The Best Apartments in Farmington Hills, MI

If you’re looking for a safe, quiet, suburban place to raise your family or grow your career, Farmington Hills is the place to be. It is a Michigan city in Oakland County; it has a high standard of living with many amenities, without the rush of big cities. Many retirees also enjoy living in Farmington Hills due to its peaceful, upscale lifestyle.

Why should anyone consider living in Farmington Hills, MI?

In addition to being a family place, this city is a great place for several age groups. There are plenty of Farmington Hills parks, Farmington Hills restaurants, cafes, cafes, and Farmington Hills shopping malls to enjoy. Whether you are a nature lover or prefer retail therapy to unwind, Farmington Hills offers something for everyone. Even if you can’t find anything here, there are several nearby towns large enough to meet all needs.


What’s really amazing is that the average apartment rent in Farmington Hills is relatively affordable (check out the average rent in Farmington Hills, MI here). Although it may be out of reach for some very low income families, it is quite accessible for other groups. With rent trends spiraling out of control across the country, it’s refreshing to find something that might be reasonable.

There are also famous landmarks in this area, such as Grand River Ave. If you are interested in such locations, it may be helpful to check out the 5 Best Apartments in Farmington Hills, MI on Grand River Ave.

How to find the perfect apartment

There is no perfect apartment for everyone. Each potential tenant has a unique set of requirements for the apartment they want. This could include their rent budget, a certain location, specific floor plans, and other factors. Besides the basics, some people may want luxury apartments with hardwood floors and state-of-the-art kitchens.

Best apartment for rent

If you are looking to move to Farmington Hills, Michigan, there is plenty of location and apartment information available online. However, one should check out the best apartments and know something about them before making any major decision in life.

Are you still looking for the best apartments in Farmington Hills, MI? Your search just got easier with the following list; we will start with the highest option and move on to the alternatives:

1. Botsford Place Terraced Apartments

Ultimately, there is simply no close competition for Botsford Place Terrace Apartments. Located in Farmington Hills, it offers 1 bedroom apartments in Farmington Hills, MI, 2 bedroom apartments in Farmington Hills, MI and 3 bedroom apartments for rent in Farmington Hills, MI. Thus, families of all sizes should be able to find their ideal apartment here.


What’s so great about Botsford Place Terrace Apartments?

There are many benefits and amenities that you can expect to enjoy as a resident of Botsford Place Terrace Apartments. Let’s go into detail on a few factors that make this the perfect option in Farmington Hills, MI:

A beautiful community

The people you live with contribute greatly to the type of lifestyle you have. With neighbors who are friendly and welcoming, but also respectful of your privacy, you can expect a rather peaceful experience at Botsford Place. People here gather for special events and look out for each other, but there’s nothing too loud or wild about the place.

A natural space

Farmington Hills, MI is home to some beautiful natural sites. When you live at Botsford Place Terrace Apartments, you enjoy the benefits of a healthy and pleasant natural environment. Heritage Park is also a short distance away, as are several other beautiful parks. These spots will allow you to relax after a long day, take beneficial walks or do outdoor yoga. Heritage Park in Farmington Hills also hosts several events throughout the year, giving locals the opportunity to meet new people.

Modern Floor Plans

Botsford Place Terrace Apartments floor plans offer an updated, modern lifestyle. You can get the best three-bedroom apartments in Farmington Hills here, or something smaller depending on your needs. They primarily offer open-concept floor plans, which allow residents to customize their space however they see fit. You can set up a home office, nursery, cozy reading nooks and more at Botsford Place Terrace apartments.

Pet policy

Pet policy

At Botsford Place Terrace Apartments, the management understands that furry family members should never be left behind. For a reasonable price, pet owners can bring their pets with them. The community is also pet friendly and you will have plenty of room for them to explore. Walks and exercise won’t be a problem either with all the nearby parks. Here is a summary of the apartment pet rules here.

A convenient location

One of the most essential factors for a home is that it should be conveniently close to where you work and where your kids are raised. You might compromise on some of them, but Botsford Place Terrace Apartments probably has the perfect location. It is near some of the best schools in the state (see: Top 5 Schools in Farmington Hills), with several job opportunities within a short drive.

Other benefits to expect

Other advantages.jpg

We cannot list or talk about all the benefits of living in Botsford Place Terrace apartments. To give you an idea of ​​what to expect, here is a summary of other benefits you can expect:

● Main bathrooms

● Large dressing rooms

● Granite counters in the kitchen

● Each apartment includes utilities, such as water, gas and garbage removal, in the rent

● Near places such as:

○ Bell Creek Recreation Area

○ Heritage Park

○ Farmington Hills Nature Center (about 10 minutes)

2. Kensington Mansion Apartments

Those planning to live in Farmington Hills, MI are looking for something that will allow them to lead an ideal life in this city. If you can’t find a unit at Botsford Place Terrace Apartments, Kensington Manor Apartments might be a viable alternative. These units are in a great school district, a safe neighborhood, and can also provide an easy commute to work.

Kensington Mansion

About the apartments

The apartments here have in-unit washers/dryers, good insulation, and spacious floor plans. Residents here report a high level of satisfaction with the peaceful community, friendly neighbors and excellent maintenance. You can expect the staff to stay on top of things here. Rent and pet fees are also reasonable, so it’s safe to say it’s a safe second choice.

3. Diamond Forest Apartments

These apartments have spacious structures, large storage spaces and high ceilings. With a washer/dryer in each unit and private entrances, residents can feel right at home.

According to the people who live here, the maintenance is quite good. One can even choose to live in a private townhouse apartment instead of the usual unit in a tall building.

diamond forest

About the apartments

The apartments themselves are quite large and the rental rates are quite reasonable. The community here is pet-friendly, so you can bring along a few furry friends. However, there are a few complaints about the lack of parking and natural light in rooms.

Sometimes you may be able to find or secure the absolute perfect apartment in Farmington Hills, MI. Housing demand is high here, so you’ll have to compromise by getting something just outside of town. If so, you might want to check out these best apartments near Farmington Hills, MI.

4. Covington Club Luxury Apartments and Townhouses

If you’re willing to pay above-average rent for an apartment in Farmington Hills, you can consider Covington Club. Here you can get a luxury apartment without having to worry about its maintenance. They have a swimming pool equipped with a hot tub and a private terrace or patio for each unit.

CovingtonAbout the Apartments The units themselves feature several luxurious amenities including walk-in closets, open floor plans, skylights, cathedral ceilings, and more. With the 24-hour service staff, you will have the feeling of an upscale lifestyle.

5. Spring Valley Apartments

This is one of the luxury apartment options in Farmington Hills. Here you can get all the desired comfort in a beautiful natural setting. The location is convenient, with the community college nearby. Residents of Spring Valley Apartments also have easy access to a range of restaurants, parks, shopping centers and other amenities.

Spring Valley Apartments

About the apartments

The apartments have a fully equipped kitchen with major appliances. Each unit has a balcony or patio, fireplaces, walk-in closets, and hardwood/carpeted floors. The apartments are well ventilated and bright. However, their average rent is much higher than regular Farmington Hills apartments.

For more such options, you can always check out the best luxury apartments in Farmington Hills, MI.

Takeaway meals

When looking for the perfect place to live in Farmington Hills, MI or nearby Motor City, there are several apartment options available. Finding the best two bedroom apartments in Farmington Hills isn’t difficult; you also have many choices available in larger or smaller floor plans. In each case, however, we cannot do more than to recommend Botsford Place Terrace Apartments.

Farmington Hills has a lot to offer and you can easily live your best life at Botsford Place Terrace Apartments. The community is quiet and peaceful, while the staff is always courteous and attentive to your needs. If you are looking for a place in Farmington Hills, MI, look no further. Contact Botsford Place Terrace Apartments and see what they have available!

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