Take a Look at the Latest Faucet Trends from Industry Leaders


Perhaps nowhere is the marriage of form and function more evident than in the taps. In your kitchen and bathrooms, and even in your laundry room or bar, faucets are not only practical, they can also be works of art. You may still be in the valley of decision regarding hardwood floors in kitchens and bathrooms, and whether farmhouse sinks are still in vogue or kitchen work triangle is a design rule obsolete. However, after reading what industry experts from several major companies told Freshome about the latest faucet trends and designs, your only decision will be which one to choose.


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“From coast to coast, we are seeing a rapid shift in faucet style preferences, with the market moving away from traditional styles and towards contemporary silhouettes and finishes,” according to Celine Marcotte, business development manager for GRAFF. “What we call live finishes, which age over time, are immensely popular, with Brushed Brass being particularly popular, along with Gunmetal and Rose Gold,” he adds.

GRAFF’s Vintage Collection pays tribute to the Chicago Fire Department’s historic Illinois Fire Safety Alliance. It is inspired by the design of fire hose nozzles, with a modern spout and striking handles.


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Eric Moore, interior designer at the Kohler Design Center, describes some of its latest trends in taps. “At Kohler, we pride ourselves on developing products at the forefront of design and technology to create unique, highly durable products that combine form and function,” says Moore. “Our latest finishing innovation, and the first of its kind in the industry, is a new Ombré faucet finish for the bathroom, which is available in two sets of color combinations: rose gold to polished nickel and titanium to rose gold.” , said. He says. “The new finish uses an innovative technique that fuses two vibrant metallic finishes to create a subtle yet striking transition from light to dark.” Moore adds that Ombré also uses Kohler’s proprietary Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) process to create a scratch and tarnish resistant surface.

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Moore says another major trend is mixing and matching finishes and products. “It can sometimes be difficult to come up with the perfect product complement, so we’ve made it easy with our new collection of faucets from KOHLER Components,” he says. “Homeowners can mix and match spouts, handles and finishes to create a bespoke environment, blending modern designs with timeless shapes.”


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Other faucet trends include technological innovations. “Some of the latest trends are in the rise of technology and relevant new finishes,” says Peggy Gallagher, senior product manager at Delta. She says there is a trend towards more functionality and innovative ways to incorporate technology. “We are always exploring better ways to live with water and we also understand that consumers are looking for a faucet that is part kitchen faucet, part ‘kitchen assistant’.” He also explains that “in addition to finishing innovations, consumers want advanced functionality, unique spray patterns and hands-free or touch activation.”

“One of our newest kitchen innovations that I am excited about is our new spray technology, Delta® ShieldSpray ™ technology,” says Gallagher. “A concentrated stream eliminates stubborn problems while an innovative water shield contains spatter and clears up mess, so you can spend less time soaking, scrubbing and changing shirts.” The new spray technology is currently available in several popular Delta kitchen collections.


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One of the most common faucet trends is the increase in functionality. “Today’s consumer also thrives on multi-functional products,” says Heather Jach, retail marketing manager for Franke kitchen systems. “Faucets with the ability to rotate 360 ​​degrees, toggle between full and needle spray, and easily engage with magnetic coupling, such as the Franke Pescara tapThey have become increasingly popular, ”he says.

Another trend is point of use taps. “Consumers continue to show interest in green design and technology, such as the Franke StillPure system, which tracks water use and filter life through an app that pairs with consumers’ phones,” says Jach. . The Franke 3-in-1 faucet provides hot water, cold water, and distilled water to ensure you have pure water when you need it for cooking, preparing, or rinsing.


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Offering a wide selection of finishes remains one of the most important faucet trends. “One of the biggest trends we’re seeing for kitchen and bathroom faucets is the variety of finishes now available,” says Greg Rohl, Vice President and Design Lead, House of ROHL. “During this last year, we have seen a greater interest in matte metallic finishes, as well as in live finishes, which are not treated and therefore patina over time when exposed to various elements.” Another new finish is Perrin & Rowe’s Satin English Matte Gold Finish. “Due to this popularity in both finish styles, we introduced a new unlacquered satin brass,” he says. “Similar to uncoated brass, this new finish will have a patina, but it has a matte finish, rather than a polished shine.”

Rohl says another trend is darker finishes for sinks and faucets. Explain that consumers are no longer afraid to introduce colors. “Having witnessed the growing popularity of black stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, you are now seeing this same trend in both sinks and faucets throughout the house.” ROHL now offers a matte black finish on a variety of faucet styles. “These join our matte black fireclay sinks, which have been a popular finish for our Allia sink collection for years, as well as our new black stainless steel sinks.”



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Other industry professionals are also seeing faucet trends that introduce darker colors to the kitchen. “We’re seeing a trendy mix of dark and metallic colors,” says Dan Worst, product manager for Elkay. “This tap [in the photo above] brings a more classic style to the kitchen while providing beautiful function with convenient features like the drop-down spray head. “Worst says this design is one of the most popular in the Elkay line. It is currently available in Antique Steel, Chrome and Lustrous Steel, but says more options are scheduled to launch this year.

Worst describes this faucet as a “long-time favorite for kitchens and bars” that “combines clean, modern lines with commercial designs that look as good as they work.” He adds that this “popular faucet currently comes in Chrome and Lustrous Steel, with plans to launch a matte black and brushed gold this year as well.” What are your favorite aucet trends? Let us know in the comments!


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