Have an Endless Summer With These 11 Beach House Decor Ideas


We hope you like the products that we recommend. For your knowledge, Freshome may collect a part of the sales from the links on this page. Want to infuse your home with a bit of beachy chic for summer (or all year long)? Wait until you see these 11 beach house decorating ideas. You can bring a little coastal living into your home or apartment, even if it’s not beachside, with just a few tweaks! That is how:

Add some beach house decor with nautical stripes

Coastal blue cushions and living room with sofa.

ben-bryant / Getty Images

A blue and white stripe is a cool idea for a beach house décor. Here are some ways to add a strip of coastal living to your space:

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  • Add a beachy look scratched shot to your bed or sofa.
  • For a chic, seaside living room, add a big bold striped woven rug.
  • The hand-dyed carpet and window treatments in this beach house themed living room have a striped pattern that ties everything together.
  • Lay out your everyday bedding for a coastal living environment with a striped blanket or striped linen pillows.
  • A simple footstool in a blue and white stripe it may be all you need to add a bit of beachy flair to your space.
Coastal blue cushion on bed in bedroom

ben-bryant / Getty Images

Add some wicker, rattan or sisal beach themed decor

rattan interior

gerenme / Getty Images

Materials like seaweed, rattan, and sisal give the room an instant coastal living feel. The materials are rope-shaped and add texture to the space, perfect for the beach-style effect you’re looking for.

  • Bamboo and wicker bar stools add a coastal cottage feel to a modern kitchen.
  • The bed in this beach house themed room is made with seaweed inserts at the headboard and footboard.
  • Woven wicker chairs are lightweight, inexpensive, and durable. Group them with other beach house decor pieces like sea glass pendants, a bead board finished island, and a pale seafoam blue wall color and you’ve got a modern seaside space.
  • The classic bamboo and wicker hanging chair is a great way to add a cool, coastal vibe to a room.
  • This coastal living room features two wicker armchairs and a two tone sisal rug to complete the beach look.
Elegant composition of outdoor garden by the lake with designer rattan armchair and elegant accessories.  Chillout summer atmosphere.

Follow Flow / Getty Images

Add indigo for a modern coastal space

Modern bedroom interior with a stylish combination of trendy blue and light wood texture / 3D illustration, 3d render

JZhuk / Getty Images

Blue is the quintessential beach theme decor color. Seafoam, light blue, navy blue and turquoise are just some of the shades you can use. But for a modern coastal look, try the indigo shade. It is similar to navy blue, but a little richer and more saturated. The color works wonderfully with wood tones, black and white. Indigo color repeats in patterns on chest and bed of this coastal style bedroom.

  • A modern seaside dining room features simple yet contemporary beach-themed wall decor in indigo tones.
  • Textured indigo shades are found in the pillows and floor mat.

Don’t you like blue? You can still enjoy the beach style

+++ NOTE TO INSPECTOR: I took two photos of artwork on the wall, they are currently in the iStock collection, see property release.  +++ A contemporary kitchen and living room with an open concept design and wet bar in a modern home.  A beautiful lake view on the outside.

YinYang / Getty Images

Although blue is the most typical color for beach house themed décor, you can omit blue altogether and still have a chic beach-style space. Here are some ideas:

  • A relaxing beach-style living room is inspired by the pale shades of sand: cream, ivory, beige and soft pink.
  • Natural wood tones, whites, and a tropical print with bright lime green create a seaside living atmosphere in this dining room.
  • This elegant living room interprets the coastal modern using woven textures in natural tones and the color white.
  • Minimal amounts of blue are seen in this beach house theme.
  • Instead, striped textures, wood paneling, and whitewashed bricks are used to create a chic seaside space.

Slipcovered furnishings for modern seaside living

non slip white sofa covers

emmaduckworth / Getty Images

For an easy and relaxed beach vibe, add slipcovers to your sofas and chairs. Cotton or linen covers in white, khaki or beige are the most beachy. Finish off the modern look of coastal living with some beach-themed pillows.

  • Crisp white covers indigo throw pillows create a modern chic seaside look.
  • Overstuffed contemporary sofas are covered in ivory linen for a laid-back beach look.
  • White cotton sofas with slipcovers and slate blue linen chair covers can be removed and washed or swapped for heavier fabric slipcovers in winter.
  • This sleek, modern coastal dining room features several beach-style elements: indigo, wicker chairs, a whitewashed wood table, and linen armchairs on castors.

Decorate your dining table with beach themed decor

outdoor dining table

Linda Raymond / Getty Images

Even if you live far from the beach, you can recreate a beautiful beach-themed dining experience by creating a coastal table setting. All you need is a few tableware to match your everyday flatware. Some beach house decor items you can add include:

  • Beach style napkin rings
  • Linen, striped or nautical napkins
  • Hurricane chandeliers
  • Chargers or a small decorative plate in nautical style
  • Hand-blown glasses that look like sea glass
  • A table runner or tablecloth with a seaside look or a color of your choice
  • the wine glasses on this table it looks like sea glass. The theme of the color of the water and the sand of this landscape of tables is reproduced one day at the beach.
  • Layers of beach themed decor like nets as table runners, starfish and coastal inspired dishes create a fun beach-themed table.
dinnign beach decor

Luciana Pampalone / Shutterstock

Add whitewashed accents to your room

Living room of luxury eco house, parquet floor and wooden ceiling beams, panoramic window on winter meadow, modern white interior design

ArchiViz / Getty Images

Whitening means adding a translucent stain of white to an item. It is different from painting the piece because a whitewash is more transparent and looks more natural. Choose pale, whitewashed accents for an updated seaside vibe.

  • The look is similar to the tone of driftwood and adds the light and glow effect of a beach house to your room.
  • The wood accents in this home were left in their natural wood tones for an elegant surfer vibe.
  • Most striking of all is the modern whitewashed oak coffee table.
  • A monochrome white-on-white bedroom with pale woods and sisal expands and brightens the space.
beach decor living room

Carlina Teteris / Getty Images

Two-tone walls are very ‘beach house’

two tone walls

terng99 / Shutterstock

There are many ways to achieve the two-tone beach house look. You can paint the walls in two contrasting colors. Or paper the top or bottom half and paint the other. Or you can add classic nautical wood paneling to the lower half of the wall. Here are some examples:

  • The two-tone wall was achieved through the use of paint and wallpaper.
  • The easiest way to add two colors to your walls is by painting them.
  • When painting, use painter’s tape to create a sharp, defined line.

Use driftwood for a beach house theme


Joy Bodker / EyeEm / Getty Images

Recycle found objects, like driftwood and bamboo, using them as wall art or as the base for a coffee or side table.

  • The owners collected driftwood on a walk along the beach and hung it freely over the breakfast nook.
  • Driftwood above the fireplace mantel and as a table base adds to the modern coastal look of this open-plan living space.

Use wood paneling for a modern coastal effect

modern double bedroom with vintage gray wall

Joy Bodker / EyeEm / Getty Images

Bead boards or siding are vertical wood panels that have been used for years to insulate and serve as walls. They are found in most home improvement stores, they are paintable and easy to work with. Here are some ways you can add a beading board for a beachy look:

  • A small house has crisp white walls. Vertical panels enhance the ceiling height of the small space.
  • A seaside themed bed is made with wooden slats.

You can’t have too many beach-themed decor items

Hanging shell decoration in the streets of Lefkada, Greece

Stefan Cristian Cioata / Getty Images

For the ultimate beach house look, layer blues, stripes, woven materials, and other home decorations on the beach.

  • A coral replica and various accents in blue and white make a beach style statement.
  • Pillows are often the cheapest and most spectacular way to create a modern coastal living space.
  • A wall collage of shells and soft shades of pale blue and beige make this entryway an attractive home stop.

Just a small amount of beach-themed decor can transform your space into a summer vacation getaway. Planning to add a little beach flair to your home? What’s your favorite beach house decorating idea?


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