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Since selling the ottoman in my living room, a lot more rugs have been on display and I’ve been inundated with questions about it. Very sadly, the magnificent company that made it, The House Of Rym, has since closed its doors, so the rug is no longer available. I spotted it on their website awhile before I moved into our house, but at £ 700 it was out of my budget. I had the tab open on my phone for weeks, then one day checked it again and the rug was on sale at £ 190. I have never bought anything so fast! I based the decoration of the whole living space around the carpet and still love it.

Rise and Shine rug designed and manufactured by The House of Rym
A flat weave kilim style rug

The rug is made of wool and a flat kilim style weave, which makes it quite different from a lot of rugs or wool rugs because there is no pile. It is soft but not terrycloth or shaggy. This type of kilim rug is quite unique compared to other patterned rugs as they actually act as a neutral rug; it is possible to superimpose pattern on pattern with a kilim as a base. The geometric patterns are timeless and, as can be seen in these homes, they will fit into many interior styles …

It is impossible to find anything similar to the rug that I have – trust me I have searched endlessly – but I would like to share my choice of similar style rugs and hope that this will be able to help people who have asked me questions about mine.

Vintage Scandinavian flatwoven rugs

These Scandinavian rugs are probably the most similar to my rug, which is a Swedish design. These are all vintage rugs from Vinterior and there are other rugs in their Scandinavian rugs category if you like these:

Afghans Kilim

Hand-woven using traditional techniques, these flat weave wool rugs are beautiful and all unique. There are hundreds available at Nain Trading, so check out their Afghan kilim rugs Category. I just bought them a “modern kilim” for our office, so I’ll show it to you when it arrives.

ebay one offs

You better be quick if you like the look of one of these, as they’re all Buy It Now sales …

Modern kilims

And just a few mass produced kilim style rugs that are pretty hard to find …

Some tips when buying unique rugs

There are a few things that you need to check and take into account when choosing a unique rug. Firstly, the size of a single rug varies wildly and there are no standard sizes like you get on Main Street. Be sure to check the exact measurements very carefully and don’t be fooled by pictures of rugs which can make tiny rugs look like large rugs. Some ebay sites in particular overlay rugs in room images and resize them to make them look much larger than they actually are. Also be sure to check what the rugs are made of; wool rugs will generally be stronger, thicker and heavier than cotton rugs. If you want a rug that won’t wrinkle or for an area of ​​heavy traffic, you’ll want a relatively thick rug. You will also need to keep in mind the cost of the underlay for any carpet you purchase. I have always found kilim rugs to be incredibly good at hiding marks and stains and they do as well. Our living room rug is as beautiful as when we bought it two years ago living with a very large dog and a young child.

Hope this helps! If you are looking and don’t see something you like here, be sure to click on the different sellers as they have a lot more to offer.

Katy x

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