Hanging Wreath Ideas For Any Time of the Year

Hanging wreaths isn’t just for Christmas – it’s something you can do for any holiday. In fact, you can hang a wreath all year round. Plus, there are so many places you can hang them, and you don’t have to limit them to doorways and mantels.

With so many different sizes, colors, styles, and materials, you can incorporate them into your indoor and outdoor decor anytime! Here are some ideas for wreaths to hang indoors and outdoors throughout the year.

1. Add a little zest

lemon wreath

Use a simple green wreath with a citrus yellow accent for a pop of color indoors. Hang it in front of a window or cabinet wherever you see a need for decoration. This is especially great for the hot summer months and will remind you of a glass of ice cold lemonade that hits the spot and refreshes you from the summer heat.

2. Show off your Easter eggs and flowers

Easter wreath

Decorate your front door with a festive wreath of Easter eggs, complete with festive flowers for the spring season. The best part? You can make this spring wreath as colorful as you want! Make the eggs and flowers all the same color for a subtle monotonous crown or go bold and bright by mixing all the colors.

3. Wave stars and stripes

4th of july wreath

Take a patriotic approach to decorating your front door. A bright red, white and blue wreath with stars is perfect for any Independence Day party! Plus, the handcrafted flowers give it a whimsical look perfect for summer vacation fun.

4. Decorate with fall leaves and gourds

autumn wreath

Step up your fall decoration with a wreath made from leaves (faux or dried) and pumpkins, gourds and other gourds. It’s easy enough that you can even make it yourself if you don’t want to buy a pre-made crown from the store – just grab everything from your local craft store and customize the crown however you like. wish.

5. Scare them with scary bats

scary bats

If you’re a Halloween fan and want something other than a seasonal fall wreath to go with this fall holiday, you can opt for something spooky! This crown of thorns adorned with bats can turn your living room into a haunted house for the season and give your guests an eerie feeling as soon as they walk through the door.

6. Accent it with rustic flowers

floral wreath

Put a rustic wreath on the mantle above your fireplace, rather than hanging a mirror or a painting. Combine a twig wreath with a few flowers of your choice for a simple yet chic decor. An added bonus is that it’s easy to customize and change for seasons and holidays!

7. Design a DIY Spring Wreath

spring wreath

Sometimes the best crowns can’t be found in stores or online – you make them yourself! This DIY project is easy enough for everyone to make and all you need is a paper towel or toilet paper tubes, paint, scissors and hot glue.

Cut the tubes into half-inch sections, so you end up with a bunch of half-inch wide circles. Pinch the ends of the circles to form a petal shape, then paint and glue them together in the shape of flowers and greenery. You can also layer flowers and leaves for a bit more dimension.

Then hang your crown! Since it is paper, it is not resistant to water (rain, snow, etc.) and could easily blow away with the wind, so it would be better to hang it indoors.

8. Take it up a notch with natural wood and floral macrame

macrame wreath

Wreaths aren’t usually thought of for bohemian-style decor, but there are ways to incorporate the two so they exist together. Using a natural wood wreath and adding macrame flowers keeps it subtle, but with an eclectic feel using the different textures. Moreover, this idea is very unique and you are unlikely to see it in many other places!

9. Fascinate with flashy Halloween ornaments

Shiny Halloween Wreath

An elegant yet glamorous way to incorporate a wreath into your Halloween decor is with an ornamental wreath. The same types of glass ornaments you see on Christmas trees are also available in Halloween colors – and some even have Halloween shapes! Make or buy a wreath made entirely of these ornaments and hang it on your front door to signify that you’re a fan of the holidays, but maybe not into the spooky stuff.

10. Attract them with fragrant herbs and flowers

crown of herbs

Finding the perfect wreath for a kitchen is difficult. You don’t want anything too big or showy and natural materials generally make your kitchen a more calm and inviting environment. A wreath made of herbs and flowers, especially those that smell like rosemary and lavender, will be a subtle touch of warmth that will spark happiness every time you pass by. Plus, when the herbs start to dry out, you don’t have to throw out the whole wreath – you can still use the herbs in your cooking!

Tips for Hanging Wreaths

If you live in an apartment, you’re probably not allowed to use nails to hang decorations or other methods that poke holes in walls. Here are some ways to display wreaths without damaging walls.

Hang a door hanger

Use a door hanger designed for wreaths or other hanging decor. This hook will sit on top of the door and allow you to hook your wreath on the end and remove it whenever you want without damaging anything.

Call command hooks

If you’re hanging wreaths on a wall, you’ll need some type of nail or hook to hang them on. Take a command hook and tape it to the wall so you can hang your wreath on it. You can remove it when you’re ready and it won’t leave a hole in the wall.

If you are using a command hook, be sure to get the correct weight for the wreath you plan to hang. Smaller hooks are less noticeable, but generally don’t hold as much weight and can fall off if your wreath is too heavy. Weigh your wreath and find a command hook designed to hold at least that much weight, if not more.

Set it with string or yarn

If you don’t want to mess with the hooks at all, you can use twine or wire to hang your wreath from the railing, doorknobs, or drawer pulls. Simply wrap the string or yarn around the top of the wreath and tie it around whatever object you want to hang it from. If you don’t want the string to show, you can use thick fishing line (you may need to double or triple it!).

Magnify it on a mantle or shelf

Instead of hanging wreaths, you can put them on an open mantle or shelf. You don’t have to worry about damaging the wall with nail holes and you don’t even have to worry about sticking a command hook in the wall – just prop up your wreath and walk away!

Hang a wreath all year round

Hanging wreaths is always a good idea, no matter the time of year! So be bold and be creative with your wreath decoration. You can get just one crown and dress it up and down throughout the year or you can get many different crowns for holidays and seasons to show off your excitement. There’s no wrong way to decorate when it comes to wreaths!

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