Space-Saving Products for Your Small Bathroom

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Are you having a hard time finding storage space in your small bathroom? We’ve rounded up a selection of 44 space-saving products and ideas to help eliminate clutter, brighten up the space, and solve some of the most common problems found in small bathrooms.

Here are the four categories of space-saving products we cover:

  • wall mounted storage
  • Cabinet maximizing storage
  • bathroom storage furniture
  • container storage

We’ll also give you some ideas for stylish essentials like towels, bath mats and shower curtains to give your small bathroom maximum impact.


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wall mounted storage

Counter space is at a premium in small bathrooms; many vanities and sinks barely have enough space for toothpaste. To make matters worse, small bathrooms often have limited storage space, leaving a variety of items to compete for valuable counter space. Remove counter clutter by hanging shelves and storage bins on the wall. Some product ideas that can help you reclaim your counter space are:

  • floating shelves In addition to the products in our 10 Floating Shelves to Create Contemporary Wall Displays post, a vertical book tower is a versatile option for multiple items.
  • Spice racks. They are shallow enough to save space and store various bathroom items.
  • Magnetic strips. Get the kind made for knife storage at a kitchen supply store and use them for bobby pins, nail clippers, and other small metal items.
  • wall baskets Hang them with the opening facing up or out.
  • Suspended cabinets. Choose ones that are shallow and do double duty (with a mirrored door, for example).
  • towel rails Fold towels symmetrically or roll them up to maximize style and space.

1. Mini magnetic strip bulletin board at arrange metal items in a strip.

two. Uten.Silo by Dorothee Becker at it’s a design classic that doubles as an eye-catching piece of wall storage.

3. Proman Spine Book and Media Tower at makes a versatile shelf for towels, baskets, and other items.

Four. Pier 1 Imports Carson Shelf Storage Baskets have a metal frame strong enough for wall mounting.

5. Martha Stewart Living Craft Space Wall Mounted Open Storage at It has cubicles and a towel bar.

6. Ikea Bekvam spice rack Hold toiletries and other small items and can be painted any color.

7. AZ Home and Gifts nexxt Cubbi 3-Piece Wall Shelf at can be hung in any arrangement.

8. SAIC Valet Jewelry Cabinet with Mirror at It is a versatile and functional bathroom piece.

9. Organize-It Folding Towel Rack maximizes towel storage in a hotel-style design.

10 Gatco Latitude II minimalist towel rail in Combine a towel rack with a shelf for extra folded towels or stacked boxes.

Tip: Kitchen supply stores have a variety of durable storage items that work well in a bathroom.

Cabinet maximizing storage

One of the biggest problems with small bathrooms is the depth of the vanity or cabinet. Items can get lost in the back, or plumbing pipes create awkward spaces. Some products to maximize awkward or deep cabinet spaces include:

  • Pull-out drawers. Visit the kitchen section of your home improvement store and add these easy-to-install pullouts to your bathroom cabinets.
  • Baskets and shower baskets. In addition to shower organization, shower caddys are great for navigating awkward nooks and crannies around sink plumbing and can hold multiple items.
  • Additional shelves. Turn tall spaces into more manageable and efficient openings. If adding permanent shelving is not possible, place two small curtain tension rods at the front and back of the opening and place a shelf over the rods.

1. .ORG 2 Tier Mesh Extendable Under Sink Shelf in it can grow with your storage needs.

two. Cook N Home 2-Piece Stainless Steel Corner Storage Shelf Set at is the perfect stackable shelf to keep the corners of your cabinet accessible.

3. Container Store’s stackable Green Grid containers make it easy to find what you need.

Four. Container Store Cabinet Sized Elven Mesh Easy Gliders Solution maximizes the narrow area around the plumbing under the sink.

5. Organize it on the cabinet-style shelf with basket It will keep all your styling tools in one place.

6. Simplehuman Plus Adjustable Shower Caddy It’s sleek and modern while being fully adjustable to your storage needs.

7. StickOnPods Container Store They are the perfect solution for storing small, lightweight items. Don’t just stick them inside your cabinet doors; add them to mirrors and other places.

8. Design Ideas Mesh Basket Under Shelf at can be hung on any shelf to maximize open space

9. Container Store 2 Drawer Silver Mesh Organizer It has sliders for ease.

10 Pull-out drawer under the Lynk sink in it is staggered to navigate around the plumbing under the sink.

Tip: Get creative and use every available square inch of storage space.

bathroom storage furniture

If your small bathroom has a pedestal sink and no storage, creativity will save the day. Tall, narrow storage cabinets will take advantage of the height of your bathroom to store items. Other ideas for adding storage space are:

  • A narrow cabinet above your toilet.
  • Space-saving corner storage.
  • Towel bar shelves with space for baskets on top.
  • Multiple towel rails. Who says you should have just one?
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1. Pottery Barn Benchwright Ladder Floor Storage is an attractive space-saving freestanding storage solution.

two. Ikea Ragrund Bamboo chair with towel rack works as a seat and towel rack.

3. Ikea Ragrund Bamboo Sink Shelf/Corner Shelf coordinate with the chair and take advantage of neglected corners.

Four. Sauder Peppercorn Bathroom Shelf at add storage around the unused space above the toilet.

5. Elite Home Fashions Taylor Corner Linen Tower at It serves as both a storage cabinet and a hamper.

6. Bed Bath and Beyond Pedestal Sink Organizer on Wheels in wraps around the sink to stay out of the way until you need it.

7. Monarch Specialties Bathroom Shelf at It has a narrow, sloping ladder-style design.

Tip: Items designed to fit in corners are the best space savers available.

container storage

Where do you keep all the little things like cotton balls, makeup, and dirty clothes to keep the bathroom tidy? Answer: In attractive jars, boxes, over-the-door carts and baskets. Here are some of the best space-saving storage solutions:

1. Wedge Basket with Wicker Lid Better Homes and Gardens at fits in a corner and out of the way.

two. CB2 format stackable boxes, set of 3 they are clear and capable of housing all kinds of bathroom necessities.

3. Shower Curtain with PEVA Mesh Pockets from Maytex at It’s a creative way to store small bathroom items.

Four. West Elm Curved Storage Basket It’s perfect for towels, toilet paper, or as an updated small hamper.

5. Stackable Square Glass Jars with Lids Cost Plus World Market Cleverly organize all your small items.

6. CB2 Gray Felt Filing Box it is a stand-alone storage option; stack various sizes on the ground in a tower.

7. Ikea Hyfs boot box it is designed for footwear but can be used for storage; It has a transparent window to organize.

8. CB2 4-Piece Stackable Tower Crate Set catches smaller items like jewelry in a functional and stylish way.

9. Door Solutions Over the Door Mirror and Cosmetic Organizer in is the ultimate storage convenience. Best of all, it hangs out of the way, behind the door.

10 Asiaphile Buntal Granite Vanity Set at combines handcrafted fiber craftsmanship with sleek, modern design to perfectly display toiletries.

Tip: Label your jars and boxes to make it easier to find what you need.

stylish essentials

Now that you have your storage solutions in order, you can focus on the fun stuff. Just because your bathroom is small doesn’t mean it can’t have a lot of style. Pops of color and texture distract the eye from problem areas by focusing on what’s right. Some great ways to add style to a small bathroom include:

  • A bold shower curtain.
  • A textured bath mat.
  • Fun decorative towels.

1. West Elm Organic Wood Fiber Towels have an unusual (and avant-garde) pattern.

two. Bed Bath and Beyond Razor Shower Curtain a It’s on-trend in a gray colorway of the moment and a graphic chevron design.

3. Chevron Target Threshold Textured Towel repeat subtle chevron texture. Layer this pattern with solid patterned towels to give it depth.

Four. Smart Design Clara Microfiber Shower Curtain at It is durable and has an interesting pattern.

5. Privet House Pebble Bath Rug It has a luxurious nubby texture inspired by river rocks.

6. Sewn On Avenue Personalized Modern Stacked Monogram Towels updating monogramming art for the 21st century.

7. Crate and Barrel Blue Italian Seersucker Shower Curtain It has a flowing graphic pattern perfect for most color palettes.

Tip: Add pops of color and texture in a three-color palette. Regardless of whether the colors are contrasting or a monochrome variation, a combination of three colors creates visual impact. We hope these products, ideas and tips have inspired you to renovate your small bathroom. It’s easy to make it functional, organized and beautiful; just pick your favorites and give your bathroom a well-deserved makeover.

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