The Best Grills According to the MYMOVE Team


Home doesn’t really feel like home until you’ve cooked a few meals outside. Unfortunately, racks are notoriously difficult to move, and you’re better off leaving the old one behind.

But for a piece of technology that’s essentially just “flame + food,” there are a lot of decisions to make when it comes to buying a grill. Gas, coal or pellet? How many burners do you need? What do you think about grilling apps?

To make summer in your new home a little easier, we asked the MYMOVE team to share the best barbecues they’ve ever had. The results have something for everyone, whether you’re planning a 4th of July party or just a perfectly cooked ribeye for one.

Our favorite grills

Big Green Egg – Best for All-in-One Cooking

Grill Features

  • Use lump charcoal
  • precise temperature control
  • Sears, roasted and smoked
  • lifetime warranty
  • easy to clean

If you know someone with a Big Green Egg, you’ve probably already heard a lot about the Big Green Egg. To own it is to love it, and fans of it will rave about its precision temperature control, the superiority of charcoal over gas, and the Egg’s all-in-one versatility.

And it really is more than just a grill. Sure, you can cook some burgers, but the egg’s heat-retaining ceramic shell also lets you grill, smoke, and bake to your heart’s content. Simply light the lump charcoal with a lighter or natural starter, and it’s ready to use in minutes.

It’s a lot more expensive than your typical grill, but if you’re excited about grilling your Thanksgiving turkey, the Big Green Egg is for you.

Jack T. | Senior Associate

“I love the flavor that comes with a charcoal grill, and the Big Green Egg can burn for a long time with easy temperature control.”

Blackstone Griddle – The Best Flat Top Grill

Grill Features

  • Battery push start ignition
  • Two cooking zones
  • Shelves on both sides and under the grill
  • Grease collector at the rear
  • Hard cover for outdoor storage

Have you ever found yourself fantasizing about another life as a line cook? The Blackstone Griddle uses a restaurant-worthy grill instead of racks, and comes in five sizes between 17 and 36 inches.

The 28-inch version is a happy medium for most people: enough to cook 18 burgers at once. With separate burners that you can set to different temperatures, you can dedicate one side of the grill for heating up buns and the other for searing steaks.

The Blackstone grill is so highly regarded that it was the only grill recommended by multiple members of the MYMOVE team. That said, it’s not as maintenance free as other grills. “It requires more maintenance on the griddle to keep it in working order than a regular grill; we weren’t ready for that when we bought it,” said Erica D., editorial director of MYMOVE. you will want season the griddle before using it for the first time and cover it with oil after each use.

Lindsey D | Senior Account Manager

“It’s not a grill, but we love it just as much as our grill! From hibachi to breakfast to smashburgers, the opportunities are endless.”

Weber Performer Premium: The Best Charcoal Grill

Weber Performer Premium Charcoal Grill, 22-Inch, Black
Image credit:

Grill Features

  • Thermometer and timer built into the lid.
  • coal storage container
  • Lid support on the side
  • removable ash catcher
  • Rack for grilling utensils

Weber is synonymous with charcoal grilling, and the Performer Premium is one of the most ornate grills in their lineup. You’ll get enough space to fit 13 burgers at once, plus a host of thoughtful features like a hinged grate to easily add more charcoal, a high-capacity ash catcher, and a storage bin so extra fuel is easily stored. always within reach. The Performer Premium also has wheels, so you can easily move it around the garden.

Michelle MB. | Marketing director

“So many things to love about this grill! I’ve had it for years: it cooks really well and you can feed a lot of people.”

Camp Chef SG 24: Best Smoker

Grill Features

  • Control smoke and temperature on the grill or app
  • Temperatures as low as 164 degrees Fahrenheit
  • removable ash catcher
  • Adjustable settings for direct grilling
  • Available in black and bronze.

If you love the taste of slow-cooked barbecue but don’t want to spend all day tending a brisket, then a pellet grill like the Camp Chef SG 24 is the perfect middle ground. It uses compressed hardwood sawdust pellets for fuel, automatically adding as many as needed for the perfect flavor. You can set the smoke number and temperature directly on the grill or via the Camp Chef smartphone app.

Ashley L | Senior Visual Designer

“If you’re looking for something where you can smoke a decent sized brisket on and grill some burgers, then this is for you. Also, you can purchase additional accessories to add as a bail partner.”

Weber Smokey Joe Grill: Best Cheap Grill

Weber Smokey Joe Premium 14-Inch Portable Grill, Black
Image credit:

Grill Features

  • light and portable
  • Cook up to five burgers at once.
  • Lid support on the side
  • Handle for easy transport

Sometimes all you need in a grill is a place to combine fire and meat. If smartphone apps, built-in thermometers, and fancy ignitions make your head spin, a classic Weber charcoal grill is just as reliable and time-tested as any other grill. The handle and light weight make it easy to take along on camping trips and tailgates, and you can still cook about five burgers at a time.

joseph s | senior writer

“I bought this grill for my first apartment out of college and used it for years on my screened-in porch. It’s big enough to set up two heat zones for steaks, but small enough to fit in the car on camping trips.”

The bottom line

For a cooking method that’s supposed to take us back to our caveman days, shopping for grills can start to seem like shopping for desktop computers. But remember: grilling is all about enjoying great food with the people you love. Now you can also do it in a place you love.


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