The Average Rent in Cleveland

Nestled between the lush green parks of Northeast Ohio and the sparkling shores of Lake Erie, Cleveland is a hidden gem with an eclectic, friendly, small town feel.

Stroll for miles or cycle along streams, waterfalls, meadows, beaches and trees through the Cleveland Metroparks.

You can listen to the famous Cleveland Orchestra in historic Severance Hall or under the stars in summer. In fact, as a cultural epicenter, Cleveland has the most concentrated square mile of art and culture in the country. Playhouse Square, Cleveland’s theater district, is second in size after Lincoln Center in New York City.

There’s entertainment for everyone with professional baseball, basketball, football and hockey teams in Cleveland’s Gateway District, the waterfront Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and a food scene. bustling with craft breweries, distilleries and wineries.

With great attraction, you will find that the average Cleveland rent is extremely affordable. Here’s how Cleveland measures up in terms of average rent.

Cleveland, Ohio.

What’s the average rent in Cleveland?

The cost of living in Cleveland is well below the national average, making it an affordable place to live.

The average rent in Cleveland is $ 1,396 for a one-bedroom apartment. Up 8.75% from last year, the city is expanding as more people move to the city center. Despite the increase, however, you would pay at least $ 214 more across the country, based on the national average of $ 1,610.

With a wide range of prices and neighborhood vibes, it will be easy to find the most comfortable fit for your budget and lifestyle in Cleveland.

How much do I have to earn to live in Cleveland?

Experts recommend spending no more than 30% of your pre-tax income on housing. This means that you will need to earn at least $ 55,840 each year to comfortably purchase an average apartment in downtown Cleveland.

With residents of Cleveland making a average salary of $ 63,000, that should leave plenty of room in the budget to enjoy the city.

Are you ready to calculate your budget figures? We’ve created a rent calculator to help you figure out how much you can afford to make Cleveland your home.

The cost of living in Cleveland

When considering your budget, it’s also important to consider the cost of living, including daily expenses.

Overall, the cost of living in Cleveland is 4% lower than the national average. With the excellent housing value, you can spend more of your money on living your life. Here’s how typical Cleveland spending compares nationally:

  • Health care: The cost of healthcare in Cleveland is 9.7% higher than the national average (don’t forget it’s home to the world-famous Cleveland Clinic)
  • Races: The cost of groceries in Cleveland is 3.5 percent higher than the national average
  • Miscellaneous goods and services: Cost of miscellaneous goods and services in Cleveland is 0.4% higher than national average
  • Transport: Transportation cost in Cleveland is 0.2% lower than national average
  • Utilities: Utilities cost in Cleveland 4.9% lower than national average
  • Housing: Cost of housing in Cleveland is 16.7% lower than national average

Cleveland, Ohio.

The most expensive and cheapest neighborhoods in Cleveland

In Cleveland, neighborhoods directly downtown and trendy neighborhoods directly west (where you’ll find the house in the beloved movie A Christmas Story) are the most expensive.

Neighborhoods directly to the east and downtown offer views of the water of Lake Erie. Places near the Cuyahoga River are more expensive (although still lower than last year’s rental prices).

So basically in Cleveland, the closer you are to downtown, the more you will pay.

The most expensive neighborhoods in Cleveland

Ohio City is one of Cleveland’s favorite neighborhoods known for its hip dining and entertainment vibe. Here you’ll find farm-to-table restaurants, beer gardens with craft beers, and plenty of trendy cafes.

Home to the West Side Market, it’s a favorite shopping spot with independent craft shops and galleries. This eclectic and historic neighborhood has the most expensive average rent in Cleveland at $ 1,721.

Further downtown, The Flats has undergone a multi-million dollar renovation with restaurants, shops, bars and a boardwalk along the Cuyahoga River with an average rent of $ 1,415.

Another exciting area is the Gateway District, where you can catch a sporting event or concert and then visit one of the over 60 restaurants and bars, making it an attractive, pedestrianized area with an average rent of $ 1. $ 437. Gateway is where you’ll find the adorable and cosmopolitan East 4th Street hangout. Expect tons of restaurants, a comedy club, and even a bowling alley in this neighborhood.

Traveling east you will find the University Circle area, a cultural hub known as Cleveland’s “Museum Mecca”.

At the corner of Little Italy and Case Western Reserve University, modern university buildings, restaurants and entertainment abound. Rent at University Circle is currently more than 10% lower than last year, at $ 1,497 on average.

Likewise, the Hough neighborhood, with an urban vineyard and historic park in League, the original home of the Cleveland Indians, costs an average of $ 1,429 (down about 7% from last year). .)

Cheapest neighborhoods in Cleveland

West of Cleveland, West Park, containing the popular residential area known as Kamm’s Corners, is a booming area with live music, pubs, and shopping. The average rent here is one of the cheapest in Cleveland at $ 573. You’ll pay the same price for a notepad in nearby Jefferson, within walking distance of restaurants and cafes.

Traveling east, you’ll discover historic charm with modern amenities in the Fairfax neighborhood, where the average rent is $ 647. You can visit beautiful old churches amid the modern development of the Cleveland Clinic.

Nearby, Shaker Square is an eclectic neighborhood for shopping and dining with walking apartments for rent averaging $ 699. This is a decrease of more than 13% compared to last year. The Buckeye – Shaker neighborhood offers easy access to the rapid transit station and historic shopping, with an average rent of $ 655.

Average Rental Prices in Cleveland Neighborhoods

From bustling downtown to pedestrianized neighborhoods with a more suburban feel, there is a huge range of choices and rental prices in the Cleveland area to suit every personality.

* May not be a true representation of the market due to insufficient inventory

Find your Cleveland neighborhood

With its friendly small town atmosphere but vibrant nightlife, restaurants, shopping and culture, Cleveland is a wonderful city to live in. Take in the beauty of the four seasons and enjoy the fresh air and green spaces while staying close to the pulse of the city.

You can find your perfect Cleveland apartment with a charming variety of neighborhoods at a wide range of prices across the city.

Rental prices are based on a moving weighted average of Apartment Guide and’s multi-family rental property inventory of one-bedroom apartments. The data was extracted in May 2021 and goes back a year. We use a weighted average formula that more accurately represents the price availability for each individual unit type and reduces the influence of seasonality on rental prices in specific markets.
Neighborhoods with insufficient inventory were excluded.
Data on the cost of living come from the Community and Economic Research Council.
The rent information included in this article is used for illustration purposes only. The data contained in this document does not constitute financial advice or a price guarantee for an apartment.



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