DreamCloud Mattress Reviews and Pricing (2021)

The mattress market can be overwhelming, especially with the onslaught of bed-in-a-box companies. With such a wide variety of material types, unique features, and comfort levels, it can be hard to know exactly what you want.

dreamcloud is a newcomer to the bed-in-a-box market and is building a reputation for its hybrid mattress. The DreamCloud mattress is designed for all types of sleepers: it has many layers that work together to create a combination of support and softness. In addition to its universal appeal, DreamCloud is one of the more affordable bed-in-a-box options.


DreamCloud Mattress Design: What are DreamCloud mattresses made of?

Traditionally, mattresses are made from memory foam or metal coils. Memory foam is known to provide a soft, pillow-like feel to the bed, but it doesn’t provide as much support for those with back and neck problems. Metal coils can provide a solid, firm structure that is optimal for people with certain back problems, but they are not as comfortable to sleep on for many. DreamCloud has a unique six-layer hybrid design that provides the best of both traditional mattress types.

as indicated on the product page, each mattress is made of six layers. The bottommost layer is a foam base to support the mattress structure. The second layer is the coils. While many mattresses create one large box to house all the springs together, DreamCloud wraps the springs individually. Below are three layers of memory foam. The first is a dense, supportive foam to minimize movement throughout the bed, the next is a gel-based foam for added comfort, and lastly, the last layer of foam is quilted to act as a mattress topper. The final layer is made from cashmere to help wick away moisture and keep you cool while you sleep.

Why does mattress design matter? It depends on how you sleep. If you toss and turn but your partner is easily aroused by movement, you should look for a mattress that minimizes motion transfer. Maybe you prefer to sleep on your side, on your back, or even on your stomach. Something too soft or too stiff can greatly affect the way you sleep, and you won’t know what works for you until you try it.

How much do DreamCloud mattresses cost?

Compared to the competition, DreamCloud mattresses can be an affordable alternative. You can pay in full up front or select an Affirm payment plan option.

Here it is price information for the DreamCloud Original Mattress:

mattress size Price
Twin $899
Double XL $1,099
Complete $1,299
Queen $1,399
King $1,599
california king $1,599

*Pre-promotional prices from 05/13/2020

DreamCloud offers a mattress model

While many mattress companies offer a few versions of their mattresses to appeal to a broader audience, DreamCloud sticks to one: its flagship hybrid. Although they only offer a mattress, the company sells other complementary products, such as pillows, box springs, blankets and sheets.

How comfortable is the DreamCloud mattress?

Many people look for mattresses that are soft but still supportive. Having a hybrid of memory foam and coils allows this mattress to meet both needs. According to Polly B’s review on the DreamCloud website, “It is a perfect combination of softness and firmness”. On a softness scale of 1 (super plush) to 10 (stiff and firm), DreamCloud is rated at 6.5, meaning these mattresses are near the middle, leaning on the supportive side.

Other products sold by DreamCloud

DreamCloud offers a wide variety of items to match your mattresses. From frames to pillows to heavy blankets, you can order everything you need for a good night’s sleep.

bed bases

  • Platform, $200 – $275. Keep your new mattress off the floor with this basic bed base.
  • Adjustable, $799 – $1299. This base allows you to adjust your mattress to support yourself (or your feet, or both!).
  • Metallic, $95. This allows you to add wheels to your mattress platform along with some additional height.
  • Headboard, $300 – $375. This foundation provides support for pillows on your mattress. This option is only available for three of their bed sizes: Full, Queen and King.


DreamCloud Mattress Reviews

After purchasing a mattress in November 2019, Amazon user Krait had this to say about your purchase, “I sleep through the night and wake up so comfortable that now I find it quite difficult to get out of bed. The mattress is so comfortable that I don’t wake up when my wife (or dog) gets in or out of bed! But it’s not soft enough to sink into the mattress like a bowling ball on a trampoline (which is something I was concerned with with a memory foam-type bed).”

On the DreamCloud website, the mattresses have received more than 2000 reviews with an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars. Amazon shows you have 4 out of 5 stars with 87 reviews. Most users report better sleep after purchase.

Pros and cons of the DreamCloud mattress

advantage cons
  • Hybrid design offers the best of coiled and memory foam mattresses.
  • 365-day trial period beginning 30 days after delivery
  • Free shipping for those in the US
  • Just one level of firmness
  • Non-refundable “White Glove” service fee is $145 for the first item and $45 for each additional item

The bottom line of DreamCloud mattresses

If you are looking for an affordable hybrid mattress, DreamCloud may be the solution to your needs. The mattress is supportive yet comfortable and provides a one year trial period so customers can be sure this is the mattress for them.

Frequent questions

Can DreamCloud mattresses be folded for transport after opening?

In short, no. Mattresses are rolled and vacuum sealed to be delivered to customers. This process requires quite a bit of machinery, which means that it cannot be folded up again for transport.

How much do DreamCloud mattresses weigh?

This depends on the size. Due to the materials used in creating the mattresses, the mattresses weigh anywhere from 74 pounds up to 135 pounds.

What financing options are available?

DreamCloud offers a variety of financing options available based on your down payment. This service is offered through Affirm. Buyers can receive 0% APR and a 24-month payment plan.

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