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If you live in LA and are an RV enthusiast, you’re probably well-acquainted with the joys of taking your vacation on the road – whether you’re exploring the stunning scenery of the Golden State or you’re adventuring outside of it to discover the best RV getaways in the country. However, once you return to LA, your RV will need to be stored until you’re ready to hit the road again. In this case, renting a self storage unit is an ideal way to keep it away from home, especially if you go for a climate-controlled unit which helps to avoid any temperature- or humidity-related damage to your vehicle. You’ll need a 10’x30′ or larger unit, depending on the size of your RV. Renting a 10’x30′ storage unit in Los Angeles, CA costs, on average, $610/month.

You might discover that besides storing your RV, you also want to keep other belongings away from home, such as seasonal items (decoration and clothing), especially if you live in an apartment in LA. For these types of items, a 5’x5′ or a 5’x10′ unit might be ideal. For larger items, such as furniture and appliances, you should upgrade to a 10’x10’ or 10’x15’ unit. A 10’x20’ or 10’x30’ unit is ideal for moving because they can house the contents of an entire home each. To get a full picture of what each unit size can do for you, consult this storage unit size guide.

Now that you’re acquainted with the ways storage units can help, let’s take a look at the same of the best storage facilities in LA that offer RV storage:

Price Self Storage - 3430 South La Brea Avenue, West Los Angeles, CA 90016 self storage facility

Located in Baldwin Hills at the junction of South La Brea and Exposition Blvd., the Price Self Storage facility is also right by the Rancho Cienega Recreation Center and the Susan Miller Dorsey Senior High School. It’s easy to get to this facility if you live in West Adams or Jefferson Park too.

The facility caters to all types of storage needs, including RV, with the 107 units offered. For your RV storage needs, you could peruse any of the 17 large units that start at around $440/month and can go up to $1,000/month, depending on the unit size.

If you’re looking for classical storage, a small unit starts at $122/month, and you can get between 16 and 90 square feet of storage in this size. Rates for medium units begin at around $380/month, while large units rent for a minimum of $440/month. Besides a variety of unit size, this facility also offers top-notch security thanks to gated access and the video surveillance system in place. Parking spots are also available when you stop by the location.

A Del Rey location, this Extra Space Storage facility is close to the corner of Lincoln Blvd. and Washington Blvd. – plus there’s a Costco right across from it. You could also visit this facility if you live in Mar Vista, Sunkist Park or Marina Del Rey.

This Extra Space Storage facility provides a total of 95 units, with the smallest ones starting at $60/month. For RV owners, the property comes with 22 large units – whether you need a 10’x25’ or 10’x30’ – with rates starting at $813/month.

For your seasonal needs, you could go for a medium unit, which rents for a minimum of $356/month, with the facility offering 18 units in this category. They vary from 108 – 195 square feet. You can select a climate-controlled unit, especially if you’re storing furniture, appliances or clothing to make sure they don’t get damaged while being stored.

Most climate-controlled units are indoors, and as it happens, they also benefit from the perk of security surveillance at this location, making them an ideal spot for you to keep your belongings away from home.

Extra Space Storage - 15500 Erwin Street, Van Nuys, CA 91411 self storage facility

The second Extra Space Storage location featured in our list, this facility services Van Nuys, but it also neighbors Encino, Sherman Oaks and Valley Glen. It is close to the corner of Oxnard St. and Sepulveda Blvd. This storage facility comes with a total of 88 units, bringing the property’s total available space to more than 4,500 square feet.

The facility provides 35 large units, providing plenty of options for RV owners to park their vehicles. This size starts at $310/month and can go upwards of $2,000/month depending on the exact size you need, especially if you might store more than one RV at a time. Small units are also available, and they start at $64/month, going up to $260/month; there are 22 units in this category at this Extra Space Storage location. Medium units, with the facility offering 31 of them – cost as little as $237/month and as much as $474/month.

If you’re going for a smaller unit, you can probably find an indoor unit here – which comes with better perks: It’s accessible from the inside, which makes it less exposed to the elements if you’re planning on storing more sensitive items. Additionally, surveillance cameras offer an extra layer of protection, ensuring the safety of your belongings while they’re in storage.

As its name suggests, the Mission Hills Self Storage facility is located in the neighborhood bearing the same name. It is close to the Providence Holy Cross Medical Center and across the street from Forneris Farms. The Mission Hills Self Storage property has 80 units of all sizes, with 23 of them being large enough to fit an RV. Rates start at $175/month and can go up to $645/month if you need more square footage for larger rigs.

The facility has 38 small units if you’re looking into storing smaller household items. They start at $81/month and cost upwards of $160/month the larger they are. They’re great for seasonal décor and smaller outdoor gear.

Medium units are also available, with Mission Hills Self Storage providing 19 of them. Rates begin at $98/month and can get up to $400/month. Moreover, vehicle storage is also provided, with a 10’x15’ unit for the standard car costing upwards of $98/month.

As most vehicle storage options are outdoor units, this facility offers drive-up access to its units, a great feature anytime you stop by. The on-site manager is also there to assist you with any storage-related questions.

This Extra Space Storage facility is located smack in the middle of Venice on Venice Blvd and is close to the shopping hotspot on Abbot Kinney Blvd. The facility boasts a total of 70 units, with large ones starting at $989/month. Larger ones can surpass $1,100/month at this location.

For your miscellaneous storage needs, you can consider any of the 47 small units, starting at $55/month and going up to $400 for those offering more square footage. Medium units, which can house furniture and similar items, have rates beginning at $199/month and $610/month for those on the more expensive end as they provide more space.

Besides your RV and household items, this facility also provides vehicle storage, with a typical unit renting for $199/month for starter rates and $385/month for larger ones. You can also consider renting a climate-controlled unit here if you want to store items that require special conditions. Moreover, the on-site manager can also guide you with your storage needs if you’re not sure which unit size or amenities to pick.

Extra Space Storage - 1847 Argyle Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90028 self storage facility

Another Extra Space Storage facility on our list, this property services Hollywood and is only two blocks away from the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It is also close to the AMDA College of Performing Arts and the Capitol Records Building.

The facility comes with a total of 66 units varying in size from 9 square feet to 300 square feet. RV owners can look into the large units, which start at $306/month and can cost as much as $1,200/month. You can also consider small units, which start at $59/month. Moreover, medium units start at $194/month and can cost over $700/month for the more spacious ones.

The property has drive-up access, a useful feature if you’re renting outdoor units and wish to make your visit as efficient as possible. Indoor units are also available and the building is equipped with elevators in case you’re renting a unit that’s not on the ground floor and need to carry heavy items to it. The on-site manager can assist you with any storage-related concerns. For the protection of your stored items, the entrance is gated and a security system is put in place to give you extra peace of mind.

This Extra Space Storage location borders Lennox and Inglewood, so living in either one of these neighborhoods can give you easy access to this facility. The property is also in the close vicinity of the Westin and LAX airports.

This facility comes with a total of 61 units, out of which 16 are large, in case you were contemplating which options you have to store your RV. This unit size costs a minimum of $270/month and can go as high as $1,600 or more, based on the size of your unit.

Small units start at $40/month and can cost upwards of $395/month if you’re looking at the larger ones in this category. Moreover, there are about 16 medium units, with rates beginning at $180/month and going up to $550/month.

When you rent here, you have access to drive-up outdoor units, a useful feature if you need to be in and out of your unit fast. You can also rent indoor units, which can come with climate control if you’re storing sensitive items such as appliances, furniture or musical instruments. There is also an on-site manager ready to assist you when you’re visiting your unit. For your peace of mind, a surveillance system is put into place to ensure the safety of the stored items.

This Santa Monica Extra Space Storage location services Pico, but it’s also very close to Mid-City. It’s an ideal location to stop by while you’re enjoying your day in the middle of the action. The facility is across the street from the Water Garden business center, and the Gandara Park is close by too.

The property has a total of 61 units, with a couple of large options too, whether we’re talking a 10’x25’ or 10’x30’ – ideal sizes for storing your RV. They start at $1,828/month and go up to over $3,000/month for those offering more square footage.

Small units are also available, and they rent for $25/month as a starting rate and can go up to $280/month. Additionally, you can consider medium units at this location, which can rent for as low as $357/month but can cost you more than $1,000/month for larger ones.

Renting a unit at this location comes with several perks: Safety is paramount, with the property offering gated access and a surveillance system that monitors all the activity at the facility. You can also rent climate-controlled units, and there is an elevator if you need an easy way to reach your unit while carrying your belongings in or out of the facility. Additionally, you can address your storage-related concerns with the on-site manager.

Extra Space Storage - 5855 West Centinela Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90045 self storage facility

Another Extra Space Storage facility, the property is located in Fox Hills, but you can easily get there if you live in Ladera Heights or Westchester. It is also close to the Hillside Memorial Park and across the street from Pepperdine University: West Los Angeles Graduate Campus.

This Extra Space Storage facility comprises 58 units in total, with large units starting at $815/month and ever larger ones costing up to $1,200/month. You can also look into small units if you have miscellaneous household items, renting for as little as $33/month. Medium units cost as little as starting at $329/month.

This facility provides access by elevator to indoor and climate-controlled units, should you need this feature for your belongings. The entrance is gated, and parking spots are available so you can park your car while you come to your unit. For any concerns related to your unit, you can speak to the on-site manager.

The Farmers Market Self Storage facility is located in Fairfax, close to the Grove commercial center. It is also across the street from Pan Pacific Park, so it’s hard to miss it. The facility comes with 48 units in total, with large ones – ideal for storing RVs – renting for a starting rate of $1,290/month. They can go as high as $1,480/month.

You can find small and medium units at this location. Small ones cost as little as $160/month and can climb up to $400/month for the more spacious ones. Medium units, on the other hand, cost about $250/month as a starting rate and can go up to $1,000/month for certain sizes.

When you rent here, your belongings are safe as the facility’s security features a gated entrance and a video surveillance system meant to keep tabs on the daily activities on the premises. You can rent indoor and climate-controlled units here should you have sensitive items that require this amenity. The facility offers access to elevators to make coming to and leaving the property easier while you’re carrying belongings in or out of your unit.

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