Galley Kitchens: Pros, Cons, and Tips


Whether you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen or looking for a new home and weighing your options, the kitchen setup is extremely important. And if you cook a lot, the layout of this room really matters. A good number of homes have kitchen kitchens, and homeowners either love them or want to carry them with a mallet. But what is a galley kitchen and how do you know if this style is right for you? Freshome brought together several experts to help you understand the pros and cons of a galley kitchen. They also provided tips for designing a galley kitchen that you will love.

A galley kitchen is ideal for one cook at a time. Ran Kyu Park / Getty Images

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What is a galley kitchen and why is it used?

“A galley kitchen consists of two parallel spans of units that form a central corridor,” explains Ariel Richardson, San Diego-based interior designer and founder of ASR Design Studio. The name “galley kitchen” is derived from the kitchens of ships, in which everything is in a straight line. It’s a great solution when you don’t have a lot of space, or if a house tends to be long rather than wide. “A galley kitchen is generally considered a solution for smaller apartments. We have also made some as second kitchens in larger homes, as a mother / daughter installation, ”says Michael Radovic, CKD at Display Kitchens. “You can achieve a well-integrated and functional kitchen, one that works seamlessly with the rest of the decor, with a length of approximately seven to eight feet.

You can save money by creating a galley kitchenHoxton Martin / Getty Images

A galley kitchen is profitable

One advantage of a galley kitchen is that it won’t blow your budget, according to Nathan Outlaw, president of Onvico, a general contracting and design and build company in Thomasville, GA. “A galley kitchen is often more profitable than a large, open kitchen,” he says. “You only have two sets of cabinets with simple rectangular countertops.” That leaves more money to splurge on the latest faucet trends.

You can save steps, if it is not too wide. hikesterson / Getty Images

A galley kitchen is efficient

But a galley kitchen is not only profitable. It is also efficient. “The appliances are easily accessible. The galley style provides a very efficient kitchen work triangle, ”says Joan Kaufman, interior designer and president of Interior planning and design in Naperville, IL It’s a sentiment echoed by Erin Davis, owner and lead designer of Mosaik design and remodeling in Portland, OR. “Because it is smaller, fewer steps are required between work areas,” says Davis. “In some galley kitchens, the sink, refrigerator and stove are all along the same wall. This can work well as long as there is enough prep space between work areas. ” However, if the aisle is too far out, more than 6 feet wide, specifically, Richardson cautions that it will lose its efficiency.

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Chelsea Allard, Vice President of Design, Box Design / Remodeling in Charlotte, North Carolina, agrees that a galley kitchen can be efficient. The galley kitchen is made up of two parallel work surfaces. In a small condo, it can be two-walled. Or it could be a cabinet wall parallel to a long island, ”he explains. “Galley kitchens can be incredibly efficient because they allow a linear path to organize the main work areas: food storage, preparation and cooking, cleaning and storage of non-perishable goods.”

A galley kitchen is not the best style for multiple people

However, a galley kitchen is usually not designed for many people, not even a few. “Due to size limitations, a galley kitchen can only really accommodate one or two cooks at a time,” explains Outlaw. “It will be more difficult to move around someone in the kitchen.” Allard agrees and says that unless one side is an island, a galley kitchen doesn’t handle traffic well. “Adequate space between each counter is critical to making sure there is a comfortable space for people to cook and pass by,” he says. “A galley kitchen is great for small spaces, but it can look like a walkway if it’s too long.” On the other hand, if you have hardwood floors in the kitchen, you can enjoy walking the walkway.

You may not have a window view. contrastaddict / Getty Images

There may not be much natural light

And if you have a habit of looking out the window while washing dishes, this may not be the kitchen for you. “Exterior views can be sacrificed,” says Kaufman. “Usually there is no sink directly in front of a window. And sometimes, there may not even be a window in the kitchen. “

Make sure the appliances fit properly. Martin Deja / Getty Images

Consider your appliances

If you are planning a galley kitchen, plan your appliances as well. “You need to know the specifications of your appliances and make sure the major appliances (sink, refrigerator, and stove) are in a triangle or close to each other in a row,” advises Linda Hayslett in LH designs.. “Because galley kitchens are used for smaller spaces, the specifications of the appliances are important, especially the refrigerator and stove.” Hayslett says that many people don’t think about the spacing of these items, but larger sizes can create problems during installation.

Add light where you can. Mint Images / Getty Images

Make the kitchen galley feel bigger

Although a galley kitchen tends to be small, there are ways to make it appear larger. “Use clear or high-gloss finishes to create a more open feel,” says Richardson. “The placement of light fixtures is essential to create the illusion of more space.”

Interior designer Dawn Totty from Dawn Totty Designs in Chattanooga, TN, recommends using a monochrome color scheme in a light color to give the illusion of a larger, more open space. “I always say that the best kitchens are the best-lit kitchens. But don’t just rely on recessed lighting, ”says Totty. She suggests hanging a lantern, chandeliers, or some other type of light fixture to add a bit of personality to the room. Since space is limited, Totty also recommends placing cabinets as high as the ceiling and using labeled baskets and containers. “Also, implement in at least two glass-fronted cabinets for a nice shine and to break the weight of the wood cabinets,” she says. “You can also have a galley kitchen and an island.” Totty recommends a custom or store bought island on wheels. “It’s a perfect way to create more prep space. [Islands] they’re also fun to use as a bar or dessert cart for entertaining. “

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Modifying the kitchen

If you are really sold on the idea of ​​a galley kitchen but you don’t have the necessary width, there are ways to make it work. “You can open the walls on both sides of the kitchen, which can add up to 12 inches of cabinet and counter space,” explains Shawn Breyer, owner of We Buy Houses Atlanta. If you don’t want to remove the walls, you have another suggestion: add a glass door or a large window to the end of the wall. “Adding bigger windows is a tactic used in smaller houses. It provides the perception of more space, making it feel less cramped, ”says Breyer.

Some galley kitchens are quite spacious.contrastaddict / Getty Images


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