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When planning a home remodel, start with inspiring ideas to enhance the appearance of your home and make you feel more comfortable. Home decor catalogs offer more than just product ideas⁠ – they allow you to view different styles of interior designs and finished rooms so you can visualize the perfect space. There are many free home decor catalogs that you can request to be delivered directly to your mailbox. These are some of our favorites.

Free home decor catalogs to inspire you

Below are some free home decor catalogs where you’ll find great interior design and decorating ideas.

Drawer and barrel

The Crate and Barrel catalog presents its renowned range of high-quality décor and furniture with exclusive designs, ranging from furniture and household items to decoration and items for children’s rooms. Contemporary and modern styling will give you great ideas on how to keep up with popular design trends. Request a free catalog from Drawer and barrel.


IKEA offers modern furniture that adds style to your space without spending a lot of money. IKEA, once known as a home starter brand, has partnered with numerous designers to bring sleek lines to any home. Many of us expect the new catalog to hit the shelves in August or September of each year. The catalog contains inspiring styles and furniture ideas for your unique needs and budget in your signature Scandinavian style. Request a free catalog from IKEA.

Grandin road

Grandin Road offers a fun collection of indoor furniture, area rugs, and outdoor and wall décor with contemporary design styles to suit all tastes. They emphasize design trends like the country house, modern street style, and shabby chic. Request a free catalog from Grandin road to find decorating ideas to enhance your space.

Ceramic barn

If you’re looking for an inspiring home decorator catalog online, Pottery Barn offers a great selection of home decor items, as well as various catalogs for your home decor line, bed and bath lines, and outdoor spaces. Pottery Barn, owned by Williams-Sonoma, is known for its unique charm and sleek, minimalist interiors. Request a free catalog from Ceramic barn to inspire you for your home makeover.

The company store

The Company Store is primarily known for selling high-quality bedding, including sheets, pillowcases, and duvets. These items are cleverly designed to make your home feel more comfortable and cozy. Unique designs and infinite color palette help add a personal touch to your home’s style. The catalog also shows the furniture and decoration so you can learn to put everything together. Request a free catalog from The company store to get ideas from professional interior designers.

Ballard Designs

Ballard Designs can help you bring out your creativity and unleash your interior decorator with its European-influenced styles. The wide selection features different styles ranging from vintage to modern. The catalog offers suggestions on how to combine home décor to achieve the desired look. Request a free catalog from Ballard Designs.

Restoration tools

If you’re looking for an online home decorator catalog that inspires you to create luxurious spaces, Restoration Hardware has something for you. The company is known for merging the industrial and the luxury, a factor that distinguishes it from other luxury brands and helps it create harmony between architecture, furniture and decoration. The catalog gives you access to a host of new ideas that you can try when updating your space. Request a free catalog from Restoration tools for a better introduction to the brand.

Front door

While Frontgate is known for its world-class outdoor furniture and accessories, it also offers indoor furniture. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home comfort, update your bedroom and bathroom, or renovate your outdoor space, Frontgate has luxurious furnishings and attractive home accessories to refresh any style. The catalog pages are full of functional and elegant items that do not disappoint. Request a free catalog from Front door of the latest trends in design.

Country gate

Country Door shows how to combine country with contemporary style to strike the perfect balance for your home. The rustic tone, natural textures and attractive tones keep your space informal and comfortable. Its home decor catalog includes products for the bathroom, kitchen, dining room and bedroom. Request a free catalog from Country gate for the latest trends in rustic farmhouse and modern country style.

ferm Living

When looking for the elegance and comfort that Danish design offers, consider ferm Living for contemporary furniture. Products range from shelving and storage systems to bedding and children’s furniture. Your catalog will be helpful when it comes to combining colors and materials. Request a free catalog from ferm Living to help you create the space of your dreams in Scandinavian style.

West elm

Another Williams-Sonoma brand, West Elm, offers a wide variety of modern furniture and home décor for anyone looking to create a trendy space. The catalog pages feature inspiring designs and colors, with some of the best window coverings, carpets, lighting, bedding, wall and room accessories to complete your rooms. Request a free catalog from West elm for creative decorative inspiration.


The beauty of this traditional furniture and décor brand will take your breath away if it matches your style. There are a variety of furniture, as well as unique pieces designed and manufactured in different parts of the world, that you can use creatively to enhance your space. Wisteria pieces are inspired by their founders’ love of travel and their desire to share treasures from around the world. The catalog contains both contemporary and vintage items to help you achieve your unique, curated look. Request a free catalog from Wisteria.


Orvis has heirloom quality furniture and unusual pieces that will remind you of years past and help you create a peaceful space perfect for relaxing. Its catalog includes home furnishings and distinctive pieces with timeless appeal. Request a free catalog from Orvis to help you add rustic elegance to your interior space.

Collections Etc.

At Collections Etc., you will find exclusive yet affordable items for your home and garden. When it comes to your interior space, they also have something for every room in your home. This catalog is a good introduction to the wide world of interior design, helpful in deciding the home décor that will work best for you. Request a free catalog from Collections Etc.

Lakeside Collection

Create the garden of your dreams and fill your home with colors by including these elegant furniture and decorations in your design. Lakeside Collection sells high-quality products at low prices so you can update your home without spending a lot of money. Request a free catalog from Lakeside Collection looking for ideas and inspiration.

End of the lands

Land’s End offers a great collection of high-end classic home decor built to withstand the elements and remain beautiful for many years to come. The company’s product lines include sofas, bunk beds, dining tables, loveseats, home accessories, and more. Its catalog is rich in design ideas for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Request a free catalog from End of the lands for ideas to help you personalize and organize your home.


Make a statement with boho-inspired furniture and accessories from Anthropologie while making your home cozy and totally on-trend. The catalog is brimming with attractive vintage-inspired home furnishings and furnishings. Request a free catalog from Anthropology for a modern and homey interior inspiration.

MOMA design store

At MOMA Design Store, there is something unique for everyone. Products range from contemporary style furniture to artistic homeware and avant-garde items. The pages of its catalog are as inspiring as the museum in which the store is located. Request a free catalog from MOMA design store to harness the creativity of professional interior designers.


Bassett sells a variety of furniture that works perfectly with all styles. Elegant, well-crafted furniture will add a modern touch of traditional flair to any room in your home. Its catalog features items for your bedroom, living room, work spaces, dining room, and multimedia rooms, among others. Request a free catalog from Bassett to get an idea of ​​convenient and inexpensive home decoration.


Artistica has unique accents and accessories that perfectly complement the vintage style. Home décor, tableware, and garden and patio collections, as well as Murano glassware and glassware, will fuel your craft inspiration efforts as you gather your ideas. Request a free catalog from Artistic.

There are many benefits to seeing unique furniture and design styles in home decor catalogs. Sometimes you just want to snuggle up and look at a physical catalog instead of the internet every now and then. When looking for the best free home decor catalogs, you should consider those that are in line with your tastes and preferences.

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