DIY: Easily Interior Design Your Own Home

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Not everyone can afford to hire an interior designer to come into their home and come up with a fabulous, coordinated design. Many homeowners really want to be the design decision maker and incorporate their own style.

So while we have a lot of respect for interior designers and all the hard work they put into their designed spaces, we also know that there are many of you who would love a designer look, without the designer expense. We’re sure these tips on how to design your home’s interior can make that happen.

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Let’s take a closer look at how to design your home interior by organizing and designing your rooms in a space that, until now, you thought only an interior designer could create. Whether you want your interiors to look like a luxury hotel or just to spice it up a bit, these tips will help. Shhhh … your DIY interior design is our little secret.

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Magazines and websites are full of inspiration for home interior design.

There’s a reason for all the avid “Pinners” on Pinterest: People crave an amazing home interior. As most of us have already discovered, decorating websites can ignite a flame of creativity that we never knew we had.

If you haven’t yet started creating inspiration boards for your home décor, get started now – this is the first step in creating the home you want.

Go to Pinterest to browse home styles you like, or go to MYMOVE and use the “Collect This Idea” button to collect design images that excite you, or just grab some design magazines and cut out images that catch your eye.

After searching and collecting creative DIY interior design images to inspire you, take a step back and take a look at everything you’ve collected; This should tell the story of your design style. You may be surprised at the style you long to create.

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Color schemes: use three colors or shades

Now that you have a good idea of ​​a style that you hope to call your own, you need to choose a color scheme. This is the hard part. Color is so personal and creates moods in us that inspire.

Whatever happens, choose colors that appeal to you when renovating your home interior design. Look at your inspiration boards – what colors stand out in the rooms you saved?

We won’t tell you which colors to choose, but we will tell you to try a mix of three colors or shades. One main color for the walls, another color for larger accents like sofas and chairs, and then a third color that appears on smaller accessories like flowers, pillows, and knickknacks. Remember that color is influenced by the amount of light it brings into your home. Consider using floor-to-ceiling windows to enhance your interiors and bring out the color too!

Let’s say you choose a color combination of brown, teal, and tangerine. A shade of brown would likely be your wall color, teal could be the color you choose for accent chairs or an accent wall, and tangerine could be the color you put on pillows and accessories.

This three-color formula works in any combination. Just remember, three is better than one or two, as a room done in one color is boring. Yes, you can have a completely white room but with three shades of white.

Add texture to your home

Just as important for color is texture, especially if you want a single color scheme, like all white or all gray. A room at first glance may seem like a single color scheme, but if you look closely, you will notice shadows within the same color and lots of texture through fabrics / textiles.

An all-white room might have linen curtains, a plush velvet chair, bright silk cushions, wicker chairs, and woven baskets, and a knotty cotton sofa with a faux fur blanket thrown to the side. All of these elements add texture and are pleasing to the eye, creating a warm and rich environment.

The design can describe the personality of the owner, so the use of varied textures, patterns and colors can add sophistication to a boring room with ease.

Consider textiles that fit your lifestyle. If you have children and dogs, you may not want a lightweight cotton sofa; rather, a darker leather or mohair sofa may suit your needs better. If you crave luxury, consider high-end silk curtains and pillows.

Whatever your style, try adding a lot of texture by combining numerous textiles in your DIY interior design.

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Add big, eye-catching furniture pieces

This is a common mistake most homeowners make – too many small, thin pieces in one room. A room with leggy chairs, leggy tables, and lots of little knickknacks only serve to clutter the room and confuse the view.

Instead, try a room that is well mixed. Have a large sofa, some skirted armchairs (so you can’t see the legs), and then a slim chair or two with attractive carved legs (depending on space). This is just one example, but it gives you the idea of ​​mixing furniture styles and sizes so that the room looks balanced, not too bulky and not too thin.

Even if you are decorating a small apartment, there are many decorating ideas to try. Most designers will recommend that even the smallest rooms have a large piece, such as a large closet or cabinet. A mix of large and small is key to a successful home interior design. This rule also goes with accessories.

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Use trays, decorative bowls, and baskets.

Designers love to use trays, decorative bowls, and sometimes baskets, to organize collections or loose items that need a home. For a touch of glamor, try adding a dazzling gold tray to your coffee table, ottoman, or end table. On top of the tray, place a nice candle, a couple of books, and a small bowl of colored stones. Little views like this seem frivolous, but they are imperative for a layered decorated aesthetic.

For a more rustic approach, try woven baskets in your home. Baskets are great decorative tools that can hide a lot of clutter. Try creating these little niches throughout your home.

You will love how a tray or basket can collect bath soaps and perfumes, while arranging these everyday items in an exposed piece of art.

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Add flowers to every room

Go back and look at all your inspiration boards, what do you see? Do you see flowers or plants in almost every room? We bet yes.

It seems like simple advice, but adding flower arrangements, live plants, and natural items like shell or rock vases can really add that finishing touch to your home interior design.

There are numerous easy-care plants that you can purchase for your home that will last for years if properly fed and watered. Most designers will tell you to avoid fake flower arrangements.

If flowers or plants are not what you want, try other natural items such as twigs or feathers placed in a large urn. Natural arrangements add the finishing touch to a room, the finishing touch that says, “An interior designer has been here.”

If you can’t hire an interior designer, you can still have a home that looks just like the one you had. All these little tips and tricks work together to create a warm, well-designed home interior. Try adding texture, color, eye-catching furniture, and elements of nature to your home today.

If you are not sure of the final result or the arrangements you have made, take a photo. Pictures of a room will allow you to see the design from a different point of view, helping you to see if you messed up somewhere along the way.

Remember, it is your home and you are the one who has to live in it, so create a home that you like, a home that represents who you are.

The bottom line

Now that you know how to design your home interior, it’s time to put these tips to work. With a little help from sites like Pinterest and MYMOVE, you can confidently take your home interior design into your own hands. Whether you prefer a vintage, rustic, or minimalist look, you can use these tips to add interesting touches to your home and make it uniquely yours.

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