The Best 1-Bedroom Apartments in Farmington Hills, MI

Are you thinking of moving to Farmington Hills, MI? Perhaps, you already live there and want to move to a nice 1-bedroom apartment? Whatever the case, you are lucky enough to be within one of the best spots for one bedroom apartments in the state!

The Perks of Living in an Apartment in Farmington Hills, MI

Farmington Hills, MI is among the most peaceful and enjoyable places to live within Oakland County in the state of Michigan. Farmington Hills apartments are known for their affordable average monthly rent, modern amenities, and several other perks.

Overall, the top apartments near Farmington Hills, MI are an excellent choice for families, individuals, retirees, and young professionals. Farmington Hills neighborhoods are known for their safety and security while the welcoming community ensures that you will make new friends in no time.

The Perks of 1-Bedroom Apartments

Many people today might be wondering how to find a one bedroom apartment in Farmington Hills, MI or some other place. There are quite a few perks of obtaining 1-bedroom apartments instead of the larger two bedroom or three bedroom apartment.

First of all, 1-bedroom apartments are a nice step up from studio apartments. The latter usually have just one room for both living and sleeping purposes. It is possible to find a decent studio apartment in Farmington Hills, MI. You will also be paying a lower monthly rent as compared to one bedroom apartments in Farmington Hills, MI. However, a studio is not as versatile and also compromises on privacy. With just a little more monthly rent, you can get a one bedroom apartment that provides a feel of proper living.

What is more, a one bedroom apartment in Farmington Hills, MI gives you access to all the facilities and advantages of the area. You will be near Heritage Park as well as many other areas to reconnect with nature (learn more about Heritage Park in Farmington Hills here). There are some brilliant Farmington Hills schools in the vicinity as well.

One bedroom apartments are also an affordable option for a struggling couple or small family to live in a decent neighborhood. There is always the option to turn the living room into a second bedroom, which means that families with one or two kids can manage well. With an apartment in Farmington Hills, MI, families like these can have easy access to great schools, job opportunities, and lots of recreational venues.

Overall, the 1-bedroom apartments in Botsford Place Terrace Apartments are the perfect choice for enjoying all these perks. If you require a bedroom apartment now or in the near future, keep on reading to find out more about these options.


Without further ado, let’s now have a look at the major factors of living in the bedroom apartments of Botsford Place Terrace Apartments. We will be focusing first on the 1bedroom apartments as these are usually the first step for a small family or young professionals living as roommates:

1. The Basic Details

If you are looking for 1-bedroom apartments in Botsford Place Terrace Apartments within Farmington Hills, MI, keep in mind the average rent in Farmington Hills, MI. The size of these apartments is usually around 750 square feet, while their average apartment rent starts at about $975 for now. This is usually the year-round rate at Botsford Place Terrace Apartments.


One important thing to keep in mind here is that utilities, like gas and water, are included in the rent. Even though these are apartments in Farmington Hills, MI with utilities included, electricity bills are not part of the Farmington Hills’ apartment rent (learn how to lower your electric bill in an apartment here). You will have to budget accordingly, so consider both the electric bill (which can be a significant monthly expense) as well as the monthly average rent before signing anything. Living in Farmington Hills, MI, may not be as expensive as big city life, but it still costs a fair bit.

Floor Plans and Virtual Tours

The floor plans for 1-bedroom apartments in Botsford Place Terrace Apartments are available on their website. You can also take a virtual apartment tour of the available 1-bedroom apartments through this platform.  If there is any specific apartment related info that you can not find online, feel free to contact Botsford Place Terrace Apartments or Farmington Hills authorities and ask.


Have a Physical Tour

Along with a virtual tour, we do recommend having an in-person visit before finalizing any apartment. You may have to sacrifice a few hours or even a couple of days for this purpose, depending on your current location. Here is a breakdown of how long it takes to tour an apartment.

2. Options of Bedroom Apartments

If you want to see some variety, you may request a tour of a two bedroom apartment in Botsford Place Terrace Apartments. However, the most common option here is the one bedroom apartment floor plan.

Other Bedroom Apartment Options

Other than the one bedroom, Botsford Place Terrace Apartments provides 3-bedroom apartments for rent in Farmington Hills, MI, classic two bedroom apartments for rent in Farmington Hills, MI, and upgraded 2-bedroom apartments in Farmington Hills, MI. The average rent rates here are more affordable than other complexes offering apartments for rent in Farmington Hills.

3. What is Inside the Botsford Place Terrace Apartments?

The spacious 1-bedroom apartments at Botsford PLace Terrace Apartments offer a great lifestyle within Farmington Hills, MI. They are perfect for recent graduates who want to build up their career, or small families with pets (see the apartment pet policy).

Each apartment here has something unique to offer. So, do take a tour in-person to determine whether the space is right for your purposes. However, every single unit has the basic modern comforts including:

● A large, spacious, and versatile living room

● An open kitchen that also includes a dining area

● A spacious master suite

● Plush carpeting that is also resistant to staining

● Common area hardwood flooring in the upgraded units

● Neutral-colored wall paint throughout

● Walk-in closet

● In-unit appliances

● Air-conditioning

● Vinyl flooring in the kitchen

● Vertical blinds

● Energy saving bulbs in the light fixtures

● A tub and shower combo

● Customized cabinets

● Heating system

● Cable ready

● Internet ready

● Access to laundry facilities

● Controlled entry access

● Ample parking

The units here also offer mostly neutral tones, so it will be  easy to make your apartment feel like home. Add your own splashes of color, personalize each space with your own decor, and generally customize the apartment in the best way for your lifestyle.

4. Classic Features in 1-Bedroom Apartments

The one bedroom units in Botsford Place Terrace Apartments, in Farmington Hills, MI are not boring options. On the contrary, they have several defining classic features that make for comfortable living. We will mention just a few of them now:

Oversized Windows

These are great for letting in a lot of natural light. This is not just a healthier option than artificial lights, but will also help to save electricity during the day.

Large Living Room

This is a feature that we probably will not find in a studio apartment within Farmington Hills, MI. Along with providing a lot of room for both entertainment and relaxing, this living room might be a much-needed second bedroom should the need arise. However, you will have to contact the authorities and gain permission if this setup is for the long run.

long run

Generally Oversized Rooms

There might be different apartment areas in each unit that are oversized. These provide great potential for personal designing and/or decoration. Just remember to remain within the regulations.

Space for a Home Office

One of the many modern requirements from an apartment in Farmington Hills, MI is enough room to make a home office. Working from home on certain days or being a permanent remote worker are both increasingly common situations today. With the oversized living room in these Farmington Hills apartments, you should have enough space to eke out a corner for your desk, chair, laptop, and a little partition. This way, you can comfortably work at home and enjoy being in your comfort zone.

room window door

Space for Entertaining

With just a studio apartment, the chances of entertaining friends and having company over are slim. It is even more difficult if you have roommates, as they will be disturbed by the visitors. Even if you are living alone, a studio does not grant you some privacy from your guests.

In a one bedroom, though, you can go ahead and invite your new friends in Farmington Hills, MI to hang out. It may not be a much bigger space, but at least every room is separate. If anyone feels tired or ill, they can go lie down in the bedroom. In case a friend wants to stay the night or for a few days, they can always crash on the couch while you continue your daily routine.

details about the floor plan

5. Details About the Floor Plan

There are many things to do before moving into an apartment; checking out the floor plan in detail is one of them. At Botsford Place Terrace Apartments, here is what you may expect:

Upon Entering

You first have an entry hall in the classic 1-bed and 1-bath unit. This hall takes you to the main room. The latter can have two sections since it’s so expansive. You can use room dividers or set furniture in a way that helps to make the most of this space.

Kitchen and Dining

The kitchen here includes brand name appliances; an oven, stove, garbage disposal, refrigerator, etc. Since it is combined with a dining area, this space is also quite large and can easily hold large appliances, such as a fridge and oven.

kitchen and dining down the hall

Down the Hall

Once you pass the living space and kitchen, you get to the master suite/bedroom, a well-equipped bathroom, and a linen closet.

The bedroom here can fit up to a king-sized bed and is suitable for most modern bedroom furniture.


We have already mentioned vinyl flooring and plush carpeting, but these might vary according to the different units. Some apartments may have plush carpeting in certain rooms, while others may have lovely hardwood flooring. However, the latter will likely be in the master bedroom only.

The Closets

The Closets

There is also a walk-in closet that provides a useful storage space for luggage, clothes, and other items. Every one bedroom unit in Botsford Place Terrace Apartments will have this feature. This space is even more useful because each side has equal space. If a couple is inhabiting the unit, they can easily divide the closet and have equal storage for their respective belongings.

linen closet

There is a linen closet as well, which has several shelves for your towels, sheets, etc. Its location is the hallway, right on the other end of the large walk-in closet.

Dining Space

The dining space is attached to the kitchen, which is very convenient for setting and clearing the table on a daily basis. This space is just big enough for a dining table that seats four people. It also has lighting of its own, which adds a festive touch.

In case you don’t want a dining table here, this space can be very useful for additional storage. Get some shelves or invest in a kitchen hutch; you could have a well-stocked pantry without much effort!

Dining Space

About the Bathroom

Finally, let’s discuss the bathroom in some detail. Most of the units here are updated and provide a spa-like experience. The vanities are large, the tubs are specious, and there are sculpted fixtures for that look of luxury.

They have not forgotten the storage either; there are towel bars, shelves, and customized cabinets to hold all your important stuff. There is even beauty lighting for those essential Instagram pictures. Overall, these 1-bedroom apartments in Farmington Hills, MI have certainly done a lot to ensure luxury living for their occupants.

The Bathoom

The Takeaway

Overall, we feel that Botsford Place Terrace Apartments are your best bet for enjoying life in Farmington Hills, MI. The average rent here is pretty affordable while the rent trends are not climbing up as rapidly as in the rest of the nation. The top-rated school system, friendly neighbors, and lots of natural beauty are just some reasons to get an apartment in Farmington Hills, MI.

Since Farmington Hills, MI is such a delightful place to live, some might consider buying their own house or condo here. Before you make any major decision like this, be sure to read up on why renting an apartment is better than owning a home. For now, do submit your tour request application to Botsford Place Terrace Apartments right away!

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