Here’s Your Design Style According To Your Zodiac Sign


Your zodiac sign can tell a lot about your personality and preferences. Depending on where the stars were in the sky at the time of your birth, your design style can be bold and messy, neat and organized, or somewhere in between. Look for your zodiac sign below (or the sign of someone you love) to check for your favorite sign design style. It’s a great way to find the perfect gift for someone or to help you define the best design style for your personality. March 21 – April 19 | AriesApril 20 – May 20 | TaurusMay 21 – June 20 | GeminiJune 21 – July 22 | CancerJuly 23 – August 22 | LionAugust 23 – September 22 | VirgoSeptember 23 – October 22 | LibraOctober 23 – November 21 | ScorpionNovember 22 – December 21 | SagittariusDecember 22 – January 19 | CapricornJanuary 20 – February 18 | AquariumFebruary 19 – March 20 | fish


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The fiery Aries loves the latest design ideas and the color red. Image: TonTectonix / Shutterstock

Buy these products now: Sectional sofaThrow the pillowWall shelvesAbout you: You are fiery, passionate and pioneering. An Aries is full of energy and people are drawn to your fun and warm personality. Aries people are not afraid to try something new. You love being out and about, so you prefer your home to be low maintenance.Design style: ContemporaryDesign Keywords: Minimalist, contemporary, elegant, the latestPower Color: Red and any flashy, fiery colorEssential household item: Anything in leather, especially if the leather is red, black, or white.Stores just for you: All modern, Design within reach

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astrology design styles

Taurus love soft, tactile fabrics and textures. Image: PlusONE / Shutterstock

Buy these products now: L shaped sofaCenter tableCarpetAbout you: Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty. Comfort, safety and a warm and peaceful environment are important to you. The best food and decoration await you behind the doors of a Taurus space.Design style: Traditional luxuryDesign Keywords: Luxury, classic, comfortablePower Color: GreenEssential household item: The ultimate lounging sofa or daybed, complete with cushions and a soft blanketStores just for you: Restoration tools, Williams Sonoma


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A Gemini is likely to have bookstores that display their collection of books and objects. Image: Bulgac / Getty Images

Buy these products now: BookcaseLove seatsRound tableDesk lampAbout you: You are laid back, a great communicator and are always on the hunt for new things. You are ruled by twins, which means you have two very opposite sides to you, making you look eclectic. You are the only sign that can love the traditional and trendy at the same time while instantly falling in love with the next design trend.Design style: Modern eclecticDesign Keywords: Fashionable, mix and match, light and airyPower Color: WhiteEssential household item: A modern shelf (or two) for all your booksStores just for you: CB2, Urban Outfitters


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A Cancer space is always welcoming, attractive, simple and familiar. Image: Breadmaker / Shutterstock

Buy these products now: Counter chairChandelierFruit bowlAbout you: Cancers are the best person in the household. Your home is very important to you and it is always cozy, comfortable and unpretentious. People are drawn to you because of your comforting and comforting personality.Design style: CottageDesign Keywords: Simple, comfortable, nostalgic, familiarPower Color: WhiteEssential household item: A gallery wall or photo frames to display your favorite family photos and memoriesStores just for you: Magnolia Home, Ceramic barn


zodiac sign design style

Leos love high-end details like gold accents and graphic patterns. Image: Tulcarion / Getty Images

Buy these products now: Round mirrorShowerFloating sinkAbout you: You are regal and you know it. You were born to shine and be the star of the zodiac. In fact, many Leos have wild hair or some attribute that sets them apart from the crowd. Your home is a reflection of you: unique, luxurious and eye-catching.Design style: MaximalistDesign Keywords: Regal, more is more, luxurious, personalizedPower Color: GoldEssential household item: All monogrammedStores just for you: One Kings Lane, Neiman marcus


astrology and home design

This immaculate space is minimalist yet rustic, with natural elements like recycled wood floors. Image: Asbe / Getty Images

Buy these products now: BookcaseFloor lampWishbone chairAbout you: You have an eye that fixes on every little detail. You need order, organization and cleanliness or you will go crazy. Since Virgos belong to the earth element, you prefer natural materials. People appreciate your helpful and practical personality and your need for harmony in the home.Design style: Modern rusticDesign Keywords: Zen, organized, natural, organicPower Color: Earth tones like mocha and beigeEssential household item: An eye-catching living wall or lots of indoor plantsStores just for you: West elm, The Container Store


zodiac design styles

Libras love to entertain and their homes are a pleasant environment for guests and family. Image:

Buy these products now: Dining chairsHanging lampRound wall mirrorAbout you: You are naturally elegant and can be quite artistic. People are drawn to you because of your talent for being diplomatic and fair. Harmonious relationships are very important to you. Your home displays this innate talent for balance and harmony, although sometimes everything overwhelms you and your home becomes a bit messy. But it will always be a disaster.Design style: ModernDesign Keywords: Proportionate, cozy, elegant, fashionable.Power Color: Light blues and pinksEssential household item: A beautiful dining room for six or moreStores just for you: Drawer and barrel, Nordstrom


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Scorpios are best known for their air of mystery and their love of dark, refined, and dramatic style. Image: Tulcarion / Getty Images

Buy these products now: Desk lampThrow the pillowBedroom PlantsBlanketAbout you: Your reserved nature makes you mysterious and enigmatic to others. You are fascinated by all things deep and below the surface, like how or why things work. Suspicions of trends and superficial ideas. You prefer your home to be your magnificently decorated cave where you feel safe to be yourself away from the prying eyes of the world.Design style: ClassicDesign Keywords: Mysterious, refined, private, sensualPower Color: BlackEssential household item: A bedroom with a velvet headboard and layers of brightly colored silk sheets with blackout curtainsStores just for you: Bo concept, Restoration tools


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Outdoor items like potted plants or natural materials, fused with exotic objects from their travels, are often found in a Sagittarius’ home. Image:

Buy these products now: SofaThrow the pillowCarpetAbout you: We thank you, dear Saggie, for being you. You are fun, easy going, and the first to sign up for a road trip or outdoor adventure like bungee jumping or treasure hunt. You can’t live without the great outdoors or distant cultures, which makes you the ultimate free spirit.Design style: Global chicDesign Keywords: Global, boho-chic, bright, outdoorPower Color: IndigoEssential household item: A wall of objects from your travels.Stores just for you: Pier 1, World Market


zodiac home design styles

Capricorns may put practicality above all else, but they still manage to create an elegant and exclusive style. Image: WorldWide / Shutterstock

Buy these products now: Throw the pillowTripod floor lampSofaAbout you: It is usually traditional. Friends love you for your trustworthy nature and the wise advice you offer. Practicality comes before comfort or style. You work hard to earn what you have and you value everything you have. There is no room for useless things in your space.Design style: ScandinavianDesign Keywords: Practical, old, durablePower Color: GrayEssential household item: A nice and well organized closet.Stores just for you: Room and food, There is


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Quirky, artistic, and fun objects are often found in an Aquarius’ home. Image: Michel Arnaud / Getty Images

Buy these products now: Bed sheetDesk lampBedside tableAbout you: You are fascinated by anything unusual or different. Good causes and the environment are important to you. You are a rebel and long for the freedom to be able to fully express your unique self. You have many friends and fans who find you to be modest and a breath of fresh air.Design style: Eco-eclecticDesign Keywords: High tech, edgy, green, cunningPower Color: turquoiseEssential household item: A living room with repurposed objects like a coffee table with a wooden palletStores just for you: Etsy, Long live Terra


astrology and home design

Pisces people are attracted to everything related to water. You will surely find an abundance of glass and blue decor in your spacious homes. Images:

Buy these products now: Dining room chairWall stickersConsole tableFruit bowlAbout you: Pisces is the dreamer of the zodiac. You are sensitive, you have a lot of imagination and you need a sanctuary in which to rest, relax and recharge your batteries. Pisces is a water element and is attracted to the sea.Design style: CoastalDesign Keywords: Beachy, Zen, Relaxed, Subtle, EtherealPower Color: Slate blueEssential household item: A crisp white bedroom with a zen beach vibe and a small fish tankStores just for you: Anthropology, Joss and Main


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