Get Ready for your Close-up With 2018’s Best Bathroom Vanities

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Bathroom design and bathroom vanities have come a long way in recent years, particularly as a result of the increase in furniture options available to the public, as well as the many avenues available to customize a look to suit your needs. individual styles of the owners.

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The old standard was that technical specification houses, or newly built houses, were equipped with a standard look, size and style of bathroom furniture. Traditional white dressers with raised doors and chrome hardware were all too common. Now, thank you online stores like Wayfair and Cram, consumers have the choice from a much wider range of bathroom furniture and styles.

There are several factors to consider when choosing a bathroom vanity, with style and price being two of the most important.

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A rustic look conveys an adventurous and outdoor spirit. Bathroom vanities in this style can be found in one of the more accessible department stores. With barn door hardware, the Lowe’s Morriston 60-Inch Distressed Java Double Sink Undermount Bathroom Vanity with Engineered Stone Countertop (shown above) presents a modern look, with just the right amount of rustic, for those who want a more organic and earthy look. look at your bathroom, at an affordable price of under $ 700.

To continue the look, an oil rubbed brass faucet is a good match. Send a message that nothing in the room is particularly demanding or elegant, while still looking polished and tasteful. Many retailers are happy to offer suggestions on what to pair with larger purchases. The brass faucet was an automatic suggestion for this particular vanity.

Many larger retailers, including those that don’t have brick-and-mortar stores, offer a large selection of styles that cover all ends of the design spectrum. offers many bathroom vanities for those who crave contemporary pieces or for those who prefer a more classic style. Some of the dressers include matching mirrors, such as the Birch lane 42-inch single bathroom vanity with marble top, undermount sink and 42-inch mirror. For close to $ 1000, this set instantly updates a bathroom with a clean and cohesive look. In addition to excellent value for money, It also sweetens the deal with free home delivery.

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At the opposite end of the design spectrum, It also offers a stylish dark gray bathroom vanity that is modern in every way. Wade Logan’s modern 60-inch Tenafly Double Wall Mount Bathroom Vanity Set appears to float on the wall, with no traditional feet or legs. Hardware is minimal and unobtrusive, enhancing the modern aesthetic. Instead of a rustic-looking stone countertop, acrylic sinks provide the perfect look. Also priced under $ 1000, it definitely targets those who appreciate clean, contemporary style. This particular collection also has unique vanity pieces to fit into smaller spaces.

Another website that has a large number of bathroom vanities to choose from is Organized by color, price, style, sizes, types, materials, product features, and brands, this website has something for most budgets and tastes. The bathroom vanity prices here are shown in the $ 800 to $ 2,500 price range.

The modern stone-clad Belvedere Bath 48-Inch Freestanding Bathroom Vanity is an attractive, freestanding piece that appeals to those who don’t need to hide all of their toiletries. With two drawers, this dresser also has a deep open shelf that would be ideal for displaying expensive or attractive bottles of soaps, shampoos, and lotions. It would also be a good place to stack hand towels and interesting little accessories like vases. This dresser costs less than $ 1000, with free shipping. Its contemporary feel can also be attributed to its dark gray color and sleek, seamless sink and countertop. Packaged with chrome single-handle faucets, this vanity is perfect for those who want to keep up with design trends and want to show others that they have the space and ability to display personal accessories.

Name AllModern evokes designs that are not for consumers who prefer classic designs. The website has a large inventory of unique and interesting bathroom vanities that will allow those with a specific style to choose a piece of furniture that will make their own personal statement. The Pinova 40-inch Single Mirror Bathroom Vanity, for example, represents a mid-century inspired look, with this wall-mount vanity set, paired with a multi-colored wood design and glossy glass top. At just under $ 800, this dresser is an affordable way to make a strong fashion statement in a room that isn’t often used for that purpose. The Pinova received several positive reviews, many of which describe how positively others respond. In other words, this vanity tends to be a huge hit with consumers.

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Known for its similarity to the appearance of a quality hotel, Ceramic barn You have several options for bathroom vanities, including a single or double apothecary sink that looks like something out of a luxury boutique hotel in New York City. Combining the vintage charm of a classic open-frame console with the benefit of modern accessories, Pottery Barn’s Apothecary Single Sink console is more about style than anything else and is not necessarily a good example of how to use space for get the most of it. This particular aesthetic doesn’t come cheap though, as the unit costs just under $ 2000. One of the most useful aspects of shopping with Pottery Barn is that it offers accessories, hardware, and lighting to match this unit and carry on with it. appearance.

Whether you’re renovating a full bathroom or just want to replace a vanity, both online stores and retailers have a plethora of options and styles to choose from. Prices can vary greatly, but good deals can certainly be found with a little research and comparative shopping. Modernist or traditionalist, there’s a bathroom vanity to suit your style and design aesthetic.

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