Pros and Cons of Ground Floor Apartments

NYC is the king of apartment buildings, and people here like to live high in the sky. However, many houses in New York are at street level and someone has to live there. People have different opinions about ground floor apartment buildings, and all of those opinions are valid. The truth is that ground floor apartments are suitable for some and not suitable for others. But how do you know what’s right for you?

Advantages of ground floor apartments

Ground floor apartments have many advantages that go largely unnoticed. Some of the biggest benefits of these homes include:

1.) Easy Access

One of the advantages of a ground floor apartment is that you don’t have to take the stairs to an elevator to get there. Living in an apartment without an elevator is killer in New York, especially since most buildings under five stories, which is a lot, don’t need an elevator. Climbing a ton of stairs is a nightmare, especially in the summer. Even if your building has an elevator, there may only be a small number for a huge building. Also, the elevators in the city break down all the time. Having a ground floor apartment eliminates all of those distracting aspects of an apartment complex, as your front door is just steps away from the entrance to your building.

2.) Cheaper rent

Yes, you read that right. Ground floor apartments are generally much cheaper than apartments on other floors. Many reasons will be covered in our cons list, but cheap rent is a hard-to-find perk in this city. A lot of people are getting kicked out of town, so affordable housing is more important than ever right now. Ground-floor apartments can be a game-changer for low-income people who can use the money they save on rent for more important things, like family or health care. Saving money in New York is very rare, so getting a ground floor apartment could be the difference between succeeding here and trying to succeed elsewhere.

3.) More space

Ground floor apartments may have cheaper rent, but they also usually have more space. If you look at taller buildings in New York, many get slimmer as they get taller. This means less space for houses, whereas lower ground floor apartments usually have more work to do. Also, since many dislike ground floor apartments, resorts usually expand these units to attract more principles. These larger apartments are perfect for people who need a little extra space or for those who want a guest bedroom, library or office. They also make a great space for people with children. Talk about who…

4.) Ideal for children

Children need space to learn and grow, and ground floor apartments can provide that. Additionally, children who make noise downstairs will only have to deal with annoyed neighbors upstairs, as opposed to neighbors above and below them. These factors make ground floor apartments ideal for children, as they need to have a loud and creative space, which can be a challenge in many apartment complexes in New York. Plus, kids will love not sharing elevators with strangers or climbing five flights of stairs to get home. Not to mention that the savings on rent will mean you’ll have more to spend on your kids, another rare achievement in New York.

5.) Yard Space

Finding green spaces in the city, apart from parks, is almost impossible. While some brownstones have backyards, apartment complexes are largely part of the concrete jungle that the rest of the city is famous for. However, some resorts have private outdoor spaces that are only accessible on the ground floor. You can see where I’m coming from. Ground floor apartments are more likely to have access to a courtyard. This is an important aspect to consider when choosing a place to live, especially for large families. A courtyard is something you have to pounce on in New York, but since ground-floor apartments aren’t particularly popular, you can sneak in without too much hassle.

Disadvantages of ground floor apartments

Ground floor apartments aren’t particularly popular in New York City, and there’s a reason for that. Despite all their advantages, there are major disadvantages. For example, some of the worst parts of downstairs living include:

1.) Easy Access

Lawyers aren’t usually a problem in New York, but they do exist and are very annoying when they come to your door. If you live on the ground floor, guess which door they knock on first. Political lawyers, salespeople, and even religious groups can easily visit your home before building management has a chance to evict them. This can be one of the most tedious aspects of downstairs living, especially when you don’t know if the visitor at your door is important. However, some aspects of downstairs living can be even worse.

2.) Lack of privacy

Living on the ground floor means living next to the sidewalk. Since your apartment is legally required to have windows, any passerby can peek into your home. This is a rare occurrence as most people find it inappropriate to look into another person’s home. However, some people will not hesitate to look out your windows. Worse still, on the weekends you might have inebriated visitors knocking on your windows. It’s scary and awful, and it will make you question humanity a bit. Again, however, this is a rare occurrence, but something to consider, especially when you have dependent children.

3.) Lack of light

New York apartments often boast of the abundance of natural light they provide to their residents. However, most ground floor apartments do not have this luxury. For one thing, many resorts have chosen to tint the main floor windows to solve the problem of lookie-loos. Second, many buildings in New York are quite tall and can block sunlight that would otherwise be provided to other complexes. This is already a problem for apartments on higher floors. Ground floor apartments, in particular, are at a severe disadvantage when it comes to natural light. Since they are so close to the street, even the smallest buildings will cast a shadow over them. You will need to invest in good lighting fixtures.

4.) Noise Pollution

Every apartment in New York will be noisy. It’s just part of the concert. There’s a ton of traffic, sirens, and people chatting, and most people can hear bits and pieces of it throughout the evening. The ground floor apartments, however, are on a different level. The noise is often just outside your home and can be deafening. Many people can get used to the noise, but many cannot and end up suffering for a long time in their new home. Even people who don’t usually care about noise can be bothered by it, as sirens can pop up out of nowhere, startle residents and wake people up. Noise is a factor you need to consider when buying these homes.

5.) Weather issues

Another rare occurrence, although occurring more frequently as the climate continues to change, is that ground floor apartments are more susceptible to weather damage, particularly flooding. Buildings in low lying areas should be especially careful, as flooding has become a problem in New York since hurricanes and heavy downpours have become much more frequent. Ground floor apartments may not be lethal, but the damage done to them can be. Even if people aren’t hurt, their wallets might be, as flood damage can be a huge cost imposed by principles via damaged personal items.

What to look for in a ground floor apartment

First of all, check the age of the building. Older buildings have less flood protection and less noise dampening qualities. That’s not to say that ground floor apartments in older buildings are bad, but it’s something to keep in mind.

Another good thing to look at is the history of the building, especially as it relates to breaches. Building violations can be a major safety and comfort factor for any apartment, but are even more important when it comes to a ground floor apartment. Finding a building with a good story means the difference between living a happy city life and having to move within a year.


Ground floor apartments can be a tenant’s best friend or worst enemy. Depending on the person, the pros may outweigh the cons or vice versa. If you can hack the downsides of the apartment, then a ground floor can be the salvation needed for someone to stay in town. On the other hand, if the downsides are too great, people might want to look elsewhere. Ground floor apartments could be the ultimate double-edged sword when it comes to apartments in New York, and people looking to rent one should do their due diligence before committing to an apartment. .

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