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No two individuals are the same. Similarly, each region of the US has different styles in terms of fashion, food, and music. “These traditions and trademarks permeate every element of the region’s culture, even in the homes of its residents,” said Hannah Yeo, color and design expert at Benjamin mooresays Freshome. In fact, Yeo says Benjamin Moore has been able to spot a geographic design trend in how colors are used. These are the most popular paint shades in eight US cities.

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The Angels

“Lighter colors are favored indoors across the country and Los Angeles is leading this trend,” says Yeo. As the center of a great design, he says that white becomes an essential color in this area. “From the warm pinkish white to the palest blue, or even the combination of whites, soft hues of whites enhance Los Angeles homes.” On the exterior of the home, Yeo says homeowners often use richer colors to add curb appeal. In the photo above, you will see one of the best options: Simply White. It’s a clean, crisp, multipurpose white. Simply White is a favorite for ceilings, trim, and walls. Iceberg, Swiss Coffee, and Revere Pewter are some of the other popular colors in the area.

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San Diego

With more than 39 million residents, California is the most populous state in the US Although San Diego is only 120 miles from Los Angeles, the state is so large that it could be considered a separate region. And San Diego also has a different color palette. While Los Angeles embraces shades of white, San Diego leans toward the fanciest color of the year: black. “San Diego is not afraid of color,” says Yeo. “Dark and neutral colors, like black, are balanced by light yellows, blues, and pinks.” Black HC-190 is part of the Historical collection Inspired by America’s landmarks and works well in traditional and contemporary spaces. Other popular colors in this area include Eagle Rock, Sidewalk Gray, Butterfly Kisses, and Love & Happiness.

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“In Denver, nature-inspired hues like blues, greens and cool neutrals complement the surrounding landscape,” says Yeo. Van Courtland Blue is an old world decorative blue that also works well in contemporary spaces. Also, it mimics the mountainous views of the city. Other popular colors in this part of the country include Kendall Charcoal, Pale Oak, Decorator’s White, and Silver Marlin.

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“From whites to light grays, soft neutrals dominate Chicago,” says Yeo. “Blues with shades of gray are new additions to the soft, neutral palette.” Balboa Mist, part of the Classic Color Collection, is an elegant and timeless color that is always a favorite with Windy City consumers and professionals. Other popular colors include Edgecomb Gray, Sea Haze, Gray Owl, and Beach Glass. If you are selling your home, take note of Chicago. Many real estate agents recommend soft, neutral colors when your home is on the market.

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“Florida also has a different color palette,” says Yeo. “Due to the warm temperature, cool whites are often used outside the home to keep heat out. Bright blue accents are used to bring a nice breeze indoors. “Toronto Blue is a rich, saturated shade that excites and inspires, adding pops of color. Mountain Peak White, Collingwood, Evening Blue and Pale Oak are other popular colors in this US area

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“The Philadelphia color palette is comforting but sophisticated,” says Yeo. “From cool grays to warm neutrals, these versatile hues provide a relaxing backdrop to any space.” Shaker Beige is an attractive mid-tone tan with a beachy vibe. Other popular colors in Philadelphia include Stonington Gray, Pleasant Pink, Buckland Blue, and Woodlawn Blue.

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“The colors red, white, and blue best represent Dallas,” says Yeo. “Off-white and pale neutrals provide a soft background for deep reds and blues to pop.” Caliente is a vibrant and charismatic shade of red: radiant, strong and full of energy. Other popular colors in this part of the country include Bermuda Turquoise, Icicle, Chantilly Lace, and Iron Mountain.

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Nashville also adopts the colors of the Benjamin Moore Historical Collection, which was inspired by 18th– and 19th century architecture, ”says Yeo. “Neutrals and blues feel calm and composed for an updated traditional look.” Raccoon fur is a pure gray color that can be worn in a variety of color combinations. Other popular colors in Nashville include Manchester Tan, Palladian Blue, Wickham Gray, and Shaker Beige.

Tips for Homeowners Trying to Choose Paint Colors

Selecting colors for your home can be overwhelming, but Yeo offers a few tricks to make the process easier. “First, start by finding a point of inspiration. It can be anything from a favorite fabric to the colors of your kitchen countertops, ”says Yeo. “Even a color taken from a wall art piece, a page ripped from a magazine or an image found online can be a great source of inspiration.” This can be a useful first step in narrowing down the color options you consider.

“Once you’ve figured out which general color families appeal to you, set your focus on that part of the display in the store or that section of the fan deck,” he explains. “Within each color family, you will see a wide range of colors, so follow your instincts. You may be drawn to a few colors to help narrow down your options. “Yeo also recommends thinking about the dominant color in your space. “This can help you narrow down your selection even more,” she says. “For example, if you have cherry wood kitchen cabinets, you should take that into account when choosing color.”

Before making a final selection, Yeo recommends purchasing a pint sample to fully understand what the color will look like in your home. “Remember that the light in the store will be different from the light in your home,” he says. “So the best way to make an informed decision is to paint a sample in the room where you will use the color.” Be sure to view the sample during the day to determine if you like it. Also, consider the different types of gloss paint (flat, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, and gloss) to make sure you choose the rigid finish for your project.


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