Shared Dorm Room Items to Coordinate

Deciding what to bring to college can be overwhelming, not to mention that dorm space is at a premium. The good news is that you and your roommate don’t have to try and fit two of everything in your little area. Save time and money by using this list to coordinate these shared dorm essentials with your roommate.

Talk To Your Roommate About These Shared Dorm Items

1.Mini fridge

A mini fridge it is one of the most popular but expensive shared bedroom items. Check with your roommate to see if they’re willing to share a mini-fridge. While you can spend most of your meals in the dining room, having a place in your bedroom to refrigerate snacks and groceries is very convenient.


2. Microwave

Sometimes walking to the cafeteria or common area to reheat leftovers just isn’t worth it (especially late at night). a shared bedroom microwave is the perfect solution.

MYMOVE Pro Tip: Avoid food splatters with microwave plate covers. Choose collapsible covers for easy storage.

3. Compact vacuum cleaner

If your room has carpets, you will need to vacuum from time to time. Even if you don’t have rugs, unless you take off your shoes at the door (who remembers every time?), you and your friends will be dragging dirt into your room every day. Add a compact vacuum to your shared roommate’s items for a dust and dirt free bedroom.

4. Coffee maker

Morning classes may require a cup (or two) of coffee to get you out of bed. Check with your roommate to see if they also enjoy some caffeine. Add a single-dose coffee maker either small 4 cup coffee maker next to your microwave and mini-refrigerator to create a “kitchen area.”

5. Water jug ​​with purifier

Save yourself the nightly walk to the kitchen and stock your mini fridge with a water pitcher for filtered water. Since space in the mini fridge is limited, share a pitcher that both of you can use to fill your coffee maker or water bottles. Choose a narrow, space-efficient pitcher for the best fit.

6. Curtains

Once you have your bedroom assignments, find out if your bedroom has windows. This is especially important for privacy if you are on the first floor. Since you may only need one curtain setadd them to your list of shared bedroom items.

MYMOVE Pro Tip: If neither of you are morning people, invest in a pair of blackout curtains.

7. Dustpan and Brush Set

Snacking while studying is the norm and accidents do happen. Sweep up spilled bags of pretzels or popcorn with a dustpan and brush.

8. Printer and paper

Printers are expensive. If you need to print documents, avoid overspending with a printing machine Y printing paper. While your university may have a media resource center, it’s more convenient to print a thesis at 2:00 am from the comfort of your bedroom.

9. Plates and cutlery

Don’t forget to add dishes, cutlery, and other kitchen essentials to your shared bedroom items. These are a must with your microwave and mini-fridge.

MYMOVE Pro Tip: A great way to keep kitchen utensils organized is a over fridge organizer with practical storage pockets.

10. Notice board

hanging a cork board and dry erase combination next to your bedroom door is an awesome way to leave messages for your roommate and post reminders. Keep it simple with a bulletin board, and everyone can add their own personal flair with funky magnets or pins.

11. Television

It’s tempting to bring your 60-inch TV, but sadly not realistic. A small flat screen tv It is ideal for watching your favorite shows or games. Choose a central location so both you and your roommate can easily see it.

12. Carpet

Even if your bedroom has rugs, they’re usually thin, commercial-grade rugs (translation: not the most comfortable on your feet). Talk to your roommate about sharing a plush rug.

MYMOVE Pro Tip: Confirm your bedroom measurements before purchasing your rug. If in doubt, contact student accommodation.

13. Fan

Unless your dorm building is a new construction, it may not have air conditioning. The beginning of the fall semester and the end of the spring semester can be hot, humid, and make sleeping uncomfortable. Add a wide angle oscillating fan that cools the entire room to save space by bringing individual fans.

14. Textbooks

While your majors may differ, you and your roommate may have common prerequisite core classes. If your schedules allow, consider sharing textbooks to save costs. Take saving money to the next level by rent your books.

15. Laundry Detergent

Unless you’re close enough to take your clothes home, it’s an unpleasant but necessary part of college life. Although you will need a single laundry basketthings like Detergent Y fabric softener They are great shared dorm items.

16. Speaker

If any of you have a portable speakers, decide ahead of time who will take you to college. Compare your likes and dislikes in music and create the best bedroom playlist for studying or hanging out.

How to plan who brings what

Step 1: Connect with your roommate

As soon as your college room assignments are released, connect with your roommate right away. Find out their opinions on shared items, their budget, and what items (if any) they already have.

Step 2: Take inventory of the bedrooms

Creating a list of must-have items will help make shopping and packing less of a pain. If you have family or friends at university, ask them for advice on what to bring and what to leave at home.

Step 3: Divide and Conquer

Talk with your roommate about who will be responsible for each shared item. This way, the two of you won’t show up on moving day with a mini-fridge, microwave, and small TV.

Step 4 – Shop for what you need after you move

Despite all your lists, planning, and chat sessions, you may forget some elements of the shared bedroom. This is the perfect opportunity for you and your roommate to go to your local store, pick up what you need and split the difference.

The bottom line

Communication and coordination are key in planning the elements of your shared bedroom. Armed with this list, talk to your roommate about what each of you will bring. You’ll get to know your roommate while saving money and valuable space.

Frequent questions

What should I share with my college roommate?

Think about the elements of the shared bedroom that both of you will use regularly. Connect with your roommate for their thoughts on how to share them.

How do you coordinate with your college roommate?

Whether you’re local or live across the country, the best way to coordinate with your college roommate is a shared checklist. If you’re both going to do a lot of online shopping, create a shared Amazon wish list.

What is the best way to split the costs of shared roommate items?

A printer is certainly more expensive than a small coffee maker, so it’s important to split the costs fairly. Make a list of everything you’ll be sharing, the cost of each item, and what each of you will be responsible for bringing on moving day.

What are the five main elements of shared dormitories?

Five shared must-haves include a mini-fridge, microwave, coffeemaker, printer, and compact vacuum. Of course, these will vary depending on what your college offers in your dorm room.

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