Should You Use Hardwood Floors in Kitchens and Bathrooms?


Hardwood floors offer a number of benefits. They are both incredibly beautiful and incredibly easy to clean. They are an excellent option for allergy sufferers, as rugs can aggravate symptoms. Even homeowners without allergies can enjoy the flawless look of hardwood floors, however water can easily damage or warp wood. So is it a good idea to install hardwood floors in kitchens and bathrooms? Freshome asked a number of experts, including designers, real estate agents, and water damage restoration experts, for input on this topic.

Advantages of hardwood floors

Variety of Hardwood Floors

You can choose from a variety of hardwoods for your floors. Image: Breadmaker / Shutterstock

Buy these products now: Wooden floorCounter stoolDave Murphy, Director of Training for N-Hance wood refinishing, believes that hardwood floors are a great option in the kitchen. “Hardwood floors are stylish and sustainable, they come in a variety of natural colors, and they don’t absorb dust or debris, making them easy to clean and maintain,” he says. Murphy says it’s also a good choice for the kitchen because hardwood flooring rarely needs to be replaced. “Most repairs can be easily repaired by a professional,” he says.

Hardwood Colors

Hardwood also comes in a variety of colors, ranging from light brown to gray. Image: contraaddict / Getty Images

Buy these products now: Hardwood flooringTextured countertopErin Davis of Mosaik Design and Remodeling in Portland Oregon, says that hardwood in the kitchen is a very popular choice. “It’s softer and warmer underfoot than tile and looks more elegant than vinyl or laminate flooring,” Davis says. “Wood also adds a comfortable and livable feel to a space due to its warmer color palettes and its natural essence.” Admit that liquids are enemies of hardwood floors. “If left too long, the wood can swell or stain, so it’s important that spills are cleaned up quickly.” Davis also recommends that you place a large rug in front of the sink.

Hardwood spills

Clean up any spills as soon as possible. Image: Hero Images / Getty Images

Buy these products now: Wood floor planksHanging lampsSusan Serra, certified kitchen designer in Susan Serra Associates, believes that hardwood floors, when properly finished, are an ideal choice for the kitchen. She agrees with Davis that you should clean up spills as soon as you notice them. “Small spills, noticed later, will not damage a wood floor; however, larger spills, such as a leaking ice maker in a refrigerator or a leaking dishwasher, will likely damage the floor, especially as leaks often appear under the appliance, “Serra explains.” The good news is that solid wood floors last for decades, even in the kitchen, since they can be renewed every 5 years or so and will be as good as new, ”says Serra. “They give the kitchen a warm look and it’s especially nice when the same floor is connected to the surrounding rooms for a nice visual flow.”

Hardwood floors, repainted

You can renovate solid wood floors Image: Breadmaker / Shutterstock

Buy these products now: Hardwood planksUtensil holderThere are sealants that can protect hardwood floors. But, according to Joan Slaughterbeck of Slaughterbeck Flats In Campbell, CA, there are limitations. “Sealants on hardwood floors, whether solid or engineered, are only sealed with ‘finish’ on top as a protective wear layer,” says Slaughterbeck. “Wood and water don’t mix, so hardwood floors can’t be 100% sealed; they expand and contract with heat, humidity and humidity ”. As a general rule, he says, hardwood floors in the kitchen or bathroom only face leak problems. “If you live in a wood-frame home, you would have a problem regardless of the damage to the floors in a situation like this,” says Slaughterbeck. “Very often, the water from one of these types of fixtures or appliances gets under the wood and is not trapped until the floor has cracked or swollen.” At that point, he says, the leak would damage other types of floors.

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Cons of hardwood floors

Wood floors can warp

Hardwood floors are susceptible to warping. Image: AdpePhoto / Getty Image

Buy these products now: Hardwood flooringModern faucetJohn Manning, managing broker at RE / MAX on the market in Seattle, WA, advises against hardwood and even engineered wood flooring products. “They are prone to buckling and warping when exposed to moisture over time,” says Manning. He adds that drips and spills can soak into even the best finished floors, especially around the dishwasher. “Also, kitchens and bathrooms are high-foot traffic areas, and as the hardwood wears and scratches, water can get under the finish, causing unsightly stains in the wood grain.”

Hardwood Floor Leaks

Leaks are troublesome. Image:

Buy these products now: Wood wallpaperFloating toiletTanya O’Coyne, Owner of TSC restoration, a water damage restoration company in San Diego, is totally against hardwood floors in the kitchen or bathroom. “If your dishwasher, toilet, refrigerator, sink, or plumbing pipes are leaking, your choice of flooring can have a big impact on the extent of the damage,” he explains. “Wood floors can allow water to seep into cracks, hide mold growth and warp after minimal exposure to water.” In fact, O’Coyne says vinyl, tile, or linoleum flooring would cause a lot of the damage that water sees in your business. less severe kitchens and bathrooms. “We’ve also had to rip out several rooms of interlocking hardwood floors due to damage to a small half bath, as it’s not always possible to replace just a few planks of wood,” he explains. O’Coyne thinks hardwood floors are beautiful, but says he would never put one in his own kitchen or bathroom.

Hardwood floors not suitable for children

Wood floors may not be suitable for children. Image: Imageflow / Shutterstock

Buy these products now: Wooden planksModern bathtubAlthough Serra and Davis recommend hardwood floors in the kitchen, they don’t recommend them for bathrooms. “Laminate flooring may be used in bathrooms, but with all the water we use in this small area, it’s probably best to stop using them, ”says Serra. “Kids who splash, drip fixtures, steam, and other water-related problems are ready to damage wood, especially if the floor has holes in it.” However, it recommends ceramic or porcelain tile. They look, even if they don’t feel, exactly like wood and come in a variety of styles and sizes.

Pros cons of hardwood floors

Evaluate the pros and cons of hardwood floors before you install them. Image: Caiaimage Charlie Dean / Getty Images

Buy these products now: Interlocking Wood FloorsBathtubDavis does not recommend hardwood floors in bathrooms with tubs and showers. However, he says they are fine on the dressers. “Installing the same flooring in the powder bath as in the kitchen is often a designer’s first choice due to the proximity of the two spaces,” says Davis. For homeowners who want a moisture-free wood look, Slaughterbeck recommends waterproof floors. “We have installed many of our hybrid fusion line, and there are also other notable brands that make waterproof floors,” he says. What do you think about wood floors in the kitchen or bathroom? Let us know your comments.


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