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What are the child-friendly, fun and romantic places in town?

Sometimes romance isn’t just about uninterrupted eye contact and holding hands. Sometimes the best romance is having fun like you’re a kid again!

Dating isn’t just for twenty-somethings coming out of college and discovering life. We all need romance in our lives. But how can busy parents try to adapt to a social life? Let’s face it. It is not always possible to find a reliable daycare. But how do we keep our little darlings and blessings from becoming a dating curse?
It is possible to have an abundant love life by planning family dates. This way we can keep the romance alive and continue to take care of our families. Let’s learn from our children, get creative and start planning. NYC is the best playground for kids and adults.

Museum in New York

American Museum of Natural History

The American Museum of Natural History is an educational oasis for adults and children. Located in the Upper West Side and Theodore Roosevelt Park, the museum houses 45 permanent exhibits, a planetarium, and a library. The collections feature over 34 million specimens of plants, fossils, minerals, rocks, meteorites, animal/human remains, and cultural artifacts. Here everyone can learn about human existence/cultures, our natural world in the universe.

Brooklyn Museum

The Brooklyn Museum is probably the largest art museum in the world. Here the family can enjoy Egyptian antiquities covering a history of over 3000 years, art from around the world and antique collections. Additionally, the Brooklyn Museum features the Steinberg Family Sculpture Garden, which contains salvaged architectural elements from New York’s history. Everyone can learn about artistic trends from different continents, histories and cultural perspectives.

Ice Cream Museum, Soho

Who doesn’t love ice cream? The Ice Museum offers interactive experiences for children and adults. You can eat as many frozen treats as you want and learn about ice cream and its history. The museum offers immersive and multi-sensory installations with activities led by expert guides. Your kids can even play in a giant, sprinkled pool and feel like they’re inside an ice cream cone. Who says you and your date can’t slide down New York’s tallest indoor slide? Here, the fun is not just for children; What a dream come true.

NYC Cinemas

IPic Theater at South Street Seaport

This theater is probably the most luxurious and immersive restaurant/cinema experience. You can watch classics or the latest blockbusters. In addition, IPic offers an extensive food and bar menu, so check the website for the latest shows.

The new theater of victory

The New Victory has something for everyone and is one of the only theaters that caters to younger audiences. They offer a stream of home picks as well as in-house shows. So check out their schedule and plan your date with your family.

Fun Activities in New York

Shipwrecked Mini Golf

Why not plan a mini-golf adventure for your next family get-together? Castaway offers many fun activities, escape rooms, arcade games, mini-golf, and even a tiki terrace. You can enjoy an adult drink while your kids enjoy a kid-specific menu. If your toddlers (or adults) have shorter attention spans, the good thing is that you can switch between activities as they please!

Ice Skating/Roller Skating at Rockefeller Center

Yes! Rockefeller Center will now be open to rollerblading and ice skating regardless of the season! It’s a perfect pre-dinner activity to whet your appetite.

The cliffs of the LIC

Are you looking for an offbeat dating adventure? Head to The cliffs for your perfect climbing adventure! Your date will be the perfect mix of age-appropriate activities and fun! In addition, the site offers a summer camp and youth programs for the little ones. To climb!

Escape rooms

If your kids are a little older, your date can take a rather adventurous turn. Book an escape room adventure and choose from an array of themes. The Clue Chase Escape Room and Escape from the room in New York have something for everyone and provide hours of entertainment. What a great way to find out how your families will interact when solving a challenge.

Tours in Graff

Suppose your children are active; head towards Tours in Graff and enjoy their street art tours and artist-led graffiti workshops. They even offer a summer camp for your children! Also check out their Brooklyn graffiti and date night deals. Here, everyone can express their urban and inner artist.

Dave and Busters

Suppose you want your kids to enjoy a blast from the past, head to Dave & Buster’s in Midtown West. While your kids are enjoying the arcade games, you and your date can order food, sip drinks, and enjoy a conversation. Speaking of what…

Best Nightlife Restaurants in New York

The Highline Santina

Enjoy the spectacular views of the incredible Italian oasis in the Meatpacking District. Designed by renowned architect Renzo Piano, the Santina is adjacent to the Whitney Museum. It’s a breathtaking date experience, complete with handcrafted Venetian chandeliers and flowers. The terrace is the perfect summer destination where you will feel like you are in a garden. Enjoy craft cocktails and bring your kids’ favorite games. Santino is open for brunch and dinner. Enjoy a glass of wine and you must try their spicy tuna tartare.

Brooklyn crab

Suppose you and your date are craving some serious seafood, head to Brooklyn Crab. The kids’ menu includes fish and chips, poor boys, and chicken tenders, and adults can enjoy Alaskan king crab and snow crab. Enjoy panoramic views of the Red Hook Canal and the Hudson River Well, as you dine in great weather outside. There are even animations! Enjoy an eight-hole mini-golf course at the back of the restaurant. Here, there is something for everyone.

Eataly NYC

Eataly feels like an Italian community/marketplace coming to life. You can explore their cooking classes, wine and beverage events, dinner specials, marketers, parties, and kids classes! Here, everyone can learn about the art of the table, whatever their age. There are several locations in New York, so check out their website and start planning your appointment.

Nom Wah Tea Room

Fancy some dim sum? Next, head to Chinatown in the historic 1920s, family restaurant. Enjoy the vintage atmosphere with an Art Deco touch and soft pork buns.

The thirsty koala

Although the Koala is not specifically aimed at children, the desserts and the menu are perfect for children. On Thursday evenings, the whole family can enjoy live jazz.

Koneko Cat Cafe

This cafe is a dangerous place! Especially for those who give in to the slightest whims of their children. You could go there for a brownie, a chocolate croissant, a Belgian waffle, a glass of wine or a sake… and come out with a CAT! It’s true! This single cafe serves as a rescue for our four-legged friends. Your children will love interacting with the purrs. So why not expand your family?

Kid Friendly Bars NYC

Who says you can’t have a drink while hanging out with your kids, your former mother-in-law? Yes, New York is for everyone, so you should check out the kid-friendly bars. Although you can’t sit directly at the bar, ask for a table and relax with the family. NYC is truly one of the best places to have kids.

Brooklyn Brewery

If you have an open-minded approach to teaching your kids about alcohol, check out the Brooklyn Brewery. If you and your date purchase a small-batch brewery tour, children under 10 enter free. Children over 10 pay $18 a ticket and receive a souvenir glass filled with craft soda. Then, while you sit down and sip your brew, your kids can enjoy pizza.

Greenwood Park

With 13,000 square feet of spacious indoor/outdoor space, South Slopes’ Greenwood Park is suitable for children until 7 p.m. Offerings include around 60 draft beers and a garden menu. Plus, kids can enjoy hot dogs, chicken fingers, and pretzels.

Franklin Park

Franklin Park offers video games, a ping-pong table and a photo booth for the little ones to play. For adults, this is the place for cocktails and a seasonal beer lounge.

sweet chick

If you’re looking for a southern brunch, Sweet Chick is the place to be. Bring your kids and their toys and enjoy chicken waffles, bacon and the cheddar waffle. Of course, if the little ones are already in bed, you can also go here! The Sweet Chick is open until 2am.

Ear Inn

If you are looking for a 19th century bar, go to Ear Inn (circa 1817). Grab a drink and enjoy burgers, dumplings, spicy shrimp or pasta. Your children will receive crayons with the freedom to express their artistic talent on the paper tablecloths.


If you’re looking for a beer garden that allows kids after dark, give up your search. You found it. Berg’n offers board games and a giant projection screen to keep everyone busy. With different food vendors to choose from, this beer garden has something for everyone. As you sample beers from around the world, you’ll thank your lucky stars for finding the place.

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