt away with a countertop waterfall to help your spa achieve an air of serenity. Install dimmers to create a soothing, sunset-like environment to capture the essence of the soothing environment of a professional spa. “And you can achieve this experience simply by upgrading to a massage shower head.” prefer a waterfall, high pressure or hand shower, these modern designs that mimic the natural flow of rain emanate relaxation. “

Other items reminiscent of high-end luxury hotels include touch-free faucets and soap dispensers, and Tuttleman says they’re easy to install. “Plus, the matching benches are a beautiful and functional addition to almost any shower, and a built-in cart makes storage a breeze so you can focus on that clean, simple, and minimal look of a 5-star hotel.”

Lighting layer

There are many ways to create lighting. Beyond Time / Shutterstock

Hotel rooms often offer various lighting options. “Cover your windows with a lighter shade to accommodate the light that filters the sun and a heavier shade that creates a blackout effect essential for sleeping late on lazy weekends,” recommends Hammerman. “Also, consider a 3-way bulb in your bedside lamp that gives you the option of a bright reading light or the opportunity to create a softer atmosphere.”

And there are other tips and tools to help you vary your lighting, for example, Mike Deschamps, US Product Marketing Manager. Philips Hue Signify, recommends combining lighting with ambient, accent and task lighting to recreate the atmosphere of a luxury hotel at home. “Ambient lighting illuminates your space evenly; you can do it with the right ceiling fixtures or recessed lighting, ”he says. “Accent lighting sources indirectly illuminate spaces while remaining mostly hidden; For example, use Philips Hue Play light bars to highlight particular items in your room such as artwork or plants. “

Also, Deschamps says you can use light strips in cabinets or under a bed or sofa. “Lastly, add task lighting through table and floor lamps to give you the light you need for specific activities like reading.”

Use a multifunctional sofa

Who doesn't love a great looking sofa?

Beyond Time / Shutterstock

Luxurious leather sofas are common in luxury hotel lobbies and private rooms. Whether you’re waiting in the lobby with all of your luggage, or heading back to your room with a laptop and suitcase, or after a busy day of shopping, those stylish sofas are convenient and practical.

However, you can also create this look at home, for less than you think. And you won’t even have to get off the couch when you want to charge your phone and other devices.

For example, the Coddle Smart Couch is stylish and versatile, and it’s available in leather and microfiber versions. “It was designed entirely with the consumer in mind. With built-in USB ports and outputs, and the ability to transform into more than a dozen different positions, the sofa is practical and useful, without sacrificing a luxurious feel, ”says Nuri Djavit, CMO of Pamper. It folds up to become a sofa bed, but you can also choose to fold the armrests on both sides or fold all or just half of the back section. Plus, any spills are cleaned up immediately.

“Through Coddle Smart Couch’s modern design and high-end materials and finishes, the atmosphere of a luxury hotel is easily recreated, but at a reasonable price,” says Djavit.

Redesign your storage

Mint Images / Getty Images

In most hotel rooms, there is a place for everything, reducing clutter in your room. “Tidy up your space, especially your nightstands. Having only the essentials on hand (and maybe some fresh cut flowers) helps bring a sense of calm and simplicity, ”says Hammerman. Removing unnecessary items also creates more space in the room, making it appear larger. And it is not necessary to have a dressing room. “We see many of our clients redesign their master suites lined with Ornare closet doors that become part of the room’s design and leave the bed floating in the room, an instant private island,” says Claudio Faria, Director of Football.

Choose a relaxing paint color

Igor Vershinsky / Getty Images

“For better or for worse, that warm southwestern palette has been associated with massive hotel chains, so if it’s luxury or boutique you’re after, the opposite in terms of color and design is key,” he explains. Benjamin moore Color and design expert, Nivara Xaykao. “Nothing beats crisp white walls, and fortunately there are new paint products that can keep your bedroom walls spotless. She recommends Chantilly Lace as one of the company’s favorite whites to achieve this look. “To add a designer touch to the space, keep accent colors fresh and neutral with calming grays and graphic blacks. Bold color statements can transform the bathroom into a special sanctuary. “

Deep blues are also calming and always stylish. “Lastly, don’t forget the gloss of the paint. Higher highlights in the right places, like cabinets and trim, can really enhance the glamor in a space, ”says Xaykao.

Add artwork

KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty Images

The last step is to incorporate artwork to liven up those blank walls. “Hammerman recommends a palette of warm neutrals to create a relaxing hotel-like atmosphere.

And luckily, you don’t have to spend a lot to get quality artwork. You can buy large framed art prints to recreate eye-catching looks without spending a lot of money, ”according to Alix Greenberg, founder and CEO of ArtSugar, who recommends incorporating art with scenic landscapes to remind you that you are on vacation. “Art or fine art prints with beaches, mountains or even rainforests can create a sense of wanderlust, reminding you of being in a luxury hotel,” says Greenberg.

However, he recommends keeping the frame colors simple. “Stick with black or white frames for a sleek and elegant look reminiscent of a luxury hotel.”


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