Indianapolis Housing Market in 2024: What You Need to Know

Navigating the diverse Indianapolis housing landscape can be quite an adventure. Our comprehensive guide delves into the nuances of this market, covering everything from average sale and rental prices to the unique characteristics of various neighborhoods in Indianapolis.

Indianapolis housing market: Dowtown has a more expensive housing market compared to more suburban areas

Downtown Indianapolis is brimming with options. Its allure is evident, with the city center drawing in those who seek the excitement of urban living. Take, for instance, a property at 518 Lockerbie Cir S that sold for $438,000, just below its asking price – a sign of a robust market. Similarly, a sale at 660 Ellsworth St for $890,000, also under the listed price, hints at a market where buyers have room for negotiation.

Affordability shines in the Near Eastside. This area is a favorite among diverse residents, boasting an array of historic and newly remodeled homes. The sale of a property at 3705 E 10th St for $170,000, and another at 2155 N Drexel Ave for $146,000, illustrates this neighborhood’s approachable price range.

Activity buzzes in Southeast Indianapolis, catering to various tastes with its mix of cost-effective homes and expansive properties. A home at 2945 S Kenmore Rd selling for $200,000, close to its asking price, signals a well-balanced market. Meanwhile, a sale at 2012 S Bolton Ave, surpassing its listing price at $120,000, shows the potential for competitive bids in this sector.

The Near Northside displays a diverse pricing spectrum, especially noted for its upscale rentals. This locale offers a blend of luxurious apartments and classic homes, attracting both professionals and families. A property at 1636 Yandes St, selling for $322,000 slightly below the asking price, contrasts with another at 3715 Governors Rd, which fetched $444,000, surpassing its listed price.

Indianapolis housing market: Fountain square has a stable real estate market. The median sale price is slightly more than the rest of Indy

Fountain Square, a lively and artistic quarter, showcases an energetic rental market. From trendy apartments to quaint houses, it draws a variety of residents, including young graduates, retirees and artists. The neighborhood’s market varies, with sales like the one at 1325 Lexington Ave going for $541,000, just below the listed price, and another at 919 Woodlawn Ave selling at its asking price of $160,000.

The historic Old Northside is a blend of beautifully restored residences and modern builds, offering a premium rental scene with a sense of community. High-value properties, like the one at 1442 N New Jersey St selling for $420,000 close to its asking price, indicate a stable and resilient market.

Irvington presents a diverse market, from charming, budget-friendly homes to modern apartments, attracting students, professionals, and families alike. A property at 231 S Butler Ave, selling for $205,000 just under its list price, reflects the neighborhood’s appeal to varied budgets and tastes.

Garfield Park is noted for its affordable living and proximity to the picturesque park, offering diverse rental choices suitable for both families and individuals seeking tranquility. Properties like the one at 2621 Stanley Ave, selling at its listing price of $205,000, highlight a consistent market value.

Near Westside is rising as an affordable rental hotspot, providing diverse housing options that appeal to students and families alike, with convenient access to downtown. The sale of a property at 1442 S Richland St for $146,000, below its asking price, indicates a market ripe with value and negotiation potential.

Affordable cost is available in Indianapolis. Mortgage rates are affordable depending on the area - according to the Indiana association of Realtors

Welcome to Indianapolis

Each neighborhood in Indianapolis flaunts its unique charm, with varying average sale prices and dynamic market trends. From the competitive and high-value Downtown to the more budget-friendly East and West sides, Indianapolis’s housing market has something for everyone, be it buyers, investors or renters.

Renting in Indy

Indianapolis’s rental market is just as enticing as its housing sector, offering diverse choices throughout the city and its outskirts.

The indianapolis housing market is very dependent on neighborhood, whether looking for a house in the real estate market or apartment

Neighborhood rent trends

  • Meridian-Kessler: Balancing urban and suburban perks, median rent here stands at $1,022 for a one-bedroom and $1,145 for a two-bedroom. It’s a hit among families and young professionals, thanks to its proximity to downtown, local amenities and Butler University.
  • Near Eastside: As a growing trendy spot, the Near Eastside offers more affordable rents, with a median of $750 for a one-bedroom and $767 for a two-bedroom, attracting millennials with its vibrant scene.
  • Near Northside: Combining historic charm with iconic landmarks, the Near North has median rents akin to Meridian-Kessler, making it ideal for those seeking a peaceful yet connected lifestyle.
  • Near Westside: Celebrated for its affordability and spaciousness, median rents here are $1,045 for a one-bedroom and $1,200 for a two-bedroom, perfect for those wanting proximity to downtown without the hefty price tag.
  • North Willow: Matching Meridian-Kessler and Near Northside in median rent, North Willow is known for its appealing setting, suitable for those seeking comfort and convenience at a reasonable cost.

transportation costs in Indy are around the national average

Transport and lifestyle costs

IndyGo facilitates public transportation in Indianapolis with an extensive bus network. For pedestrians and cyclists, it’s worth noting that while the city’s walkability and biking scores are modest, areas like Canal Walk are more pedestrian-friendly.

Tax considerations

Indianapolis adheres to Indiana’s state tax policies, featuring a 7% sales tax and a flat income tax rate of 3.23% across all income brackets, contributing to the city’s overall affordability.

no matter what home sales and mortgage rates numbers look like, indiana has a booming housing market

Embrace life in Indy

Indianapolis’s housing and rental markets are ever-evolving. With diverse prices in neighborhoods like Downtown, Eastside and Fountain Square, the housing market caters to a wide array of preferences and budgets, showing a healthy balance of sales above and below list prices.

The rental scene offers a spectrum of choices to suit various lifestyles and incomes. Neighborhoods like Meridian-Kessler and Near Westside highlight the city’s versatility, ranging from trendy and affordable areas to more suburban settings with higher rents.

Indianapolis’s appeal is further boosted by its lower recurring costs and straightforward taxation, making it a prime destination for homeowners and renters alike. With its mix of urban convenience and suburban comfort, Indianapolis is a city where everyone can find their perfect place to call home.

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