Escape Room in Barcelona: 3 incredible rooms are waiting for you!

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Have you ever been to an escape room? Escape Room is a game in which a team of players co-operatively discover clues, solve puzzles, and complete tasks in one or more rooms in order to progress and achieve a specific goal in a limited time. Often the goal is to escape the game site. Let us introduce you to the 3 best escape rooms in Barcelona!


Prison Experience combines the classic escape room and the immersion theater. During 1h30, the players are in a “real” environment where the actors play the role of guards or other inmates, and with whom they must interact, in a 500 square meter prison located in the heart of Barcelona.

Carrer Antic de Bofarull, 15, 08026 Barcelona


Do you dare to escape in just 60 minutes? They have created the most unique escape rooms in Barcelona. Make your reservation and enter one of the two 100% original adventures they have prepared for you. Get a group of 2 to 6 people together, choose one of their games, and set a date and time.

The clock is turning! Watch, work as a team, and share everything you see. Everything could be a clue!

Carrer de Blesa, 24, 08004 Barcelona


Chicken Banana has created a new escape game ideal for teams of 2 to 6 players. Besides solving puzzles and mysteries, you can find surprises during game time. Not only will you have to create a team, but also think together as a group spirit to complete the mission.

Being locked in with hidden dangers may bring out the best or the worst in you, but either way, you need your best efforts to complete the mission on time. Who knows, you might discover faces unknown to yourself or your teammates.

Carrer de Rocafort, 12, 08015 Barcelona

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