How to Minimize Dust in Apartment

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An apartment might be a cost-effective housing option at several points in an individual’s life, however the air quality of this limited living space is something you have to manage.

If you’re not careful, the surfaces in your apartment can collect dust very easily. It might even seem like the dust is taking over the place, with dust particles forming even after a deep clean. Naturally, you do want to reduce dust as much as possible in order to avoid triggering dust allergies and just to remain as hygienic as possible. Dust mites are another uncomfortable reality, so it’s best to think about reducing dust in your apartment as soon as possible.

What is the reason for so much Dust?

If the dust accumulation in your apartment seems to be more out of control than usual, you may be wondering what’s causing it all.

First off, it’s best to realize just what dust consists of. It’s not just soil particles here, but also pet dander, hair and skin cells, and other forms of debris in that dust.

Secondly, there are a few dust magnets around that collect dust more than other items in your living space. Items like fabrics, stuffed furry toys, rugs, and carpets can all trap dust and make life difficult for allergy sufferers. The furnishing fibers from these items could actually make more dust as well.

There may also be a lot of places in your apartment where dust can come through. Windows and doors are the most obvious ones, but your apartment unit may also have several crevices or cracks. As a result, dust might appear quickly on all your surfaces.

It’s impossible to completely get rid of dust for good. Still, we can and should work on getting rid of excessive dust, and ideally, making our apartment dust free for as long as possible.

Wondering how to deal with those annoying dust particles?

Let’s talk about it in some detail now.

It may not be realistic to think about eliminating dust completely. Dust may arise due to several factors. Your air filtration system might even be the culprit for so much dust if the filter is too full. Your own cleaning method may also be a factor that determines how much dust accumulates on your surfaces.

household dust

Instead of worrying about the dust in your apartment, it’s important to understand how to minimize it. Those dead skin cells, pollen fragments, paper fibers, pet dander, textile fibers, animal hair, and even food particles will probably mess with the air quality around you. Read on for tips on minimizing dust; you just might find the perfect way to reduce dust to a comfortable level!

Consider the Sources of Household Dust

The ways in which household dust appears are an essential piece of information. If you want to prevent dust from appearing too quickly, check out the following factors:

1. Outside Sources of Dust

When you’re still adjusting to apartment living, you may not notice all the ways in which dust can get inside. Air ducts, air conditioning, and cracks around doors or windows can all be instrumental in letting in dust from outside. Humans and their pets will also be carrying all types of dust components into an apartment.

Greenery Surrounding Your Apartment

If there are a lot of trees around your home, they probably attract several birds as well. These feathered friends may also carry dust on them. Any open window or unknown crevice could let in this dust too. Make sure you ask related questions and know what to ask when apartment hunting.

Possible Solutions

One possible solution here is to actively search for and block any crevice or crack that might be causing excessive dust buildup. Consider keeping the windows closed as much as possible; this will also help in preventing or getting rid of fruit flies in an apartment. Dusting off your clothes outside is also a good idea. Besides, it’s wise to wipe your feet with the door mat before entering.

2. Hair Cells and Skin Cells

These cells are a part of dust, they’re pretty much unavoidable. They can accumulate in the bathroom, the carpets, and most of the furniture as well. It’s not just the body cells, but also flakes of any product you use on your skin and hair; think nail polish chips, dry shampoo, hair sprays, and perfumes. If you really want to minimize the contribution to dust from this aspect, consider regular exfoliation and using natural products more.

3. Heating, Cooling, and Air Purifier Systems

If you don’t change your air filters for some time, they could contribute to the dust in your home. Any leaking ducts in the air purifier or heating systems could also be the culprit. Make sure to maintain and refinish your air purifiers and heating/cooling systems regularly if you’re serious about reducing dust.

4. Fibers from Most of Your Stuff

Take a close look at what you have in your apartment. Clutter, rags, clothes, drapes, some furnishings, carpets, and curtains can all be the causes of dust. Fabrics on anything wear down over time, with the broken down materials accumulating everywhere. The fibers may even float through the air, bypassing your filters, and even avoiding the vacuum cleaner.

How Clutter Contributes to Dust

If you have too many knick knacks, extra furniture, or just a lot of other stuff in your home, it will become difficult to dust effectively. Plus, clutter increases the chances of pests lurking in your apartment, carrying dust and also leaving behind excretions. Even their dead bodies can crumble into dust eventually, contributing to even more dust. All of this also increases the chances of getting dust mites.

One sure-fire solution here is to de-clutter your space and clean it regularly. With a little effort, you can be more comfortable and prevent dust from coming in or forming indoors.

4.Repairs and Maintenance Work

When you have what is considered a maintenance emergency in an apartment, your landlord will probably take care of it. However, keep in mind that the work will result in more dust for some time. Make sure to sweep properly after the workers leave.

Adopt Proper Cleaning Techniques

Here are some tips on removing dust properly from your home:

Deep and Regular Cleaning

Clean thoroughly and more frequently than before. Make sure to include every nook and cranny, whether you use that place regularly or not.

Change Up the Bedding More Often

Bedding can gather a lot of dust, which can also lower your sleep quality. Changing it regularly won’t let the dust affect you so much.

Use the Right Tools

A damp cloth will be more effective than a feather duster or even a vacuum. Dry dusting will only spread dust around, so even a HEPA filter won’t be of much use.

Invest in Air Purifiers

As long as you get a good system with a HEPA filter and maintain the air purifiers regularly, this should be a good way to reduce dust. Make sure to change the air filters regularly.

Make Some Changes

Phase out the rugs and carpets; hardwood floors are easier to vacuum. This will also make your air purifier and air filters more effective.

The Takeaway

Excessive dust could cause a lot of health issues, so you should get started on the tips above right away. While you’re at it, consider learning how to soundproof an apartment door for even more comfort and privacy. After all, a happy home is a dust-free home that is also peaceful enough to live in.

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